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  1. Cancer topic and actions. As downloading files anew on Skype is so damn hard to check if you have and use proper files. Afterall, it sounds like 'I have proper files, but for some weird reason, I'm browsing and editing other cancer files I found on internet and I'm using them as proofs' or even worse, I fcked them up on my own. All bcs of greediness - you should do everything for 10€, if you say no, I report you. Communication and understanding failed so hard.
  2. If original item is working and your custom is not. That means you are doing something wrong, sir. So, try to carefully check how it's make the item, maybe there is some additional xml to register those items? I don't know. Not a h5 user, not even hellbound.
  3. Two thing to make it work, like in shadow item case. - client, proper grp line (values to enable it) - server, proper item xml line Basically, copy client and server side and make / edit your new item
  4. It has nothing to do with rules. Thats because wannabe people want to get easy money and they offer 'developer' services. They barely reached the point applying the patch and doing small code edit and here we go, let's sell services / previously bought codes
  5. I tell you what, 'pro devs everywhere'*. Just look on the marketplace. * - wannabes
  6. Professional devs everywhere. He didn't code all buffer pages.. Like it's hard to copy / paste a htm and add more buffs. Communication failed between those two. @melron I like the pic
  7. Or you simply failed adding the file, again, and you removed some important piece of code As melron shared fully working code, I believe. So, the problem is on your side
  8. Its internet, you are not anonymous Obviously that was reckless. What a surprise
  9. You better check console while loading multisell. Sweet frozen auto changes prices if it's lower than retail - the one from xml. Praise frozen.. not.
  10. Then you have your answer. Most likely the MySQL service is off, so you can't connect. You have to enable it. If you don't know how, google it. Still can't do it, reinstall MySQL and don't dare to uncheck 'start service on startup'.
  11. God.. It's like talking to the wall. He could NOT test it, read with understanding. Once again, you bought sg, they have hwid method, ask them for the method, how to retrieve it from their jar. Period. @Kara` I wouldn't return anything.
  12. What he can possibly test, get real. Shared pack has fully working smart guard? No as it don't have licence. So he could not test a thing. Get hwid code from their forums, ask them how to access its stupid jar to retrieve hwid. Problem solved.
  13. How could he know if your hwid code works or not. So by default answer is yes I can. Things turn out sg is a crap with hard-coded stuff into jar and not providing methods for outside use. Still not his fault. Plus, sg is connecting on startup, checking licence or whatsoever. So if you are their legit customer, talk to them to provide you hwid code or how to access it. If not, not rly Kara's fault. Check their forums, I saw ppl creating topics and asking for code. Mby you find it. Problem solved.
  14. You delivered vote manager. And as I said, it's not your responsibility to make that method to return legit hwid. It's his own business. You did not implemented the method, created the client side and as the code is hidden within smartguard jar, you should not give a fak. His problem. Period. For me there is no scam and whatsoever.