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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Finally I crashed PathMaker algo, and managed to reconstruct it. I checked files, produced by leaked C4 PathMaker.exe, they are the same as chechsums of files, produced by my PathMaker (77 zones): panthode.bin MD5 6e f4 cb 8d 34 c1 85 36 42 d3 00 1d ae ae 88 11 pathnode.idx MD5 d5 fe 45 50 d2 bd ad 25 e8 ed ef 6c 86 de 0e 31 So, this PathMaker is 100% compatible with C4 This time I also share algo overview together with PathMaker tool itself: For those of you, who knows geodata format, this description should be enough. At run-time, L2Server uses A-* pathfinding algo in order to navigate from point A to point B, using PathNodes and links between them in order to bypass obstacles. Detailed description of algo might be found here, unfortunately I don't have time to translate it to English.
  2. Hi guys, I have already looked through google search results, but it seems all I can come up with is long dead links. I am looking for an either prelude live (377 client) or prelude pts (336 client) l2off pack. Perhaps someone has one stockpiled and could upload it somewhere for me? Not interested in extenders that make a C1 (or later) server compatible with prelude clients. Also not interested in C1 (or later) servers, regardless if clean or with extenders. Thanks in advance.
  3. I had this between others in my hard drive for a long time i dont remeber how or from who i got them so i can not give credits But I can give credits to me for the translation. Enjoy.
  4. We are glad to introduce you our new project. Our team mainly consists of postpacific developers. It's high time toon L2Realm! [ Create Account ] | [ Download Game ] | [ Promotion actions ] Detailed description of the server you can see below ... We have studied many aspects of modern free projects. And revealed a lot of specific things for the development and protection. We have established a minimum budget for the project 14,000 euro, which is not the limit of our capabilities. We tied some teams to work together and share experiences. We found a mutually beneficial options for community cooperation and started working together with teams from around the world to create a global project. This is just the beginning! Basic information Rates: Experience (and SP): x20 Adena : x10 Manor: x1 SealStone: x7 Drop: x10 Spoil: x7 Quest: Reward (adena / experience) x7, An exception: Quest Dangerous Seduction - adena x2 RB exp: x15 RB drop: chance x2; quantity x1 Epic RB : x1 Server Features Changes gameplay: Autoloot / auto-learning skills • Non automatically skills: Fast HP Recovery, Boost HP • Mana Potions can be bought in the store (300MP reuse 7 seconds) - can not be used at the Olympiad Games • Available 24 slots for buff • Cursed weapons will be active, a week after the start • The cost of all teleporters - x10, for 79+ characters • Number of Boxes - 9 • Weight limit is increased for all characters in 6 times • Increased rent for clan halls up 200kk , the auction may only clan leaders 6+ lvl • Room with NPC "for the entrance to the Frintezza" is now a PVP-zone Locations: • Primeval Isle: only 3 spawn points of Tyrannosaurus (with drops Top-grade: Life Stone) a chance to drop a Life Stone 14%. • Ant Nest: Only for chars to 49 level. High level chars will be ported out of location. (Anti-relog system 5minutes) • Zaken's Ship: Only for chars to 65 level. High level chars will be ported out of location. (Anti-relog system 5minutes) • Floran Vilage: Zone with the NPC loyal to PK Siege: Sieges are held once a week: • Time: Saturday at 18:00; Sunday at 16:00 (GMT +1) Seven signs: Seven Signs 7 day cycle (4 days - during the struggle, 3 days - period Seal) Start of the seven seals - January 11: • Event period: 16:00 Monday - Friday 4:00 (GMT+1) • Seal period: Friday 4:15 - 15:45 Monday (GMT+1) Special attention Starting equipment: • No-grade shots: 1500 (for fighters), 700 (for mages) • 10 Scroll of Escape (can not be dropped / traded) • Scroll of Wind Walk (2 level, duration - 1 hour) • TOP No-grade equipment is issued at the start. Getting profession: 1 and 2 profession without the quest, can be purchased for Adena. • 1 profession: 150.000 Aden • 2 profession: 1.500.000 Aden 3 profession full quest: • The drop rate of Halisha Marks is increased by 4 times. Game shop: • Outfitting up to B-grade; • Soulshots, Spiritshots from D to B-grade; • Quest items; • Consumables, potions and mana. NPC Buffer and buff from the characters: NPC Buffer