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  1. Remove hwid just or buy antibot and use it
  2. Update available for Lucera projects

  3. You have to remove the condition in xml folder..or make a new armor client and server side
  4. Reborn12

    GR Kara

    tha sou dosw mia sumvouli..min me ksanavaleis ston stoma sou epeidi eisai ena skoupidi den tha ginw san esena...kane tin douleia sou k ase emena na kanw tin diki mou,(sinithos na fixaro buggarismena codes p ekanes)
  5. Yeah @Kara` can do anything he is just the best from everyone..he says bullshits to clients about other developers and then he can sell his crap codes...
  6. Its better to post the request photo or description
  7. With 20e none will create html for all this staff and as i know deal wasnt with subpages just with the photo you have posted that you are looking for cb like l2liona or something
  8. He is not the only who adds codes or fixes from others to their packs
  9. I've added the l2j prefix cause server is l2j we can understand that is based l2gold files he didnt even changed harvana npc name
  10. open task manager > Services >Find mySQL And Run it
  11. you maybe got a config to turn your language in english?