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Found 34 results

  1. As the title says, another files from ATUALSTUDIO The files were shared on Facebook from a client of the Atualstudio.. Enjoy fuckers.. DOWNLOAD
  2. Hi all, I made an extension to @Elfocrash's L2ACP for L2J servers so that it can work with L2OFF servers too. All the core features are there, some minor ones are missing. For the feature list check eflocrash's topic share, I would just copy & paste it here anyway: GIthub repository of my fork with the L2OFF functionality implemented: Video of how it works on L2OFF server: Configuration steps are described on the github page's README. If you want to use this, please get familiar with using and deploying ASP.NET applications. If you encounter any issues, feel free to write them down or open an issue on github. Enjoy.
  4. ROWEBCA has been providing reliable, secure and fast optimized hosting services for years. For a limited time, in Halloween Season, use cupon: #halloween50# for 50% off (annual subscriptions only) !!! Here are our current shared plans: < STANDARD > 5GB of disk space (PURE SSD) Unmetered Bandwidth Instant Activation Free WebSite Builder Free SSL Daily Backups +++++++++++++ $1.99 / Month More Info Order Now < PREMIUM > 10GB of Disk Space (PURE SSD) Unmetered Bandwidth Free WebSite Builder Free SSL Daily Backups +++++++++++++ $3.99 / Month More Info Order Now < ULTIMATE > 20GB Disk Space (PURE SSD) Unmetered Bandwidth Free WebSite Builder Free SSL Daily Backups +++++++++++++ $5.99 / Month More Info Order Now For each shared plans there is a 30 days money back guarantee !!! For annual subscriptions. one month is free (for all packages !!! ROWEBCA is primarily a web hosting company, with registered office in Montreal, Canada. We also offer computer-related services locally, in Montreal and surroundings. Our customers will always come first. They will be able to reach our support team at any time they need assistance with their web hosting account through our Ticketing System. We may also help them by providing website support such as programming troubleshooting or tips for enhancing websites. Our guarantee: no overselling !!! Regards,
  5. Hello, i made a web script with Watir in Ruby and it navigate the web doing specific actions, click buttons based on id, div or text etc. It is working perfect but the problem is that i want to run this script 24/7 and it is impossible to let computer on 24/7. So there is any way to run the script from a web server like web hosting / plesk - cpanel? Best regards and thanks in advance.
  6. Hello im looking for some dev who can help me make registration in web where peaple can regster in web and just then log in game, vote on web and get reward in account panel, make donation etc, ofc its not free im willing to pay monay if need. Sory for me english im not good on it.
  7. New Web Design [v1.0] Design Only [PSD] Price: Negotiable. Contacts: MxC or Skype Preview:
  8. A new, kind of simple website for sale. The image below is 70% size only. Simple news system (edit news, features, downloads, contacts through there etc.) Online/Offline, Top 15 PvP Players (possible PvP/PK players, if needed) Video pop-up Countdown Skype: theikid123 Payment: PayPal
  9. File Name: L2off page cheap File Submitter: xEvoLuTioN File Submitted: 19 Sep 2013 File Category: Website Templates L2off lineage 2 web page with pvp/pk/heroes/rb/castle php modules and acc manager and psd included. Click here to download this file
  10. Hello all. i have own server clean. i want to make a free website and to be conected to my server... i mean top pvp/pk top online and etc to be auto updating.