in each town, free buff to 61 level, after - paid. • The buff from NPC buffer 2-profession (buffs, dances, songs) for 60 minutes (without resists and pets buff) Buff of characters: • 1-2 profession buffs for 60 minutes; • Resists - standard; • 3 profession buff - standard / 3 profession dances and songs - 5 minutes (2 minutes resists dance/song). Getting Subclass: Passage quest is not required, exchange 4 quest items and Adena to the possibility of getting sub-classes. Required items: • Cabrio's Scepter • Hallate's Scepter • Kernon's Scepter • Golkonda's Specter • Adena Getting Noblesse: Standard quest. Increased drop rate for the popular quests: • A Game of Cards - x5 • Delicious Top Choice Meat - x5 • Guardians of the Holy Grail - x2 • Seductive Whispers - x5 • Seekers of the Holy Grail - x2 • The Zero Hour - x2 • Legacy of Insolence - x5 • Supplier of Reagents - x5 • The Finest Food - x5 • Relics of the Old Empire - х2-x3 • Gather The Flames - x2-x3 • Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2 - x5 • Alliance with the Ketra Orcs - x3 • Alliance with the Varka Silenos - x3 • Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force - x5 • In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension - x3 • War with Ketra Orcs - x3 • War with the Varka Silenos - x3 Olympiad Games: 2 Weeks Cycle • Start of the first cycle: February 1, 2016 • First Heroes: February 15, 2016 • Time from 20:00 to 00:00 (GMT). • To start the non-class fights needed - 5 people • To start the class struggle is necessary - 5 people • The class and non-class fights are held from Monday to Sunday Raid Bosses: Respawn Time: • All bosses - 12:00 / 8 Random time. • Sub-class bosses (4 bosses) - 6 hours / Random 2 hours • Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Noblesse) - 6:00 / Random 2 hours • Bosses at Alliance Varka / Ketra - 20 hours / 1 hour Random Epic Bosses: All Epic bosses are dead from start. Time spawn: • Core - 36 + -4 hours • Orfen - 36 + -4 hours • Queen Ant - 24 hours + -2 • Zaken - 48 hours ± 2 • Frintezza - 48 hours 0-2 hours • Baium - 5 days 0-4 hours • Antharas - 8 days 0-4 hours • Valakas - 11 days Upgrade of Ring of Core and Core's drop: From killing Core a player can get: Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Language Version) from 1 to 3 with 100% chance; Random Interlude A grade weapon - 100% chance; S-grade weapon and armor enchant scrolls; Lifestone 67 lvl. A new possibility to upgrade Ring of Core: To upgrade Ring of Core - find Gallagucci in Luxory Shop, Giran. New stats: Enchanted Ring of Core: Add 21 MP,, +1 STR, +1 INT, +15 chance of physical crit, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy. Refined Ring of Core: + 21 MP, +2 STR, +2 INT, +30 physical crit chance, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy. To get an Enchanted Ring of Core: Enchanted Ring of Core = Ring of Core x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200 Refined Ring of Core = Enchanted Ring of Core x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100 A new possibility for Earring of Orfen: To upgrade one's Earring of Orfen - find Gallagucci in Luxory Shop, Giran. Orfen stat's improving: Enchanted Earring of Orfen: + 31 MP, CON+1, MEN+1, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells Refined Earring of Orfen: + 31 MP, CON+2, MEN+2, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells To get an Enchanted Earring of Orfen: Enchanted Earring of Orfen = Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200 Refined Earring of Orfen = Enchanted Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100 At every Castle you can find special NPC that can summon a Castle Raid Boss (once at 24 hours). Castle Raid Boss info: The Leader of the Clan that own a Castle can summon Castle Raid Boss once at 24 hours; Once the Boss will be summoned you have 60 minutes to kill him; Boss will summon Raid Fighter every 5 minutes. Castle Raid Boss drop: will be announced soon Some info: There is no hellbound level, Steel Citadel, some quests are deleted. Some info: There is no hellbound level, Steel Citadel, some quests are deleted. When the members of the group have colllected 20 of Darion's Badges each, they should make their way to the Hidden Oasis southeast of the Megaliths. There they can find the trader Falk, riding on his well-armed native servant, who will exchange Darion's Badges against a Basic Caravan Certificate. For 30 Traitor's Necklaces and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers, Caravan Merchant Hude, who is staying