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  1. Open your command xml or sql and search for 'reward' or 'give_item'
  2. Your htm is the problem, the structure. As I see it generates icon path.
  3. The thing is they are not police and can't rly do much, except report to fb / your host or something. That's what Sky means.
  4. I guess they only bark and try to scare you. They won't do more than that. Else you're RU, so maybe, I said maybe..
  5. If you are talking only about dance animation then.. By editing skillgrp of the skill. Basically, copy paste dance skill info, change id to original (foi id). Bitch please :o
  6. That means, broadcast / userinfo has some problem. If you are talking about only inventory view then inventory update is missing. In addition, make sure its fired after the equip / set all info regarding visual.
  7. You are missing broadcastuserinfo on 'the apply'.
  8. That means you have no such instance. Since 300+ rev, don't remember which exactly, instance files don't use l2 and instance at the end, so follow actual format. If you used name L2AioInstance, you have to use it for npc type. In past it was auto substring instance keyword.
  9. You can always adjust, make proper htm. Put text under table, so it auto format, go to new line.
  10. Most likely you downloaded rdy to use, compiled, pack. You need sources to edit such things.
  11. If it's full error, then here is your answer.
  12. Maybe this as you close \ but you didn't start with it. Closing with button tag won't help and you simply can put />
  13. You can always use google and find your answer, you know.