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  1. Read his post for God's sake, he told you all, including your question.
  2. Most likely fcked up CharInfo, a crappy mod?
  3. It's just a warning, code style. Follow eclipse tip and format your code to be more readable if needed, ctrl shift f.
  4. You would be fine even with 4G ram. Dedi with 8G ram is more than enough.
  5. Amount you won't reach. I would say no for hetzner for live server, as their ddos protection is unknown, before they didn't provide - they do since a while if I'm not wrong. Go with ovh.
  6. Not rly, it's enough to raise the stats 5-10% and that's like nothing. I actually did that for myself. You could. Give some not tradable item, quest item, which you later exchange for something not tradable as well :D
  7. Think about some other useful reward, a buff for example.
  8. You must have edited client side (custom system) to achieve that, if it's interlude. There is no share, you would have to pay someone to do that, use some old shared cats guard or whatever (paid) guard :p Also edited above.
  9. See, that's the admin fault. Why only one guy should be a le to take the reward? Make reward not tradable or so, and you're done. Otherwise you would need a hwid check to make it fair. Once you reward player store his ip under a list, while rewarding check if that list contains player (to reward) ip, if yes return, otherwise reward.
  10. Yup, it is. Extract buttons from h5 utx file and create new utx, enjoy. But you have to create the frame, proper size, as h5 image is small, it's auto scaling if I'm not wrong, once wanted to do the same :D Been there done that. But for me interlude buttons are better.
  11. You don't rly need that. Part of my code, rewarding offline player. Using ItemInstance, create item and attach it to player. Example item.setOwnerId(player.getObjectId()); item.setEnchantLevel(item.getEnchantLevel()); item.setLocation(ItemLocation.WAREHOUSE); item.updateDatabase();
  12. The answer is here, that means it's a crap. Some russian or w/e sources with own 'modifications'.
  13. Report Icarox for scam

    Pointless, as you can easily cover your ip. Reading his msgs and attitude it's enough.