at the Caravan Encampment east of the Sand Swept Dunes will issue a Standard Caravan Certificate. The last stage of the quest is collecting items from Chimeras and Celtuses. If an adventurer has captured 80 units of regular Life Force and 20 units of Contained Life Force, he or she can exchange the Life Forces with Hude at the Caravan Encampment for a Premium Caravan Certificate. For this purpose one first needs a magical bottle which can be obtained from Kief, who has now set up his command post in the central building of the village, for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. When a Chimera has been beaten almost to death and only 1/10 of its life energy remains, the magical bottle can be used to capture its life force: Dim Life Force or regular Life Force from the lesser Chimeras and Contained Life Force from Celtus, their leader. The monsters on the island will upon their death occasionally drop an old book, the famous "Ancient Tome of the Demon". If one opens such a book, one will obtain, purely at random, a Demon Contract Fragment, a Hidden First Page or a Hidden Second Page. Hude will exchange his recipes and equipment parts against those pieces of paper. The information about Dynasty sets stats will be posted later! Map ;) : Discussion of server concept: click here Website :
  5. Freljord [x70] Server start time December 2017 Beta test server [EXTENDED] ONLINE Chronicle Lineage 2 The Chaotic Throne: Interlude (C6) Key server rates EXP/SP: х70 Adena: х50 Drop: x40 Spoil: x40 Key features PTS (L2OFF platform) Full implementation of chronicle (including previous versions) and it's features Unlimited seven signs - always open catacombs Weekly hero period on Olympiad Games Weekly castle sieges Significantly reduced epic boss spawn times Rebirth system with rewards TvT, DM, LTS autoevents (daily) Custom PvP zone Player assisting features Up-to A grade equipment, SA up to Lv. 10, various consumables and quest items - in game shop for Adena Remote player buffer (including dances, songs, 3rd class and HS buffs for 2 hours) Buff slots - 24+4 Class changer - 1st and 2nd classes for free, 3rd - 50kk Adena Global gatekeeper (leveling zones, catacombs/necropolises, all towns) Simplified Nobless and Sub-class quests Top PvP/PK status Raidboss status /unstuck reduced to 30 seconds. Inventory slots: +48 Weight limit: x1000 Offline trade (free) Learn more about Freljord [x70]: Visit our website at
  6. Grand Opening 26 May, 2017 • 21:00 (UTC 0) L2Way - L2Off PTS - Low Rate Chronicle: Interlude Opening date: May 26, 2017 Server Time: UTC Time Zone (GMT 0) Server main language (Chat): English Protections: Smartguard Anti-bot + Custom Anti-Bot protection system + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection Class Balance: Official (Retail Like) L2Server PTS Maximum allowed boxes for computer (windows of the game): 3 + (Unlimited Offline Trade Shops) Server Rates: EXP, SP, Adena 4x / Drop 1x / Spoil 1x / Quest rate 2x / Quest Adena 4x Safe Enchant: +3 / Max Enchant: 16 Enchant Rate: from +4 to +14 = 55% / from +15 above = 25% Server Hardware: Xeon processor E5-2630V3 (16 x 2,40 GHz), 64 GB of DDR3 RAM, 4x 320GB Intel PRO RAID-10, 1x SATA 1TB Western Digital (for temporary backups), 1Gbit redundant network with protection. Olympiads: Will follow the original settings and will be initialized from June 1, 2017. PvP System: The server has protection (artificial intelligence) against PVP points feed. Also we will have a system with announces for players kills like Monsterkill, Ultrakill... Buff Slots: Interlude Original - 24 slots. Starting Items: We know the difficulty in teleporting at the beginning of the game and we will add some teleports to starting farm cities. Use them wisely, because when they are done you'll have to pay GK. L2Way Server Commands: .jailstat - shows time the left in jail in the case you are jailed .time - shows the current server time .expon - turn on experience from mobs .expoff - turn off experience from mobs .offline - start offline shop .timeleft - shows time left for any timed item you have .packadena - convert 1kkk of adena in adena pack and .unpackadena to revert Boss Respawn: Respawn / Random Barakiel 5h / 1h Cabrio 4h / 1h Hallate 6h / 1h Kernon 4h / 1h Golkonda 4h / 1h Ant Queen 36h / 2h Orfen 48h / 1h Core 60h / 1h Zaken 60h / 2h Frintezza 48h / 2h Baium 168h / 2h Antaras 264h / 2h Bosses of that dont appear here, have original respawn time. The original of most mobs is 36h respawn with 24h of random time. Staff: There are more than 10 