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  1. Nop, the only way to withdraw them is.. Use some site like bet24 or similar, use PSC to fill your pocket, play a game or two, withdraw. There was/is problem with GR PSC, you can't do shit with it from outside the country, at least there was something like that, not sure now.
  2. No idea about the technical side of law, but.. I would say it doesn't really matter? There is nothing about 'you are buying the source code, from now on its your own property and you can do whatever you like'. So, it's also not said that you actually can resell it. There is something like 'Intellectual property'. Basically the whole site is a scam.
  3. Calling img from htm you can set width, height. No, as magically it won't call the description. Yes, if you store it somewhere, like xml. aCis already call images and description, simply check how it's done.
  4. You must have JDK installed and set as an compiler. Prefereneces - Java - Installer JREs - add new standard VM, point it to jdk - select it, apply and close.
  5. If it's core, java change - then yes. You have to compile it and ONLY update your l2jserver.jar If it's datapack change, then you ONLY copy the modified file.
  6. So.. you want someone else to do the search for you?! That logic. If it's some item and you know the name, do a simple google search for an id, then go to the godamn xml. It's THAT easy. Otherwise keep waiting, but no one will give you the asnwer. Ghosts don't talk.
  7. Why don't you check l2jserver sources? Check the xml on your own
  8. Kinda sad thing is, it's HDD, not ssd or even better nvme. 6G is more than enough, you can even set 8G. Doesn't really matter, I guess. Eventually there may be slight difference on GC (garbage collector) cycle.
  9. Or the npc type is simply wrong. Dunno what rev is the base, but since sooome time instances do not use l2 in front, so it's just Merchant. Check 50000 xml npc structure, copy it and create your own npc based on it.
  10. Open your command xml or sql and search for 'reward' or 'give_item'
  11. Your htm is the problem, the structure. As I see it generates icon path.
  12. The thing is they are not police and can't rly do much, except report to fb / your host or something. That's what Sky means.