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  1. Obviously storing a string/enum on table column is "readable on first glance", BUT what if you actually edit core side and change COMPLETED into COMPLETE (or opposite). What will happen? Shit will happen. 💩 Normally, you would / should have 2 tables, one storing the "enums" (key, value) and desired column, should hold the key (id). Soo, whenever you change the value, you are safe and won't face any problems. Sure, you can have enums on core side, only, but that way when you execute manual SQL query, you won't know what means 1/2/3. With linked tables, you si
  2. Simplest solution. Before you do revive, make a zone check.. Sounds obvious, right. Whatever you like. Could be assigned to some method, variable as suggested. But it's not like it's a must, nor the whole code is super duper. Keep it simple stupid.
  3. I already told you what to do. Not my fault you don't listen.
  4. Most likely bcs you remove player from party and then loop party, which doesn't exists anymore for that player. Move it above, first do check for members count and teleport them ALL and then remove player from party. Also, this is funny public boolean isInsidePartyZone() { return isInsidePartyZone(); }
  5. As from time to time I see people searching for time limited items and/or questions about how to modify the shadow items system, I decided to code one. There is nothing modified from vanilla code, everything is custom. Q: So, how does it work? A: All you have to do is to add a new XML line to your item. The time value is in minutes. <set name="time" val="1" /> Q: When the time-task is triggered? A: The task is triggered on item acquisition. Q: Is it limited to weapon/armor type items? A: No. You can add it to ANY item, whether if
  6. Make proper check based on both ids / create some new skill handler to code your logic. But ye, basically you make a check on skill use, like (pseudo-code), if (skill_id = 2 && skill_id_1 = reuse) return.
  7. Get a clean pack and create "balance" on your own. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php
  8. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php
  9. Datetime precision is set to 0, drop it.
  10. You are calling a file which does not exists.
  11. Let's ne honest, Oracle do not really care about you and your L2 server. But if you care, use OpenJDK. https://adoptopenjdk.net/
  12. How about posting in proper godamn section? Does it look like client section? Its not your first time.