years in management and extensive experience in the L2OFF servers. There are no other GMs or GAs available on the server in this way you can feel free of any kind of interference and/or corruption in the server since there are no GMs or GAs playing. The L2Way project (Important - Read): The server uses L2OFF PTS files and focused on being as closed as possible to the official server. The server will be low rate (4x) and buffs in original times. With extensive experience in L2Server administration, as already done by us before, approximately after 8 to 12 months (there is no fixed date) we will have update to Gracia Final and later for High Five always following the focus on being low rate and more similar with the official. Donation NPC: The server will launch without grade A and S items available in the NPC and after a few weeks the items will be released gradually in the NPC. Boss jewels will not be available via donations and are thus only available via drop. On our site, we will have a script where you can track which players have these jewels. There will not be special bonus items for people who donate, all items that will be in npc will also be available for purchase in the original forms of the game. Donation coins can be traded, so players who farm will be able access to those coins. There will also not be AIO buffers or NPC buffers. The buffs will be used in the original forms of the game! Frequently Asked Questions: Does the server intend to insert new GMs or GAs in the future to help in the support and server? No, we prefer to keep the server free from such problems. As stated above, we have extensive experience in l2servers administration and we know that GMs or GAs will bring us more problems than solutions. GMs and GAs always have friends who play on the server and this harms the future of the server as we have had past experiences. In addition, you will be sure to be playing on a server where there are no GMs or GAs playing, thus bringing greater reliability to the server. We know that to give support for everyone is a hard job, but we prefer to be bad in the support service reply period than to have great problems like the ones we had in the past. When we are going to have Gracia and High Five update players will lost items? No, players will not lose any items. The update is done directly in the database, thus, no item, level or skills will be lost. What staff will do to keep the server running with a good number of online players? Our servers are already well known and everyone knows that they are long date. The reliability and experience of previous servers guarantee you stability and fun for so many years. In addition we will be always doing events to attract new players and we will also be always maintaining a good advertisements in the servers main top lists. Is it possible that there are classes that are better than the others on the server? Yes, it is possible since the files will be kept in the original way. Even though some classes may be better than the others, as the server uses original buff times, all classes are required to make things happen on the server. Support classes should be the most valued of the server and players who generally like to play in these classes will be played between the clans of the server. What are the protections that the server uses? The server uses full protection against any kind of automatic action. We use the best softwares to keep the game clean of people who want to take some advantage. In addition to the known software, we also use some techniques developed by our Admin Thunder specially for our servers. As these techniques are not known, we can say with greater confidence that our server is totally free of bots and/or hacking programs. In addition to all the software that the server already uses, the server admins also log in sporadically to check suspicious actions and/or players that may have been reported. Anyway, we can say that using any kind of program to take advantage on our servers, has no future because the ban in your accounts will be applied. I share accounts with my friends. They login my accounts and I login his accounts. If he does something wrong, can I be banished with him? Each case is a case and we will analyze this type of punishment separately. If we realize that you got any kind of benefit because your friend was using something not allowed, your accounts will also be banned with him. We recommend not sharing your account and not logging accounts from other players to avoid any kind of problems.
