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  1. really disable 3x boxes limit ?:D or its bypass by achylek?:D
  2. any change freatures ? and reward for streamers will be?
  3. Make Higher Respawn GRB every 6days is better + random spawn add smartguard protection and dualbox 3 per PC change for 3per IP or server full of bots thats all and About donate?......))))) and remove divine enchant scrool 100%= server on week
  4. make ingame automatic votereward(and manual reward) on IP ppl will stay online all time to obtain reward can be help increased comunity and stable.
  5. yes + every player 6x dual because stallone get reward on char no on IP :D GL
  6. looks good for more player i mean use worldwide language website like rus/brazil/eng
  7. about donate ? no P2W affected PA ? max vesper first 14days disabled donate? without Olf shirt ingame ? for better balanced game
  8. yes new TALES!!! i will joiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn I will spend alot of money for stalonky porsche :) hah please no again tales :D but GL maybe will be live without coruption bots and donates all items in L2 in first 1min of live server BB guys close server or make without donate/bots/coruption but its tales :D :)
  9. hm about donate? and add more language website like spain/brazil for more worldwide comunity