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  1. Ofc it's possible. Everything is based on object id basically, so you need a smart script sql related to that. Check tables, where you should delete records, delete them manually one by one to see if your sql query is ok. After all you will have ready to use queries. Obviously first query should 'find and store' necessary ID.
  2. If it is stackable, obviously you can define the amount. If it's not stackable, you can't and so, you take it one by one.
  3. I don't remember any changes related to augments, deleting rows from the xml should be enough. I remember doing that. Make sure you didn't delete anything 'extra' from the file.
  4. Then limit the crystallization or whatever the problem is. As you said it's 21, limit it.
  5. Yea, pagination (pages) are required. I guess you won't handle it alone, but you can try. You can take a look at acis sources, admin command handler, memos file for example. Eventually, easier, you can limit items show view to 20. Under a foor loop, you have to add some counter and break loop if reached.
  6. Don't listen to her suggestion, you will regret. If you have money you can contact xdem or Elfocrash or Synergy, if he's still coding for people. They know what they are doing and won't leave you with semi working / broken thing, read dick in your hand.
  7. ... && !_item.isEquipped() That's all you have to add to your check(s).
  8. Copy random dual weapons weapongrp.dat line and edit it, change weapon textures.
  9. I got my first job as a snowman for real.

  10. You already know what to take out of another pack, EVERYTHING related to upnp config. Check code occurence and take it all.
  11. The one you handle. Doesn't matter which pack you choose, most likely it's gonna fail, to be honest. So yeah, start with L2J and see what you can do, as you have more possibilities.
  12. I like that drama. Yet I don't read posts longer than 100 chars, mainly Stinky' and that 'I can code from scratch' guy. Right Elfo, such a goOd boy. Yo yo.
  13. If your OS is 32b, you can sell 12G of ram.