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  1. As from time to time I see people searching for time limited items and/or questions about how to modify the shadow items system, I decided to code one. There is nothing modified from vanilla code, everything is custom. Q: So, how does it work? A: All you have to do is to add a new XML line to your item. The time value is in minutes. <set name="time" val="1" /> Q: When the time-task is triggered? A: The task is triggered on item acquisition. Q: Is it limited to weapon/armor type items? A: No. You can add it to ANY item, whether if it's a weapon, armor or etc item. Q: Is it possible to display remaining time on client as it's done with Shadow Items? A: Yes, of course. The only requirement, as in Shadow Items case, is to modify the client armorgrp/weapongrp/etcitemgrp file, durability row. Q: Can I put some restriction on the item? A: Yes, you can. You can use restrictions as on any item via XML. Q: But is it safe to allow trading or dropping the item? A: Yes, it is. If you drop the item and someone pick it up, it's gonna be removed as well (once picked up, item is not removed from the ground). Q: Are there any hard-coded restrictions? A: Yes, the only restriction that is hard-coded is, you can not drop the item on death nor refine it. Q: What about items in warehouse? A: Items in warehouse are also checked, so if the time is over, they will be removed as well.
  2. Make proper check based on both ids / create some new skill handler to code your logic. But ye, basically you make a check on skill use, like (pseudo-code), if (skill_id = 2 && skill_id_1 = reuse) return.
  3. Get a clean pack and create "balance" on your own. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php
  4. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php
  5. Datetime precision is set to 0, drop it.
  6. You are calling a file which does not exists.
  7. Let's ne honest, Oracle do not really care about you and your L2 server. But if you care, use OpenJDK. https://adoptopenjdk.net/
  8. How about posting in proper godamn section? Does it look like client section? Its not your first time.
  9. It's plain wrong. The guy who coded that has no idea what he did. He should NOT copy other codes that much. Tip: for (Player player : World.getInstance().getPlayers())
  10. Don't use that code, it's bad. Database connection on each click, no thanks.
  11. Updatepvpstatus there is such method, something like that, on Player. Add zone check and return.
  12. Sql syntax error and wrong IP configuration. First, you have to see the query and edit it, but it's from sources, so..