  11. Any coder/designer willing to sell a nice l2 off website for high five I need something simple for example like ... no ranking no boss status pvp or any of that... just a simple site and a professional look possibly a nice secure register page. and a nice server status. ​
  12. sell website on off last post smf news engine pvp/pk 1 copy
  13. Hi all, some1 can help me plz with my web page. i installed webstress11 nulled. all succesfully instaled. after instalation delet install.php and install folder how it says. but when i try to enter my installed webpage (localhost/index.php or ''myip''/index.php) shows empty page. my index.php <?php session_start( ); error_reporting(E_ALL); define( "STRESSWEB", TRUE ); define( "ROOT_DIR", dirname( __FILE__ ) ); define( "INC_DIR", ROOT_DIR."/inc" ); define( "MOD", "index" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/cache.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/data/config.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/data/config_db.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/cfg.default.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/lang/".$l2cfg['lang'].".php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/classes/class.mysql.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/classes/class.template.php" ); $host=getenv("HTTP_HOST"); $tpl = new template_parse_class( ); $tpl->dir = ROOT_DIR.( "/skin/".$l2cfg['template'] ); $http_home_url = explode( "index.php", strtolower( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ) ); $http_home_url = reset( $http_home_url ); define( "TPL_DIR", $http_home_url.( "skin/".$l2cfg['template'] ) ); require_once( INC_DIR."/classes/class.la2.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/classes/class.functions.php" ); require_once( INC_DIR."/classes/class.user.php" ); user::offline( ); $debug = $l2cfg['mysql']['debug']; require_once( INC_DIR."/l2init.php" ); $user = new user( ); $user->auth( ); $_TIME = time( ) + $l2cfg['timezone'] * 60; require_once( INC_DIR."/module.php" ); include_once( INC_DIR."/module/login.php" ); include_once( INC_DIR."/module/server.php" ); include_once( INC_DIR."/module/info.php" ); include_once( INC_DIR."/module/poll.php" ); include_once( INC_DIR."/module/forum.php" ); $tpl->GetTemplate( "index.tpl" ); $tpl->SetVar( "{TITLE}", $l2cfg['title'] ); $tpl->SetVar( "{THEME}", TPL_DIR ); $tpl->SetVar( "{LOGIN}", $tpl->result['login'] ); $tpl->SetVar( "{SERVER}", $tpl->result['server'] ); $tpl->SetVar( "{FORUM_LINKS}", $tpl->result['forum'] ); $tpl->SetVar( "{INFO}", $user->errorMsg( ) ); $tpl->SetVar( "{CONTENT}", $tpl->result['content'] ); $tpl->SetVar( "{POLL}", $tpl->result['poll'] ); $tpl->SetVar( "{COPYRIGHT}", $tpl->result['copy'] ); $tpl->parse( "index" ); echo $tpl->result['index']; $tpl->clear_global( ); $db->Close( ); foreach ( $ldb as $ldb_close ) { $ldb_close->Close( ); } foreach ( $gdb as $gdb_close ) { $gdb_close->Close( ); } ?>
  14. As topic says i am buying website (can be with design) for lineage 2 shoping. Would prefer with online chat, automatic calculate. It's pretty simple. If you can do that PM me here or leave your skype i will contact asap! 24/7 online! thanks
  15. Web structure : Creation and design adaptation Layout HTML / CSS Nesting StressWeb Layout under GHTWEB Adaptsiya template StressWeb under GHTWEB RIP StressWeb / GHTWEB template Adaptsiya and high quality RIP absolutely any template under StressWeb / GHTWEB ! ( From which the engine will ripnut template does not matter) ! Adaptsiya template StressWeb 11/12 StressWeb under 13 ( or vice versa ) Editing any shablona IPB under the theme Lineage Examples of work and more detailed information on contacts Contacts: 676-206 fhshaft
  16. WTS Lineage 2 Graveland WEB + PSD WITH GALAXIA EFFECT VIDEO. PREVIW : 67 %
  17. ROWEBCA Rowebca is a web hosting that put you first, being in this bussines for many years, we did a revamp after few months of pause. We are not lieing our users with "unlimited" resources, because we all know that everything (beside universe) is limited. We are offering paid, but also free plans that does not require ads or redirection links to our website. We consider to have the right prices for our packets. We give your money back if in 30 days you consider our services are not enough for you. We provide 24/7 support via tickets or forum. We try to understand our clients problems and not just listen them. We also support and encourage new projects. We are passionate about what we are doing.
  18. is recruiting few actvie web designers/coders that are capable to fulfill our clients needs. Few info but important to know is that you will be payed per work at a high percentage and we require you to be available when we need you. If you are interested, please pm me with your contact details and a portfolio. -Sido.
