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  1. Balance always depends on skills/formulas...if you have broken skills you will never do a good balance
  2. You have to find the correct multisell.. Its in html bypasses _multisell id.. Find the id in multisells and edit..then use command //reload multisell and check your changes
  3. good luck Sweets Nice to hear about this opening :D
  4. trusted guy...we work together to a project and no problems at all,he will update his topic later
  5. Works everywhere...you can block it but
  6. And the funny is that i put for him the right config some days ago...the he changed it..
  7. Yes he was..even without english he could code
  8. Seems to me like this too
  9. In our old exguard we blocked it..but bad luck developer couldnt work anymore on this project cause of his time..
  10. They open no custom server this time..its a network not a single server...read informations better before such replies...
  11. None all works the same premium adrenaline works in any antibot...just use retail method pm/trade if answered ok if not jail
  12. Yes is not about the 20e its that you lost time...it happened to me too some moths ago too...i was wake up 6 in the morning and did 4 hours fixes and searching bugs in his files and just for 50euros and never paid...just dont do it again...pay or no fix...do our own project i know this :/ he will hide donations and you will fuck yourself to fix his project then when all will be nice he will kick you out..nowdays l2 admins is this...just work with ppl the deserve to take any fix and thats it...
  13. Bug appears just always say words from noobs admins...you do a fix in one event then their npc cant spawn Lel...please ppl if you dont know how to fix any problem just dont open servers pay or stay out of this game...
  14. when you will work with strange ppl get at least 50% before or better full...any global will check it soon...never do work and then wait for payment for ppl you will work first time...
  15. Dude because you dont know basics and you speak without any proofs just with a screen offline button...i dont need to speak anymore your screen told us all your knowledge...still offline do you think ddos will take him down for a week or more :p neh just some hours maybe...