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  1. I guess you bought the interface first and checked its code, right? Or it’s just a wild guess?
  2. Great Interface, I already bought it! 100% satisfied. Good Luck with your sales mate.
  3. I really don't have the words to describe the quality of support I'm getting from l2-script guys. I needed some help today with my L2S-Guard. 4:30 am: I send them a message at skype thinking that they gonna see it sometime the next day and they gonna answer but a guy asnwered instantly. Those guys are available 24/7. He answered to me directly and stayed with me for a hour or so helping n' fulfilling my crazy requests. Thank you guys. You're super amazing. I completely vouch for them!
  4. Great Job. The Hero we need, the Hero we do not deserve! :D
  5. Well, you're going to need a PC or Laptop no matter what, 2017 no choice there. So you're going to spend 200-400$ or Euros for the PS4 itself + Games + a TV which is expensive enough to make a difference between low and ultra graphics. So your budget for a PS4+Rest is about 1000$ or Euros plus a standard PC, not for gaming but the rest. Not here to be out of topic and start a war but your argument is invalid! :P I'm gonna wait for the next PS generation. If I must choose now, yeah, I guess XBox One X.
  6. yeah, I managed to create and compile my .uc files. Thank you for your response! :)
  7. I'm looking for this file. addsound.jar Thank you.
  8. Hello, Some years ago there was no way to edit .u files except the Hex(ing) if I'm not mistaken. We're in 2017 and maybe someone figured out something I'm not aware of so here I am to ask. Is there any easier way to mesh with those files? Thanks.
  9. The guys helped me very much with my java code and the design of my project. They are extremely skilled professionals and they know exactly what they're doin! It was a value for money deal for me. Until I need your services again, thank you! George
  10. Yeah, I didn't express it well. My point is that you can let it empty and there is no : Text. Just Text.
  11. Probably, I don't know if there is a table in DB for this kind of spawns, of course you can always create one and store them there. In any case Fences are usefull for events. You spawn one to keep Players inside for reasons, after that you don't need it any more.
  12. Hello lads, I'm looking for a way to replicate the critical announcement functioning and use it with other colors, make announcements without name and : . I already tried this for example: toAllOnlinePlayers(new CreatureSay(0, Say2.PARTYROOM_COMMANDER, "", "Hello")); But it's like ": Hello", is there a way to create a new type of announcement to work like CRITICAL_ANNOUNCE? toAllOnlinePlayers(new CreatureSay(0, (critical) ? Say2.CRITICAL_ANNOUNCE : Say2.ANNOUNCEMENT, "", text)); I'm looking at the Critical Announcement code and as I can see there is also S
  13. Usage: //spawnfence <type> <width> <lenght> [height] Try for example this //spawnfence 2 100 100 5 and you will get this Try //spawnfence 2 200 200 1 & //spawnfence 2 300 300 1 and you will get this one.. A little bit of testing and you're ready to conquer the world creating fences buddy! P.S. No idea what the type is
  14. Hello, Is there a way to remove the fog from the client by default? I have set the middle click of the mouse to remove it but I'm wondering how to do this by default, without clicking the button. MiddleMouse=show fog | Thanks