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  1. Lets stop spam please...any other spam reply will be a warning...topic will be cleaned too so just stop..
  2. Yes search in acis forum...there is the solution
  3. You can check this is_teleport_to_siege_allowed seems like a config dunno what pack is using something like this just change the value...
  4. Just delete the checks in L2TeleporterInstance Or make a custom one...
  5. You better read my message and then come back to discuss with me not in the topic otherwise i will warn you second time...as i told you someone report it and i do my work...and trust me for the first time we tried h5 it was fine...i dont want to my projects 5k fake players... We are not corrupted this game like other Administrators do...have a nice day..
  6. do you forget your mod?or you will answer me in some days?
  7. sinces its voiced command you have to use requestbypasstoserver for this one npc_%objectid%_ is not used anymore maybe action="bypass -h voice .info"
  8. Remove the check in l2pcInstance... Before setpvpkills
  9. Thats Why there exist Updater
  10. You got droplist here...as i remember rune is giving some status in rates.. If this list is x1 in Config drop rate you will have with rune rate more chance drop and not increased droplist..