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  1. 1 month online with stable online, we are waiting you for the best stable project :)
  2. Kalispera, file mou den uparxoun +16 ingame. Kai oi duo twra exoyn +10+13. Tha prospathisoume oso mporoume gia na ton kratisoume on kai stathero o kosmos exei kourastei ta wipes kai ta corruptions prepei kapoioi na einai enantion se auta.
  3. He is mandisa The new greek mandisa is here @adidaskipowah
  4. Man, dont be so hated cause you will be hated. Who is vasilakis oeo
  5. Log at saga and you will see where is +16 man :). Do you read any greek mythology and tell that?
  6. Successful opening ! Server is online ! Move it on Live server's
  7. If you care about server you can report the bug's you find at our team. Beta is Online!!!
  8. First of all Happy new year and good morning. Dont be so negative, days comes opening will be in 7 days. You can see what will be on our count online. I dont think that i can put phantoms and fakes on click counter or if i can i dont even know how to do it. Thanks for join us :)
  9. Thanks man, we are waiting you! :)
  10. First of all, i dont think that forum is the best way to show you our community. Some servers dont have even forum and get 400-500 online. We will see activity at 10 January and we will be here to discuss it. Here i can show you : Also if the damages will be like you say, we are here to test it and fix it. Another one i want to say about botting and andrenaline as you said that there is no server who is on, i get you a server, classic x3 not only Permant Ban for andrenaline or any other hacking tool, they dont even allow you to activate the macro, you get ban for acticated macro. This server is 5 years on with a lot of people who still playing and playing. We will try to (stop) botting and get a fair gameplay. ¦¬Ever i speak in peace. I'm not the guy Who will (fight) for gaming. Also Thank you we are waiting you! And @iOllie thanks for your good words! Have fun guys!
  11. How do you know that none clan will join saga? :) im sure that a lot of clans will join, also we need to be patience. We will see the results. :) 4 Days until Beta Opening
  12. Hello brother i will discuss it about olympiad with team. Thanks for your good words, thanks for supporting me every time and thanks for all of this you learn me. Have fun brother and i waiting you with all of your friends!
  13. I dont see any of your servers be alive at least 4 months alive , maybe servers of your (team) 9v9 i dont see anywhere 9v9 i see 3 sides fight for 1 boss or tw or castle siege. I dont see anywhere server h5 that starts from zero and grow up. Also many servers promises that long term and i see 1 week closed. So thats why we are here, for a long term server Peace only!!
  14. Ohhh brother stop that and look carefully : Is this enough?