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  1. Paste the file there / create new class / apply the patch if you have.
  2. That. Plus, people change servers too often. Endless stupid loop.
  3. We do not miss decent servers, we do miss (decent) players.
  4. Pvp flag line is just.. Stupid and pointless.
  5. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/64479-share-squish-your-squash-event-100-fixed-l2j/
  6. First and last warning. Ignorance of the rules isn't an excuse.
  7. You can always Google search. Wrong url / path somewhere. Custom config or even database path.
  8. Nothing more to say. Check your properties.
  9. If you are using latest acis, make sure you are using proper Java version. Otherwise scripts scream, from memory. Such shit happened with good pack trance shared and ppl tried to use Java 7 while it was 6.
  10. For sure bit for 370 and with javolution lib, so.. Still crap
  11. As said on pm, open other files to see correct format. Imports, hit ctrl + shift + o