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  1. Just need to check that player isinside this zone updatepvpflag
  2. Just use installer and write what the installer asks like localhost write localhost put enter
  3. Wrong mysql setup maybe..i think there is back ups file you can run it..
  4. Hello,rewrite your topic please...to be little better in ppl eyes..otherwise i will junk it .
  5. Connection must be fixed...search my vote system shared and take connection from there...in share section..will work fine with https details link here you are just change the config with yours protected static int getHopZoneVotes() { int votes = -1; try { final URL obj = new URL(Config.VOTES_SITE_HOPZONE_LINK_HOP); final HttpURLConnection con = (HttpURLConnection) obj.openConnection(); con.addRequestProperty("User-Agent", "L2Hopzone"); con.setConnectTimeout(5000); final int responseCode = con.getResponseCode(); if (responseCode == 200) { try (BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(con.getInputStream()))) { String line; while ((line = in.readLine()) != null) { if (line.contains("Total Votes") || line.contains("rank tooltip") || line.contains("no steal make love") || line.contains("no votes here") || line.contains("bang, you don't have votes") || line.contains("la vita e bella") || line.contains("rank anonymous tooltip")) { String inputLine = line.split(">")[2].replace("</span", ""); votes = Integer.parseInt(inputLine); break; } } } } } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("Server HOPZONE is offline Trying to Reconnect"); Announcement.VoteAnnouncements("HOPZONE is offline...Trying to Reconnect"); e.printStackTrace(); } return votes; }
  6. Its wrong link..you must put your details link...and ofc if connection needs fix must be too checked
  7. Hello..follow the rules and bump the topic daily with BUMP button...
  8. So you knew there was some bugs and sold it like the best pack...and you didnt even fixed the bugs you knew..very good job from your side..he gave you money and you gave to him a shit source..i saw the errors with my eyes..sorry but this replies is against you...
  9. I will agree with this.... I had worked for a project some months ago was fine i build from zero their pack i got my price and for the extra they told me that i will take % from the earnings they took over 500euro from donations but i never got paid any cent...and was working with them at least a month...
  10. In php7 class name String cant be used as a class and file...you can take a look in stackoverflow forums there maybe will be your answer..here is l2jsection
  11. Kala o baggos dn diavazei shmera ta reply mou i ta minimata mou..ena minima sto fb esteila akoma dn apanthse @'Baggos' Oso gia to topic vale tn geodata na teleiwneis agorina...
  12. Dn uparxei config na to kleiseis pleon sto acis..trexei mono me geodata... apla prepei na vlei geodata stin data tou kai tha einai koble..