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  1. There is one more 4shared link, which contains sources.
  2. Different soulshot effect on enchant. Like xdem used on aepvp.
  3. I believe they leave like that to don't give you the real pass / it's still under preparation, no live, so defaults can stay for a while :D Otherwise you work with total newbies and they deserve to be 'hacked' :(
  4. That's fine to the moment you set your own username and strong password. Even with default database name, root user, while you use strong password that's OK. Cracking 16 chars password with symbols, letters, upper case.. Would take years, so.. :p
  5. Fully working quests / all quests working. Keep dreaming if you think pack x or y has it "fully working". aCis recoded all quests, some maybe are still missing, but obviously there are small mistakes, typos, wrong / missing conds and such. There is no pack with 100% quests working, unless you tested all quests. Again, keep dreaming if someone tested all of them and you must be nuts if you believe in such fairytales. Simply said, take pack you want. Test quests you want to use, fix possible mistakes, profit.
  6. It's like saying don't provide your PayPal / email address to people, otherwise they will crack your ass. It's not even worth to mention. To allow tunneling you create new username and it's obvious you set some wild or not database password. Database name, username and passwords it's up to you. You can always allow connection from specific ip. So.. Pointless note to be honest. :D
  7. Ofc 4G is enough for high online. Windows consumes more memory, about stability, I guess there is no big deal. So, you can take any os you want. Yeah, Navicat and remote connection (tunneling) is ok to manage.
  8. With 8GB of RAM, you will be fine as well. If you set 4G for your gameserver, it's more than enough. So, there is no need to focus on high ram value.
  9. Can't say how frozen works, but if you removed the castle info from the table, it should be enough. Else it has some more info (already stored) which it reads and throw npe as you removed it. You should see how, where it's parsed. Eventually use clean database and try again removing the castle table. If you again get npe, God's know why, you have to see how it feed the data.
  10. Maybe there is something else in frozen to do. That frozen. Add a null check if (_castle != null) before the 62th line and check. castleId may be null there as well? Dunno how it's parsed, basically you should not get there.
  11. Keep only giran on castle table. Find the sql / xml file with augmentation data and remove all chance augments.
  12. Vps 8/12G is more than enough, but as mentioned above, its a virtual environment, so you don't know who and how uses another part of it. While dedicated is only for yourself. You could give a try for vps, if shit happens, you can move to dedi.
  13. No one is saying you are bad, they only point out that you are lying regarding your online. Who cares if it's 500-1000-2000, it's simply funny when someone say that their online is 5000 (Russian servers mostly), yet the real online is at least /2 =)