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  1. Adding new member group is a hard task. You know.
  2. Pointless to create methods to hide title and add restrictions. Simply don't show / show fake title if player is registered, a short, simple check over charinfo, userinfo is enough. Didn't read even half of the code, but for sure can be optimized a lot. After all it's an old code with thread sleep.
  3. Custom items are ok, just the colors are.. kinda 'OMG' :D
  4. I would simply drop the RandomCollection and eventually rework config load. Make it as you want it to be.
  5. Check marketplace. L2Scripts / Mobius is your only choice. Avoid wannabe devs, people who has "the best classic pack" - ofc they DON'T, they will try to sell you old leaked / shared pack / decompiled sources.
  6. Compare with L2jserver code and edit if necessary.
  7. Gosh, we already said YES. Even 4-6-8G ram would be more than enough. You better care about ddos protection, rather than specs. Hetzner provides now the protection, but no idea about the efficiency. You can simply use OVH as everyone around. rootServer - dedicated server vServer - virtual server/VPS, a piece of dedicated server
  8. Ok, well, still you didn't provide important info. I had to find it on my own and looks like you are talking about Elfos' code, more or less? Uppon config load it stores the info public void add(double weight, E result) { if (weight <= 0) return; total += weight; map.put(total, result); } public E next() { double value = random.nextDouble() * total; return map.ceilingEntry(value).getValue(); } So, the next return 0.0 - 1.0 * total . But still, I don't see any "chance calculation" over the code, else that's the chance itself? I guess?
  9. For your needs even vps with 4G ram is enough. #iamnotrude