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  1. [L2J] L2Centos

    Gameplay has been totally changed new events new areas new economy fresh start...i dont want to move fast i want to have all perfect for the G.O
  3. Ports its not from pack Its from your modem.. You have to open them in your modem admin panel and in your firewall if needs
  4. [L2J]Lineage II Luminescence

    You always the same thing cause you got maybe this fake online at the start but in 10 days you are going for a new opening..
  5. [L2J] Pvp World

    Yes more thank enought i can say and i dont need to check any balance to know that im sure that they do mc more than 2300 dmg to other so if you calculate it.. Every 5 hits 2 mc with 2 mages we got in total Over 10-12k dmg and this can happend in 5 seconds
  6. [L2J] Pvp World

    Ofc it is..back in la2dream we had killed more parties with a cp of 9 players
  7. Whats the situation they got a big community now?
  8. all the gettopzonevotes() method to be easier for you..
  9. You can fix topzone from this page
  10. WTB Geoconverter

    use just l2jacis converter
  11. Too much hate for mrpro and thats it bad anyone can do whatever he wants its not up tou you or someone to speak about it..
  12. [L2j] Arkon

    Good luck..seems good custom server..
  13. The reason im looking members its my limmited time i need them to give them work...
  14. None trying to make a quick buck all do their jobs i dont have a problem to work with other guys they even can join us and do a development club where will be only trusted members.. None get my point i think..