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  1. [L2J]L2Greed

    Topic moved to previews and title changed follow the rules of the forum ppl..
  2. You are allowed to bump your topic with your bump button every 24hours..follow the rules or your topic will deleted
  3. [L2OFF] L2 ATHENA

    Double post deleted if you want to reply edit your reply dont post second in a row
  4. Check these 2 connections in l2pcinstance you are missing in one of the both the values for your faction RESTORE_CHARACTER UPDATE_CHARACTER
  5. statement.setInt(57, getObjectId()); +statement.setInt(58, getFactionId()); +statement.setInt(59, getReturnX()); +statement.setInt(60, getReturnY()); +statement.setInt(61, getReturnZ()); he got them in his code at least
  6. Discussion Βοήθεια

    Dn xeirizomai bots alla an exei l2jguard to premium adrenaline tha douleuei..
  7. Discussion Βοήθεια

    Adrenaline premium tha douleueu logika..ti antibot exei o mafia ksereis?
  8. did you create the columns in characters.sql too?
  9. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    As i see here is a lot of spam.. I will give you a chance to prove that your server runs with l2off files..otherwise i will change prefix again and it will stay like i will do it.. And if you edit again without proofs topic will instantly removed
  10. xDrac banned or nay?

    Topic locked...dont needs the spam at all
  11. its a syntax error find the method protected void clearPendingClans() in file and change PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement("DELETE FROM siege_clans WHERE castle_id=? AND type=PENDING"); to this PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement("DELETE FROM siege_clans WHERE castle_id=? AND type='PENDING'");
  12. Nai an exeis kapio config false sto jar kai dn to peraseis sto config tou server os true pws tga doulepsei tha diavazei mono tou jar o server