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  1. @BruT and @melron I just want to help you finish up your discussion and stop wasting your time. As i remember they have made catch error in stats and giving level - 1.... Btw, yes , restore means 1 connection to database.
  2. @Kara @Rootware @Elfocrash Just 1 simple question to you guys. Why you are such arrogant assholes? If this guy want to say something good about pack, let him. Why you need act this role - look at me, i'm so smart and you all idiots. The real trash is you all 3. 🙂
  3. Believe me this code was not written by me or somebody else from Orion and it's already changed long time ago. It came from others who worked before me. As i mentioned before i'm updating and changing the old code to new one - time by time. What i can say all packs had old and trash codes that were changed time by time. So, it is not a surprise to find some kind of trash code somewhere in code as me when i posted a heading bug fix for interlude packs some time ago https://maxcheaters.com/topic/226773-heading-bug-fix/?tab=comments#comment-2716027 before i did not notice this fixed somewhere in
  4. P.S. Smarter would be do not play this word war and ignore this post, but thank you for your support. :)
  5. I really do not care what haters think about me or my pack. I had a few leaked and unfinished versions that people used for their servers (a long time ago), but the latest, stable and fully working version you can get only from me. Also, time by time (almost every day) the code is changing and updating to newer from old one. We have a test server where people can to check out all things like bugs, features and how the files work. I'm not saying that my pack is best or something like that, everyone uses what they think is better for them. Peace out.
  6. Thank you for your feedback :) We appreciate it.
  7. It works fine except 1 important thing - this modification increases CPU x20 times when l2 window is inactive. For example: if cpu is ~1% without this file and with this file goes up to ~20%. Try to imagine what happens for active window... It might kill older pc. Btw, I've tested on several different systems and from this topic as well.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for any useful information about this siege - mini game. Correct me if i'm wrong, but in interlude should be working 6 sieges of clan halls? 1. Bandit Stronghold 2. Devastated Castle 3. Fortress Of Resistance 4. Fortress Of The Dead 5. Rainbow Springs Chateau 6. Wild Beast Reserve And i need re-work: Rainbow Springs Chateau Ok, what i got now is this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfyOuhMBx9Y and some information here: https://l2wiki.com/Rainbow_Springs_Chateau Nowadays, what i can get on internet is info about lat
  9. 11 pages had Antharas's drop. Valakas has 11 pages too. Who has more? :?
  10. Eh... At first, you thought that this will take a new line on each page number or will break html. Now try speak another. Man, just show me something what you made better , what is not bad for coding or html design.
  11. This happens. I tested before. Here is Antharas's drop. Same with Valakas and others.
  12. I'm not using these stats or this system, but maybe for someone will need it. Anyway, this file is fully editable.
  13. I could adapt mine if you would like it