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  1. TESTING OPENING (NOT OBT YET) AT 7:00 AM GMT + 2 Follow your Path, Fight and conquer Towns for Teleports and items! https://prnt.sc/pic6dp SERVER FEATURES: Testing Period Features can change according to Feedback will we get during Beta 2 Factions: Elven • Humans • Elves • Female Dwarves (both profession routes apply) Shilen • Orcs • Dark Elves • Male Dwarves (both profession routes apply) Faction Interactions & info • Chat and PvP. • ONE account, ONE Faction. • 7 characters per account. • Each Faction has access only to Faction buffs • Chat "Trade", "All" are Global. "Party", "Clan" and "Faction" are Faction exclusive. • Shilen spawn at Dark Elf village and Elven at Elven Village. • Starting Villages are Peace zones. • Shilen and Elven are at war always. • Map is Modified and Customized to serve the needs of a Faction vs Faction world. • Each Faction Controls 4 Towns. • Each town NPCs selling unique items and gear. • All towns are siegable every 6 hours. • Own a town by killing a Raid inside their Main Temples. • Town Npcs talk only to Faction owner PvP system • PvPs o by making the last hit when an enemy dies • Assists o by debuff o from hit an enemy who dies o by healing an ally who kills an enemy o by buffing an ally who kills an enemy • PK not exists • Clan Skills from total Clan PvP Stats • Weapon gets a safe enchant +1 every 10 PvP or 20 Assists spree (without death) • Each Season the clan with higher PvP gets extra stats Economy • Adena earned from PvP • Assists half amount of PvPs • Coins of luck from donation General Features Details • Start lvl 85. • Start B grade gear. • No Monsters. • No dlvl. • No Subclass. • No Kamaels. • No weight Limit. • No Quick Healing Potions. • Remote class master. • Auto learn skills. • Retail skills. • Nobless Buff always on. • CP potions has CD. • Max Speed on towns. • Free Buffs. • Global Teleports. • Max Gear Grade is S. • Certification Skills from Vote System. • Free clan create. Hero status • Will be decided during Testing Enchant System • Normal Enchant success rate 50% • Blessed Enchant success rate 60% • Safe Armor Enchant +3 • Safe Max Armor Enchant +4 • Max Armor Enchant +9 • Max Jewels Enchant +10 • Max Weapon Enchant is +16 • Weapon Enchant only from PvP/Assist Killing Spree. • Skill requires Enchant Codex • Max Enchant for 2nd class skills is +30 • Max Enchant for 3rd class skills is +15 Special items A and S grade Gear NPCs Unlimited basic consumables (arrows/shots/beast shots/energy stones/spirit ores/soul ores/crystals/summoning crystals/battle symbols/dyes) Boss Jewels can be gained only through Town NPC who sells them Skill Codexes are accessible thought Unique Town NPC who sells them Other consumables accessible through Unique Town NPC who sells them NPC's • Gate Keepers • Buffer. • Grocery NPC (consumables) • Items Sellers • Guards L2Archage Server/Client General concepts • L2-Eternity Server emulator by our Developer, LordWinter • Server Concept: Faction vs Faction • Heavily Modified HF Part 5 Client • Client Features Auto-Updater (made by DenArt) and Strix protection • NO auto-Registration. It must be done on the main Site, "Register" button. One unique registration covers both Game and Community Forum • NO multi-boxing. • Heavily Modified: Terrain, Static Meshes, overall Radar and Minimap Layouts • NO custom skills/skill enchantment/items Live Online Help in Game and Discord for at least 16 hours daily ================================================================================= AND THE SURPRISE: By the end of Testing period, the Player with most PvPs will get 200 euros Prize!!! Test, bring your Friends/Clan and have fun!
  2. Emmrahil knows everything. He's been playing Official for 15 years.
  3. We are posting the Features list Details in our forums right now. I stopped for a smoke and continuing. https://l2archage.com/forum/game-features-discussion/features-rev-1-232/
  4. I'm transferring all terrain surface and static Meshes to UE4 as we speak. The wall is ugly now and the terrain LOTS of problems. Everything we ll be addressed during the Testing period. That's the reason we are opening Testing after all.
  5. Greetings Clan Leaders, Clans Members and SOLOers out there! L2Archage, a Heavy Modified, HF part 5, Faction vs Faction Server, invites you to Play, Test and Shape the Ultimate PvP experience on 12th October 7 PM (GT+2) FOR HEAVY TESTING NOT BETA! The L2Archage Team invites you, to help us manage an experimental unbalanced concept and shape it into a powerhouse of Hardcore unique PvP Lineage 2 Free Server that can please any PvPer out there! As testers/players you gain access to unique Privileges that will apply even AFTER Testing period, meaning Grand Opening. >>Test and become a VIP member on our forums. >>Patent your character name. No one can use it even after Testing wipe. >>During the Testing Period we'll open 2 donate options. (1) 5 euro, and (2) 10 euro. BOTH will give you Premium account that will last during the whole test. Also (1) option will grant you Premium for 2 weeks after Opening, and option (2) Premium account for one Month PLUS 1400 TESTING PERIOD Donation Coins for you to buy Weapons Armors and consumable from our Donation Services in Community. Have in mind that character progression, achievements and inventory WILL BE completely LOST after testing. The only things that will remain in our Database are the Character names, the VIP member Group in forum, and Premium for (A) and (B) options IF you decide to buy it. We have to clarify that, and we think it will be fair for both newcomers and testers after Opening. When you start Testing you ll find many unlimited consumables in your inventory, that WON'T be maintained after wipe. We include them for you to have fun, test PvP FvF, contribute in Features, even Features till end-game content. You can start playing even NOW, but all the above will not apply until 12 October, you ll experience disconnects, many MANY Terrain issues and weak Moderation. We will be glad to see in our Server and forums/discord. Remember! This is Your server! https://l2archage.com/ https://l2archage.com/forum/ https://discordapp.com/channels/619475564553699338/622756985200443393 https://www.facebook.com/L2Archage-115565039830817/