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  1. Check the quest, boss script itself. Remove conditions.
  2. Quest completion, you mark it, store the time. Then, you compare the time on quest start. I guess it's obvious.
  3. I already told you what to do, there are 2 methods in Player, updatePvpStatus. The pvp check logic, onEnter, is wrong, as if you enter flagged, you get unflag after a while.
  4. updatePvpStatus, add your zone check and return, so it won't flag anew / won't be added to the task. Matter of moving clan/ally check before the zone. Open Player.java and search for isCtrlPressed, check and understand the code and then do appropriate moves.
  5. Add overridden method in Npc, isAttackable with town check and return false. Shared several times on acis forum.
  6. No one will busy with your problem. You didn't even test what I said, nor show the code.
  7. Problem with calcPremiumDropMultipliers perhaps. Check the method first, debug what value it return.
  8. How is that they have it working server side, but not client side. Suspicious, kinda. I mean, if they coded it server side, they should test it client side as well, if all is working fine. If they don't have / offer client side, how they know it's really working, aa? Annyway, I'm not really sure if you find anyone who can do it, otherwise we would see it already on many servers.
  9. It's working like that since years, since L2J exists, so.. Edit or add your own config.
  10. You just answered on your own. The config is for quantity, not for chance. So dunno why you even ask that