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  1. Yeah like me on my files. Btw, maybe older files had and i don't think that file did something at all inside that engine. Anyway, enough spamming in my post. If you don't like me or my project just go around and be a neutral. Thanks.
  2. Man, it's really something wrong with you. You should to call your doctor.... And this your attack against me every single time getting really annoying. I already gave you a link and you did not even look at it. Guys, if you don't believe it's Scoria then try to google the source code share (as much as possible latest). You will find many similar things to frozen and my pack like powerpack and many another things. Scoria was when frozen did not even exist and also i already had a server before frozen. Btw, in that time Scoria was most popular and fixed pack. My only one and biggest mistake that i took some features from frozen (without removing some frozen words in code) just because it was faster: take a code, fix and add to my server files. Yep, shame on me, but the biggest and important thing is that they took a lot of newbie developers and made a lot of mistakes what was as a result of full bugs pack when nothing works correctly. And that's why you won't find same bugs as frozen has. So, in summary frozen and my pack were on same based files: Scoria. The End. It's Done, i'm out.
  3. If you found something wrong then you should update to the latest version.
  4. Interesting.. How you have decided this is frozen, give me some details? Btw, to be honest, here is scoria (what was basic of frozen until they took „developers“ and made a lot of mistakes), but i dont remember which rev, because i'm working on these files very long time and everything was re-worked. Also, before opening L2jOrion project these files already had many updates and what you saw is new updates on the new project.
  5. Guys, if you have a questions then ask me directly, not below in the comments. Btw, no, this is not frozen...
  6. www.L2jOrion.com - INTERLUDE server FILES (Pack)

  7. Yes, but i don't think that guy meant this.
  8. If they are really done then should ask more them about this, because it's not the same like to change ip inside l2.ini. :) This a packet. Maybe they have system's files, who knows. It's the same like i would say: I've done „open url packet“ in server side and you just need to finish in client side.
  9. Hello, we are the new project, but not new in coding or developing servers. We have a many years experiences and we know what our customers want. So, in short about pack: All updates were made based by L2OFF real interlude information. Also, pack has a many features which you can easy turn off and use like PTS server. In pack works all L2OFF features. What's our Goal? To make these files work as much as possible similar to L2OFF files. More information on the our website page. Latest updates here: https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/forum/21-latest-updates/ OLD updates: https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/18-old-updates/ Report any small issue/bug here: https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/forum/10-bugs/ WEBSITE: https://www.l2jorion.com/ TEST SERVER: Our server is currently online. Visit to our website for download our patch (system). PRICE: 50 £ (GBP) Our skype: live:l2jorionproject All other information here: WEBSITE: https://www.l2jorion.com/