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  1. It's plain wrong. The guy who coded that has no idea what he did. He should NOT copy other codes that much. Tip: for (Player player : World.getInstance().getPlayers())
  2. Don't use that code, it's bad. Database connection on each click, no thanks.
  3. Updatepvpstatus there is such method, something like that, on Player. Add zone check and return.
  4. Sql syntax error and wrong IP configuration. First, you have to see the query and edit it, but it's from sources, so..
  5. Google it. Normally sites use full icon name.
  6. ClassNotFoundException. That's all you need to know and if you google it, you understand.
  7. Search topics about "To Village" button spawn. It was asked like hundreds times.
  8. It's a custom button, not a htm modification.
  9. Why you mess with canTarget and onAction methods, lul. That's stupid way and will avoid heal of team mates. That's just plain wrong. Just avoid hitting.
  10. Dunno if above is true, but ALWAYS when someone share some files, author/dev of those files say that it's missing something and not intended to be used for live server Yet, their servers were using them.
  11. The problem is, you are using arena type for that, and arena zones do not increase pvp nor flag. You have to modify your sources, all checks regarding isInsideZone(ZoneId.ARENA), inside Player/L2PcInstance
  12. Open siege zone class and add your check onEnter, there exists methods to check if clan is registered for siege. So: If player clan is null, teleport If player is not registered (for 'that' siege) teleport and so on.
  13. Put it inside onDie method if (spree >= 12) announce spree = 0
  14. Your code will reset spree IF its greater than 12. Remove that shit check.. just set it to 0 without any checks.