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  1. Denart designs google it with support you can find some donate panels there
  2. Low cpu probably..if works on your pc correctly then your vps is not that good..
  3. for sale raidboss manager for packs like fandc l2ro...pm for more info...
  4. You should pm the author check marketplace there is a topic with them
  5. If you think that is critical bug you dont need to see the other 100 bugs
  6. Black friday offer 20% off to any services til 3-12
  7. Seems very well developed....good luck...
  8. I could but i will not share the names here.. Maybe wrong maybe not..its just your opinion...but im not a liar The description means that i worked with those projects the past year (2019) and full fixed all bugs that we found with over 400 players online for over 4 months so i think now i told you what that means :D
  9. New Project H5 Developed the past year tested on online servers over 4 months online and all features working perfect.. WEBSITE DISCORD
  10. As i remember its already implemented
  11. The files i got you will never find them..who are you ?
  12. For sale H5 stable project tested online over 4 months with 500+ real online.. 2 interlude no custom or custom server projects.. 1 interlude for any kind of rate.. Updated 17/9/19.....
  13. Not recommended,and reported to Scammer Section.Do not trust him,Since when he agree to finish some features he always has to do something.

  14. Remove hwid just or buy antibot and use it