  7. Lineage 2 High Five Aerius x70 - International Server [Georgian HighFive Server] Start Date: 20 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Open Beta Test: 15 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Our Website: http://L2Guild.Com Server Version : High Five Server Emulator : PTS [L2Off] Rates: EXP/SP: x70* Adena: x50* Sealed Stones: x20 Drop: Chance: x20, Qty: x1* Spoil: Chance: x1, Qty: x25* RB exp/sp: x1* RB Drop: Chance х8. Epaulette: x10 Epic Drop: Chance x1* Quests - Items Drop: х4 (Not for all quests*) Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): x5* (Rates are changed for a few quests, list you can view in this topic*) Community Buffer: Buffer has all the Buff / Song / Dance , but there will not be Summon buffs and Resists. Buff/Dance/Song Time - 60 Minute. Ability to create a profile buffs. Number of Slots buff - 24/12 (36 slots). Auction: Auction will be enabled after 1 week from start. Comfortable Market in Alt+B Professions: You can buy professions from NPC or from Community Board. Price for 1 Profession - 350.000 adena. Price for 2 Profession - 2.000.000 adena. Price for 3 Profession - 30.000.000 adena. Donation: Premium Account x1.75 Accessories Different Services Soul Stage Crystalls Books (Forgotten Scrolls) till 81 Level Rune XP/SP Changed rates for quests: Seven Signs - Series of Doubt Seven Signs - Dying Message Seven Signs - Contract of Mammon Seven Signs - Secret Ritual of the Priests Seven Signs - Seal of the Emperor Seven Signs - Sacred Book of Seal Seven Signs - Embryo Level 36-42: Pailaka Level 61-67: Pailaka Level 73-77: Pailaka Grave Robber Annihilation Ghosts of Batur Black Swan Supplier Of Reagents The Zero Hour Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force Seekers of the Holy Grail War With Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos Alliance with Varka Silenos Alliance with Ketra Gather The Flames Relics of the Old Empire Heart in Search of Power Yoke of the Past Guardians of the Holy Grail How to Oppose Evil Gameplay: Starting equipement: Top No grade. Automatic learning all skills of the character On server will be Mana Potion Main trade zone is Giran Harbor, also permitted to trade in other towns but, it will remove 15% main cost of item. Olympiad - starts with server. Premium Account (Rates x1.5) Offline Trade / Craft Bot/Hack Protection. Community Board (Buffer,GameShop and etc.) A full-featured PTS[Offlike] emulator. On Server Will Be 3 Events: CTF,TvT and DeathMatch There in no limit on windows. Open Hellbound island with the 11 level at the start. Information may change during the OBT! P.S - Not a russian server. : )
  8. Hi I'm wondering which pack I can use for a PVP server using GF Chronicle. Should I use from AdvExt GF Pack or any other pack for free arround? I'm just looking files of GF with less bugs than Java files. Thx for you help Guys.
  9. I spread the C1 and C2 servers, C1 completely the original, there is Pak of the Chinese HTML, geodata. C2 Ext C1, in Pak is the system folder, programs and of course geodata. C1 C2
  10. SELLING PERSONAL CABINET FOR PTS AND JAVA SERVER! Office on the API (client <-> server) and moved completely to the PDO and added multilanguage! Register Confirmation by mail on / off After registration TXT downloaded data file The ability to create referral code Automatic logon after registration Prefeksy on / off Recover password Voting system (L2top.Ru, MMOTOP.RU) Transfer of votes at the expense of lux The script for processing votes The ability to output to a specific character or purchase services Discounts from Donato The discount is summed up from the number of referrals, the total donations Level system account Added to the level of your referrals and the total amount of donations All settings are displayed in the admin area and can redaktirovatsya directly from Lux Detailed statistics Top Clan - Top Alli is calculated by rating the number of members of the clan lvl nubles heroism, etc. Top 100 players, the top PvP Top PC Top clans Top ALI, lock status, the top online players TOP players of Aden If necessary, you can add any statistics Unique casino! Playing for virtual money donations Roulette spins just 10 minutes during which time the player puts bets on the table There are settings in the admin Unique auction! Web auction for players All operations are confirming moderation Unique market! Check the desired items through the LC Support assembly Vanganth Services Nick color, the color of the title, the nickname of the character, the character's nickname with symbols karma wash, clean your PC counter, change the name of the clan, the transfer of a character, the removal of the ban chat Any service can be added, as all settings are displayed in the admin panel offers price on / off, etc. Setting up an account Lock on the iron, setting up a vote, change the password, the ability to change the name of the casino Setting the vote - to transfer voice and tops on the main account System Bonus Codes 2 types of keys The issue of balance by personal account Issuance of objects in the game, one key can give an unlimited number of items includes parameters such as the number and sharpening the subject. Duration of the key Built-in admin panel Current online private shopping online, record players Balance information Donata and votes in BOS, the information in the game donok only server Adena entire server, general information about the account information on the roulette The ability to change the balance on any account, and more Edit config all at once in lux Access to the admin panel builder has only one level with the added ip in config - manually Caching, anti brute encryption Cook. And more What he could forget more in HP. Generation mini tops and statistics for the site. Luke driven around on a live server. Added CP web / on off in the settings. Add news block Update from the forum (through API) IPB - phpBB - smf - vBulletin Photo: Price: 210$ Site: RPGDEV.RU My skype: rpgdev_ru Enjoy!