  19. My friend hosted L2Off Server and asked me to do php on his website for 1) total online players, 2) account manager etc. can you help me with a guide how to do this or send me some youtube video that best describes the process. thank you! thank you! thank you! in advance!!! P.S I have the codes I don't know how to make them work along with the web page
  20. ClustSpace Tommorow's possibilities today​ Hi, Lineagers! I'm manager of DS, VDS, Web hosting company - We offer HIGH quality Dedicated servers, for simplest servers - Virtual dedicated servers, and if you don't want to change your server location we can offer best quality Web hosting. You can set everything as you want from Ram to CPU, internet parameters, and etc. We can offer DDos protection too! Chek everything at our website Every maxcheaters member will get 10% discount, just contact me
  21. Hi! We offer services for the rapid creation of fakes sites. A copy of the up to 4-page website + rebinding the posting to your site Email - 9 $ Next, for each page of 1 $. Example: there is a site, make a copy and place on (if available on your choice) Terms of 2 hours, depending on the workload. Consideration create sophisticated copies do individually and conditions.
  22. SELLING PERSONAL CABINET FOR PTS AND JAVA SERVER! Office on the API (client <-> server) and moved completely to the PDO and added multilanguage! Register Confirmation by mail on / off After registration TXT downloaded data file The ability to create referral code Automatic logon after registration Prefeksy on / off Recover password Voting system (L2top.Ru, MMOTOP.RU) Transfer of votes at the expense of lux The script for processing votes The ability to output to a specific character or purchase services Discounts from Donato The discount is summed up from the number of referrals, the total donations Level system account Added to the level of your referrals and the total amount of donations All settings are displayed in the admin area and can redaktirovatsya directly from Lux Detailed statistics Top Clan - Top Alli is calculated by rating the number of members of the clan lvl nubles heroism, etc. Top 100 players, the top PvP Top PC Top clans Top ALI, lock status, the top online players TOP players of Aden If necessary, you can add any statistics Unique casino! Playing for virtual money donations Roulette spins just 10 minutes during which time the player puts bets on the table There are settings in the admin Unique auction! Web auction for players All operations are confirming moderation Unique market! Check the desired items through the LC Support assembly Vanganth Services Nick color, the color of the title, the nickname of the character, the character's nickname with symbols karma wash, clean your PC counter, change the name of the clan, the transfer of a character, the removal of the ban chat Any service can be added, as all settings are displayed in the admin panel offers price on / off, etc. Setting up an account Lock on the iron, setting up a vote, change the password, the ability to change the name of the casino Setting the vote - to transfer voice and tops on the main account System Bonus Codes 2 types of keys The issue of balance by personal account Issuance of objects in the game, one key can give an unlimited number of items includes parameters such as the number and sharpening the subject. Duration of the key Built-in admin panel Current online private shopping online, record players Balance information Donata and votes in BOS, the information in the game donok only server Adena entire server, general information about the account information on the roulette The ability to change the balance on any account, and more Edit config all at once in lux Access to the admin panel builder has only one level with the added ip in config - manually Caching, anti brute encryption Cook. And more What he could forget more in HP. Generation mini tops and statistics for the site. Luke driven around on a live server. Added CP web / on off in the settings. Add news block Update from the forum (through API) IPB - phpBB - smf - vBulletin Photo: Price: 210$ Site: RPGDEV.RU My skype: rpgdev_ru Enjoy!
