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  1. It's hard-coded inside sources. If you have sources, search for that message, use search tool or check EnterWorld class.
  2. Edit htm and move core to home board. Open cb manager or whatever it's called in sources, see which one is home and move stuff there. Dunno what you can't find as it's a simple logic, you know it's home bypass, so..
  3. It's obvious.. Because you set new instance for the player when the event start.. If you don't want to force new world, simply remove those lines, but then the solo event can't be continuous. Dunno what you are trying to achieve, you explain it wrong or your idea to remove instance is simply bad as hell. If you want to change the place, simply simply edit the teleport coordinates from the code / xml.
  4. Find the script and simply remove logic responsible for new world instance.
  5. That crap is an addition. Simply use sources. Also, you don't need to launch the server to take the code
  6. Search help on mobius forum, it's his shiet. So.. No one is using it.
  7. Find the place where you call the htm and call community board page. Cb stuff, bypass and blabla, just follow other community board code logic. It's crappy tho. I believe you won't manage to make it fully functional. Better find some shared cb and see how it's done, do something similar. I guess there is some share for drop in cb.
  8. Wtf you just did. You have a ready solution, example and you do something weird. Seriously...
  9. showBookmarks method. In short, you call the htm, do the magic and use html.replace, the hardcoded content is simply replaced. https://gitlab.com/Tryskell/acis_public/blob/master/aCis_gameserver/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/handler/admincommandhandlers/AdminBookmark.java
  10. Obviously you did something wrong. Didn't compile or your config is simply false.
  11. Try to put it under normal else, inside that else do your config check. Also add a sendMessage method inside that block, to see if you go there, as Tk suggested.
  12. Google, maxcheaters. Seriously, you can't even use Google while it was shared several times. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=Max+level+100+maxcheaters.com
  13. If you think so.. Even tho I gave you A READY CODE EXAMPLE, what you had to do, is to copy it and rename. Your pack has other structure? No problem, you have an example, you have many examples in config file, follow it. If you can't understand 2 simple lines, how and where to paste it, following other true/false config from property.. Well, you are lost.