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  1. Server Grand Opening Changed to : 20 October 2019 Time 20:00 GMT+2 Waiting you all ! Beta Test 11 October 2019 Don't Miss it !
  2. Check our new updates : We work for the best H5 server. Waiting more than 1000+ Online members.
  3. Our team gives the best for this Project, noone will lose the Grand Opening thanks for your good words bro!
  4. Thanks for your good words! Lets make the best h5 server.
  5. Thank you my friend, have fun :)
  6. Hello man, i dont know where is your problem, but im not admin or owner of this, im the GameMaster, so i dont see where we have a problem, we work on balance, we work at all this that our community report us. Also you give me negative vote about what? No It is not our plan this
  7. Hello, no It is not like Pride style, it is mid rate craft server there is not something custom more than dressme items and Some boost items like you see at features our core/orfen also we have custom CB that It have all you want like Gatekeeper/Gmshop/vote shop/event shop etc. Another one custom is our vote buff that increase you some stats like 1000hp/p atk/m atk, also we have some custom Designs for our npcs,we work on our balance skill/classes to create something good for our community. You see our plan isnt every week wipe and reopen. We want to make something nice for the community of lineage2.
  8. Are you sure that you join our server?
  9. Thanks pretty girl Hahahaha thanks Master
  10. Thanks for your comment bro, i will waiting you there at beta and opening date, you will see something more stable
  11. We try to make a long term server, but at last of 4th month people was low, thats why we open winter season cause people is more relax of their jobs, we dont open for donations but only a good server for all of you to have play on it, we was players and we know what a player need, a server without pay to win and a server without wipes and seasons, believe me we try hard for a long term server not pay to win. I see many servers closed about a week or a month. I'm happy about us for 4 month, we go for more.
  12. Thanks for your good words, you will see the results, more people online will be online this time, more clans. We make many updates and many fixes.
  13. Maybe you dont know our community. Just try Battleworld and wont lose anything.
  14. Our last project was 4 month's online, our plan is a server for more than a year online.
  15. Hello community of Lineage2 BattleWorld, i'm here to announce you our Server Features. We hope that you will have a great time playing on our server and also utilizing our Website ! For any future assistance, issues, problems, bug reports, complaints, suggestions or general discussions related to our server, please feel free to pm us or make a topic at our Forum. We have been once players like you and looking for a server that was good and stable from one server to another we couldn't find the one we could call Good. There were a lot of good servers with lacks, and thats why we start our journey with you . Thats why we decide to create a server. And we open again for be online month's , also we waiting all of you !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Rates •Exp: x50 •Sp: x50 •Adena: x50 •Drop Chance: x15 •Spoil: x15 •Raid Drop: x15 •Epic Drop: x15 •Seal Stones: x10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enchant Rates •Safe Enchant: +3 •Max Enchant: +12 •Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 55% •Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 65% •Elemental Stone Chance: 50% •Elemental Crystal Chance: 45% ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Informations •Maximum Client's Per PC: 4 •1st,2nd,3rd Profession free on Class Master NPC •Mana Potion Delay : 9 Second •Skills Auto Learn •Skills Improved Buffs learn with forgotten books •Auto Loot for monsters •Manual Loot for raid bosses & epic bosses •Auto potion system •.control system •.donate command •Territory War Every Week •Only 1 window at the Siege/TW/Epic Zones •Every 1 Hour Server Event's System •Champion's System •Anti Bot System (SGuard + .report system) •Geodata & Pathnodes •Unique Community Board •Droplist Search Engine •Auction System •Achievement New System ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buff Info •Macro Profile Buffs at NPC •2H Duration on all buff's , dances,songs,prophecies. •Summon Buff's •Buff Slot: 20(+4 Divine Inspiration) •Dance/Song Slot: 12 •Char Buffs: 2Hour ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment Info •B-Grade,A-Grade,S-Grade by Adena •S80-Grade and S84-Grade by Craft and Raid Bosses •Consumables are available in the store ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raid Bosses,Epic Bosses,Instances Information •Antharas Respawn: 192 Hours ± 2 Hours •Valakas Respawn: 240 Hours ± 2 Hours •Baium Respawn: 120 Hours ± 2 Hours •Beleth Respawn: 192 Hours - 27 Players •Queen Ant Respawn: 20 Hours ± 2 Hours •Request for Normal Freya = 9-27 Players •Request for Hard Freya = 18-45 Players •Request for Frintezza = 9-45 Players •Request for Zaken Daytime 83LvL = 9-27 Players •Request for Zaken Daytime 60LvL = 9-27 Players •Request for Zaken Nightly 60LvL = 18-45 Players ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nobless Retail Quest Need SubClass Free (No Quest) .dressme with new costumes Wedding System ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olympiad Info •Max Enchant Olympiad +6 (Auto Change System to +6) •Olympiad on 7 days cycle every Sunday •Olympiad need 10 minimum participants to begin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan Information •Siege Every Weekend •Alliance Limit: 3 Clans •No Clan Penalty ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boost Ring of core < MP +21, Increase P. Atk. Resistance to sleep by +20%, Poison Resistance and Poison attack chance +20% and increase accuracy. When eqiupped with two identical rings, the effect of only one ring will be applied.> Boost earing of orfen <MP +31, Increase Mental Resistance and M. Atk. Hold Resistance +10%, Bleed Resistance and Bleed power +20% Healing Power +6%, Skill MP Consumption -5%. When eqiupped with two identical earrings, the effect of only one earring will be applied. > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Site Info Website : Forum : We will offer you PvP Balance ~No Corruptions! ~Have fun! ~STAFF L2BattleWorld & L2JEXteam