  23. Web Hosting ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ Στη Host2Web θα βρείτε τον αξιόπιστο Web Host συνεργάτη που θα διασφαλίσει την αδιάκοπη λειτουργία του website σας. Για πραγματικό 99,99% Uptime (με αποδείξεις), γρήγορες ταχύτητες και 24/7 υποστήριξη από επαγγελματίες, επιλέξτε το Web Hosting πακέτο που σας ταιριάζει! Φιλοξενήστε το website σας σε τελευταίας τεχνολογίας πανίσχυρους και επώνυμους Servers (Dell, HP). Επιλέξτε το πακέτο που ταιριάζει στις ανάγκες σας! Free Web HostingΑποκτήστε Δωρεάν Φιλοξενία Ιστοσελίδων για Πάντα με την κατοχύρωση (απλά και μόνο) του επιθυμητού ονόματος χώρου Χωρίς κρυφές χρεώσεις, δεσμεύσεις ή μελλοντικές επιβαρύνσεις, μόνο με την κατοχύρωση του νέου σας domain, αποκτάτε 200 MB χώρο για τη σελίδα σας, 2 GB κίνηση δεδομένων (bandwidth) και 1 λογαριασμό email ...διαβάστε περισσότερα πατώντας εδώ. Υπηρεσίες Μας E-Mail Hosting E-Mail Hosting χαρακτηριστικά webmail, IMAP, POP3 και SMTP. Web Hosting Eύκολη διαχείριση των δεδομένων σας, όπου και αν βρίσκεστε. Firewall Παρέχουμε υψηλή ασφάλεια για τα δεδομένα σας. Υποστήριξη Το τεχνικό μας τμήμα είναι κοντά σας 24 ώρες, 7 ημέρες την εβδομάδα. Reseller Web Hosting Θα εντυπωσιαστείτε από το πόσο εύκολη, οικονομική και ταυτόχρονα κερδοφόρα μπορεί να είναι η δημιουργία της δική σας εταιρίας hosting! Από την πλευρά μας σας παρέχουμε όλα τα εργαλεία και την υποστήριξη που θα χρειαστείτε για να ξεκινήσετε την δική σας επιχείρηση μέσα σε ελάχιστα λεπτά! Δημιουργήστε μια νέα πηγή εσόδων παρέχοντας το χώρο των δικών μας servers με όλο το κέρδος από τις πωλήσεις δικό σας! Τεχνολογία που χρησιμοποιούμε ENGLISH In Host2Web will find reliable Web Host partner that will ensure the uninterrupted operation of your website. For real 99,99% Uptime (with proofs), fast speeds, and 24/7 support from professionals, choose the Web Hosting package that suits you! Host your website on the latest technology powerful and famous Servers (Dell, HP). Choose the package that suits your needs! Free Web Hosting Get free web hosting forever with the registration (simple and only) of your desired domain name. No hidden costs, commitments or future charges, only to ensure your new domain, you get 200 MB space on your page, 2 GB data traffic (bandwidth) and 1 email account more Services E-Mail Hosting E-Mail Hosting webmail details, IMAP, POP3 και SMTP. Web Hosting Fast and easy data managment from wherever you are. Firewall We provide high data security. Support Our technical department is close to you 24 hours, 7 days a week. Reseller Web Hosting You will be impressed by how easy, economical and simultaneously profitable can be to create your own hosting company! From our side we provide all the tools and support you need to start your own business within a few minutes! Create a new source of revenue by providing space on our own servers with all the profits from the sales of your own! Τechnologies we use
  24. Hello people, i have 6 years now i learn PS i say "learn" because everyday i learn new things, my work is HQ and my prices too cheap because i know everyone have problems , like me :) So you can see below what i can do ! • Service • Full website Design + Coding Banner Design Logo Design Animation Design 3D Design Flyer Design Background Design Forum Design Rework in website - forum Coding Service HTML/PHP/JavaScripts/WordPress Anything else if is not on the list can be requested ! • Contact • Send me private messenge here ! "I don't want to share my skype because randoms will be add me" • Portfolio • From 2015 i start new season with new designs so from now all new designs i will share here. #1: • Old Portfolio • Some old works , is not all 100% by me some of them help and my brother.
  25. Hey guys, this is my first contribution for this forum, so I hope you like =) I've made a simple PHP script to run server commands through telnet. Is simple, fast and functional. It's only the code, don't have any interface because it was extracted from another system I've made. "What?" - A script tu run your server's commands via telnet. "How?" - You set according to the options of your server, access the page and be happy. "Why?" - You can give items, jail players, restart / shutdown the server, have real-time information about server performance and more. "Is there a new command?" - You can just run commands that already exists in your server. If you implement any new commands into your core, you'll be able to use them too. It does not create any new commands, just run the existing ones. "I do not know to work with java. What commands can I use? How to use?" - There is a file 'telnet.ini' within the file with all the basic commands available on any server. Just read, see how to use and what it does. "Can I share the script?" - Please! The only thing I ask is that you keep the original credits. It helps me to want to help you. You can use free, but please, keep the credits. Enjoy =) PS.: Instructions in readme.txt file. Some screens (browser and gameplay) Login -> help Login -> status Login -> restart Game -> status Game -> mem usage Game -> performance Game -> gmlist Game -> pm Game -> announce Game -> give item Game -> enchant Game -> shutdown Scan here Download here