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  1. I was serious. Never said I'm better or whatsoever. You are simply proven to deliver broken codes, that's it :D <3
  2. Poor troll level and yeah, pointless to talk with him. Simply ignore his posts.
  3. Search for the message over sources. Deactive the protection if there is any. Try to use clean system.
  4. Answer is obvious. Because the code lacks of set/send htm window. Open other instance npc and compare what's missing. Again, you didn't set htm path.
  5. Hahaha and at least one is too tight. It looks kinda low quality, the Baium. Else the photo simply sux.
  6. Didn't know that, I never used tutorial packet/htm.
  7. He want to force close, not to prevent window being closed.
  8. Learn to read. The method is supposed to have 4 times int value (int, int, int, int) while you have (loc, int, int, int). You have to get rip of location and use Integer.parseInt directly*. Most likely it's (x, y, z, offset) method. * - teleToLocation(Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken()), Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken()), Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken()), 20); Warning, last int may even be a instanceId. No idea what pack are ya using. So simply go to the method and see what are these.
  9. For the record, kepler is not latest.. :D