  11. Greetings!! I am new here, i have been reading the forum for a couple weeks now and trying to get up to date with things in L2OFF world since i have been away from it since C2/C2 times. I am searching for the pure Euro PTS files, Maybe some1 can provide me with directions on where to find it? I have been searching a lot and do not seem to find them in pure state. BTW, I plan to run a test server with this files + MXC GF extender. Any pointer you feel to provide will be very much appreciated! PS: I used to be the main scripter of my server back then so if any one is interested on teaming up for scripting develop just conact me at Cheers!
  12. The grand opening of the server on May 15 at 20:00 GMT+3 Date of OBT: may, 8 at 20.00 (GMT+3)! site: forum: General Feature: Interlude - PTS platform Low Craft-PVP Rates: Exp: x20 SP: x20 Adena: x10 Drop: х10 Spoil: x10 SealStones: x5 RB Exp/SP: х1 RB Drop Chance: х7; Drop: x1 EpicRB Drop: x1 Quest Drop: x5 (other quests x10) Quest Reward (adena, exp, sp): x1 Manor: х1 Server Quests: Seductive Whispers Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x6 A Game of Cards Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x6 Delicious Top Choice Meat Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x6 Seekers of the Holy Grail Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x6 Guardians of the Holy Grail Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x6 The Zero Hour Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x6 Legacy of Insolence Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Supplier of Reagents Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 The Finest Food Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Relics of the Old Empire Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Gather The Flames Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2 Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Alliance with the Ketra Orcs Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Alliance with the Varka Silenos Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x5 War with Ketra Orcs Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x3 War with the Varka Silenos Quest Reward: x1 , Drop: x3 Additional Information: Buffer + Buff Profiles/Schemes GM Shop up to B-Grade (can be found at GMSHOP NPC) Simple Raidboss: 24 +-1 Donation Shop TvT event NPC 24 Buff Slots Auto Loot Merchant of Mammon (can be found at Giran City Center) Blacksmith of Mammon (can be found at Giran City Center) Mana Potion reuse 5 sec. Spawn Protection Premium System SubClass 50kk Full Noblesse Quest Class Change ( first profession - 100.000 adena Second profession - 1.000.000 adena Third class - 10. 000. 000 adena ) Fully working RaidBosses/GrandBosses Global Olympiad Auto Learn Skills Ideally balanced classes (accomplished in Olympiad environment) Flame of Splendor Barakiel respawn 6 hours +/-1h Enchant Rates: Max Enchant: +16 Safe Enchant: +3 Grand Boss Respawn Time: Drop epic bosses like in official server! From the start server all epic bosses dead. Chaotics zone in all epic bosses! (you can use even Mass Skill!!) Ant Queen: 24 hours +/- 1h Random Core: 36 hours +/- 4h Random Orfen: 36 hours +/- 4h Random Zaken: 48 hours +/- 1h Random Baium: 5 Days + 0-4h Random Antharas: 8 Days + 0-4h Random Valakas: 11 Days Frintezza: 48 hours + 0-2h Random Olympiad Information: Olympiad Starts 18:00 (-3 GMT) Olympiad Ends: 24:00 (-3 GMT) Hero Changes: Every 2 Weeks 24:00 (-3 GMT) Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes there will be a lot of people. I see about 13800 posts ONLY on the x20 server subforum! and a lot of threads. I can say that there are going big sides like RIFT, playhardgopro, xSide, Tempest, Epidemic, darbojiu, AntTeam and more more :)
