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  1. Yeah, I got the point. That's true you are protecting yourself with various binds. We all know that people (try to) resell stuff or share to others, which means you are losing the profits. I can't deny that =) I just don't like those "money grab" restrictions.
  2. You are not caped, forced, to use the files from one ip. That means, if you buy a dedicated / Vps, they bind files to that ip > you have to use that dedi till death. Otherwise if you change dedi, vps, it's not gonna work anymore, as ip changed. To be honest, those ip binds, players limits is a total bullshit just to milk ppl. They say "you get files cheaper with binds / limits", but in reality it's opposite > they can ask more money to give you files without limits. Meaning, you must pay more for the thing, you should get by default. Marketing.
  3. Go to l2j share section? Rofl. Check the sticky topic. Hint, by Caparso.
  4. That could work but on classic. Those top servers, are old and known, mostly Ru servers. New server basically have no chance to success. So the second concept is the way to go. I would say, but hey, everything is possible
  5. Try to decrease the ID. Sometimes when you use ID > 65535 it goes crazy.
  6. Any reason to use it? Just don't. Unless you only want to learn, play around - but that's obviously not a case as you fail adding an item handler. For a live server ofc it's dead end. If there is no xml, then.. set the handler inside sql. Ugh.
  7. Switch case? Useless drop it. To make it work. Register the handler, add the handler to the item xml.
  8. Yea, you did something wrong on client, itemname e dat file.
  9. Google is your friend. Hint, you have to edit some mysql properties. If server / website is on another host, you have to allow the connection. By default it restrict to local, from memory. I know that crappy feeling configuring it for the first time. Enjoy the drive
  10. What you get, is only login, connection notification. You choose windows, dunno about order confirmation / installation. Normally when you take Linux you get it installed with all login info. If you have it under your acp, try to boot it, configure in your own. Else they need time to do it for you. No freaking idea. Wairing for ovh answer.. Right.. Maybe in 3-4-7 days you will get one.
  11. I repeat my answer: why should I? He's not a friend of mine, so why should I spend (even 5min of) my time to take off the code from my sources and share for him. If it was my forum, I would take profit from it, sure I would. But I'm not. ----- In addition, you are missing the main point. Giving a hint, a tip, is WAY BETTER than ready code. Unless you give a shit about learning. So yeah feel free to use shared, rdy to go files and stay dumb.
  12. The files can contain server's patch as it's link from some server. https://mega.nz/#F!At0TVQgA!E_MedOuJLOFJOLyEOVg4SQ Eventually take a look at raidfight server, they have an exe to download the client http://www.raidfight.eu/index.php/page/downloads/