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  1. Eng/Ru Supported advx64 and java servers
  2. SELLING PERSONAL CABINET FOR PTS AND JAVA SERVER! Office on the API (client <-> server) and moved completely to the PDO and added multilanguage! Register Confirmation by mail on / off After registration TXT downloaded data file The ability to create referral code Automatic logon after registration Prefeksy on / off Recover password Voting system (L2top.Ru, MMOTOP.RU) Transfer of votes at the expense of lux The script for processing votes The ability to output to a specific character or purchase services Discounts from Donato The discount is summed up from the number of referrals,
  3. One of these days you'll do a video. Please excuse me for my english!!! :-X
  4. Based on extender - Vanganth guarded - free!
  5. GameManager For PTS! Photo: Tattoo Manager! Warehouse manager! Shop for Adena: Things to C grade, consumables, banks, resources, recipes for resources. Shop for Festival Adena: Things A grade, recipes on S grade, buy nubles for FA, Temporary epic jewelry, exchange dB shining bow, etc. Donat shop: Things S grade, clan level by Donath, a sub-class of Donath, premium runes, new accessories 90+ species,Temporary epic jewelry, etc. Game stats in the game: PvP, Pk, Status Rb Price = 50$ Translate html free. Skype: cleric.rus
  6. Global GK For PTS! Photo: Unique NPCs with different kinds of teleport! Translate free. Price = 50$ Skype: cleric.rus
  7. Sub-class NPC for PTS! Photo: Unique NPCs, which gives any profession and change its, and enchant skill. Price = 100$ Translate html free Skype: cleric.rus
  8. Good evening, I want you to imagine the finished assembly PTS Interlude x50 and x1200! Main features: Screenshots: Contact Information: Skype: cleric.rus Translate html free. Sold in one hand, and help tailor the desired free. As there is a build PTS x1200 price build x50 / x1200 = $ 200!