  13. Hello guys, for most oldschool members of that forum - we're known, as and our products which are on market since 2005, but anyway, new people to l2 business/development and looking for good, stable and supported product, for them I want to present our products review Who are interested in some informaton - can ask it here, on our forum, or directly in email - Regards, Xeonc
  14. ​ Dear players! gladly presents its newest and most awaited PROJECT: Lineage 2 High Five x50 server​ Server is based on the BEST files you can find, from the best team of "LostWorld". Play with HUGE community with NO wipes, NO bugs and NO cheaters, on the MOST powerful machine with a perfect database host and anti-DDos for a comfortable game without lags. Features of our project: - Minimized Donations (Premium Account, Jewellery, nick-change services / sex. Painting nickname, title.) - Best possible files of High Five chronicles as close as possible to PTS official servers. This quality you will not EVER find on ANY other server. -No endgame gear for any donation! -Our core Community consist more than 50,000 skilled and experienced players! -Experienced administration that sacrificed over 4 years to perfect project. -Protection against cheat programs, bots and clickers. -Macros for cooldown of skill, operate according to the official server High Five part 5. -Olympic Games is 100% RETAIL. -All epic bosses, instance zones, castle sieges, territorial wars, forts, working according to the official server. -All monsters, quests, stats, operate according to the official server. Server Description :​ rates: EXP/SP x50 Adena x40 Drop x10 Spoil x10 Quest Reward x5 Quest Items х1-x5 Epaulettes x7 Alt + B service: Buffer - 1 hour (will not have cat, horse, song of reflection, dance of berserk,gnome and PP buff) Global Teleport - All Cities - The store will not have: Attribute ( any ) \ crystal cheats \ Things above S80. Career: 1 Profession - 150,000 Adena 2 Profession - 1,500,000 adena 3 Profession - 50 million Adena Noblesse 300 donate coins or quest Services: free :- Enabling or disabling auto-attack skill after action(. Action-off - to turn off ;. action-on - enable) - Information about the group (who has a PA , the average count level , the opportunity to buy a player a Premium Account ) - Offline trade to sell buffs and items. Donate: - Premium account (increases 1.5 times your rates ) - Paint nickname- Painting title - Expansion of the warehouse - Increased inventory - Extension of the clan warehouse - Change nick , Sex Change - Change the name of clan - Changeable pet name Events : TvT Last Hero CTF Extra Events: 1x1; 2х2; 3x3; 2х2(for group) 3x3(for group); 9x9(solo and group) - all on olympiad stadiums. Useful information: To approach Frintezza you need at least 36 people in the CC (80-85 level) To approach - night Zaken you require a minimum of 72 people in the CC (40-85 level) - All other instant zones According to official data - Number of buffslots : for basic buffs 24 and under the songs / Dances 12. Duration buffs - 1 hour . - You can save a set of buffs . - There is auto-learning skills (but auto-learning books 81 + not all books are available in the alt + b store) - The study of transformations available without the need to complete the quest Offline trader must have at least 61 levels and 1,000,000 Adena to use the command . OfflineHellbound - open and has the 11th (maximum) level . Epic bosses respawn time : Antharas - 8 days ( 2 hour) Valakas - 7 days ( 2 hour) Baium - 5 days ( 1 hour)Beleth - 8 days Queen Ant - 23 hours ( ± 1 hour) Core, Orfen - 36 hours ( ± 1 hour) OPEN BETA: 30 August 18.00 GTM +0 or 22.00 MSK LIVE: 6 September 16.00 GMT+0 or 20.00 MSK​ SITE: SOCIAL: