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  1. If you didn't edit anything in core side then double check config side.
  2. Do you have config which changing buff time? Maybe, problem is simpler than you thought. Or you've been editing source code and made mistakes. Also, maybe your buffer as same as player can not buff you when you have activated command: //invul
  3. I could to help you with that. I have a system which works with hopzone, topzone, network and l2jbrasil. Also, possible add more. System protected by IP and all settings like reward item, amount, chance and etc. inside config.
  4. As same as in other clients? Have use File editor and open L2.ini file (inside system,) then put your ip adress here: [Auth] ServerAddr=L2authd.Lineage2.com
  5. L2jOrion.com -  Interlude Server Files (Pack)

  6. Yeah, my bad, i meant L2Attackable and addExpAndSp inside, but instead of this i've been writing player's main function on l2pcinstance. Thanks for correction. :)
  7. What's your pack? It depends by server files (pack), but you can to try a luck on L2PcInstance and inside should be something similar to addExpAndSp
  8. Can you add a screenshot how it looks like (screen goes white)? Also, can be that some kind of textures are missing in your client side.
  9. Or maybe server is bugged and you fell down to textures with your enemy?
  10. You already have it if you have Flood Protection on your server, just create a new one or use old (your choice) and add to RequestEnchantItem
  11. Try this, somebody was shared on this forum before https://pastebin.com/hdwgkuuQ
  12. Firewall blocks? Try turn it off and check the script again. Or maybe you didn't give access for new DB user to select table's info.
  13. Ok, i see where is the problem. Wrong id in henna.csv It should be: 133;symbol_s+4c-5_c;4577;10;36000;0;4;-5;0;0;0
  14. hmm, interesting... In this case, check client side - check hennagrp-e.dat and itemname-e.dat by id:4553