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  1. Brut steal me 200 euros

    It's gonna be negative if PP refund.
  2. Brut steal me 200 euros

    @SajeD we, at least I, don't know what was the initial deal - I won't scroll and read for an hour all the chat with broken english. BUT that's true, if the deal was like "take a pack, add features (x,y,z...), when it's ready, let me test it, if all is okay, deal is done". Then sure, something is wrong here and the example about bike is legit. I paid for it, not your goddamn business what I'm gonna do with it. Then what is the deal with all that "keep working for me, in exchange I'mma share 50% of donations"? @lFinalFantasyl long story short, what was the deal and what did you change / what did he change over time?
  3. Brut steal me 200 euros

    The one who was trying to change the deal, was author of the topic.. BruT simply didn't accept his offer which was "keep working for me, I will share donations 50/50". I guess I don't have to explain it. Donations may come, or not. After all, BruT can be the one who 'lost money' doing things 'for free' - read 'I'mma split donations'. Plus, if he give him full sources, he could even say 'get lost'. Such deals are bad, best way it to avoid 'please create me a uber server' requests, else ask/pay money per hour or whatever, and do your job. Hire a dev, pay him, don't mess with him and try to avoid further payment. Never pay 100% upfront and never ever send money as family, lol.
  4. Brut steal me 200 euros

    Bcs you are a troll, lol. Call a spade a spade. Yeah, your color. Change it, bcs you look like a "typical internet person who search for an attention". <3 Anyway, you are changing the subject, as always.
  5. Brut steal me 200 euros

    I'm sorry I'm hurting your feelings. I'm not 28 and the image is cute, I like cuteness.
  6. Brut steal me 200 euros

    For sure that wasn't the real BruT. You can clearly see that reading the conversation, just his friend / co-worker as he said. BruT's points are legit, everyone in their right mind can see that. How one behave is not our business, yet ignoring skype conversation (customer) is a bad attitude. They made the deal, he tried to 'save money' and get further things for free in exchange of 'ghost money' from donations, they didn't aggree - obviously. It's not up to us to make deal between you. Looks like final terms between you guys are not set. Personally, I won't do any action. -- AccessDenied.
  7. Simple JRE install is enough. sudo apt-get install default-jre
  8. You didn't get the point. Like set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel", 0); Second parameter is the default value. So, you add the enchantmentLevel value where you need.
  9. Xml is missing enchantment level line. You could add default 0 in code.
  10. Some skills can't be cleared, matter of xml line. You have to find it.
  11. Dunno what rev you're using but in old revs there was none option.
  12. Read his post for God's sake, he told you all, including your question.
  13. Most likely fcked up CharInfo, a crappy mod?