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  1. Ok. i will wait for it. if I'm wrong I'll correct it. It's very hard sometimes to find the right info about Interlude when pretty much new l2 clients were created till this day.
  2. Thanks for the reports. 1. Enchant window is fixed. It was not a big deal. Just couldn't use enchant window on moving. 2. Imperial Gravekeeper has a chance for more minions spawn and does releport when it has <=50% hp. So, you was wrong about it. Maybe only a chance was too big for spawn. 3. Red Sky is only a custom config. Now is off. 4. Auto flag in zone is also a custom config. Now is off. 5. Stuck on baium npc was too small - offset number, because as you can see this npc is upper than your character and your character couldn't find the way to come closer. Now is corrected. 6. Awaker dies instantly and you was wrong about it too. 7. Baium's movement corrected and Archangels have effect/actions (It had before). I tried a few times and I did not see nothing similar to this your video clip. 8. Auto potions fixed. It was only an animation and nothing more. You couldn't get a heal. 9. I never said something like full retail files. Ofc we have a customized things, but you can turn it off. Btw, I also said I'm doing all fixes/updates by L2OFF and if I missed something just let me know. 🙂
  3. First of all, it's 3 questions. So, answering to 1st and 2nd questions. I had, but not too much, they been small corrections/fixes and nothing critical. I just was re-uploading an update and main files. When i really know and i can find any info about it - i'm using those words like a tag. Sometimes fixes and corrections are not related to L2OFF stuff, but mostly if a change is import to mention i do. Did I answer to your questions? We can add anything for you and you don't need a source code if you are not a developer. This pack is more for those who don't know how to do this or they don't need a source.
  4. The main thing would be that we already have same task in Orion files and i said to him many times. Only kid was you and also you just were too lazy to change 1 query. I added this just for him special - same task that was totally unnecessary, because you couldn't understand this and i did not want play this silly game with you both... 🙂 Oh sorry, Miss teacher, I did not know that we are at school now. Also, after school you are a doctor, right? Double job, because you're very smart. You know who needs to visit a doctor and who doesn't. Just to do a favor - go around post if you don't have what to say smarter. I already got enough haters who writes anything they want. about me or my project 😉🙂
  5. The disorder you should look much closer than you think or maybe it's blindness or any other disability that you can't come to my website and to find any information about other members. Anyway, i don't care. 😉
  6. If i missed something in my files, let me know or just report it at forum section and it's gonna be fixed, because all fixes are doing by retail/L2off information - Interlude P.S. I'm available all day.
  7. Yeah sure, we do nothing by you. Just trying to push out some kind of crappy files. Before Orion we were working on same files for long time and still do . We have a test server, the updates list and etc., go and check it. Enough this bullshit from you about us. If you don't like me - just skip the post, go around. 😉
  8. @BruT and @melron I just want to help you finish up your discussion and stop wasting your time. As i remember they have made catch error in stats and giving level - 1.... Btw, yes , restore means 1 connection to database.
  9. @Kara @Rootware @Elfocrash Just 1 simple question to you guys. Why you are such arrogant assholes? If this guy want to say something good about pack, let him. Why you need act this role - look at me, i'm so smart and you all idiots. The real trash is you all 3. 🙂
  10. Believe me this code was not written by me or somebody else from Orion and it's already changed long time ago. It came from others who worked before me. As i mentioned before i'm updating and changing the old code to new one - time by time. What i can say all packs had old and trash codes that were changed time by time. So, it is not a surprise to find some kind of trash code somewhere in code as me when i posted a heading bug fix for interlude packs some time ago https://maxcheaters.com/topic/226773-heading-bug-fix/?tab=comments#comment-2716027 before i did not notice this fixed somewhere in packs at all. Backing to topic - Ofc it was unnecessary part of code, but it did not effect at all. Maybe that who wrote this code had some kind of own ideas to use this for... I have no idea for what, but who knows 🙂
  11. P.S. Smarter would be do not play this word war and ignore this post, but thank you for your support. :)
  12. I really do not care what haters think about me or my pack. I had a few leaked and unfinished versions that people used for their servers (a long time ago), but the latest, stable and fully working version you can get only from me. Also, time by time (almost every day) the code is changing and updating to newer from old one. We have a test server where people can to check out all things like bugs, features and how the files work. I'm not saying that my pack is best or something like that, everyone uses what they think is better for them. Peace out.
  13. Thank you for your feedback :) We appreciate it.