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  1. Hi, so I'm using reworked and updated L2j frozen pack, and it has a feature that when you die and while you;re dead all sky turns red. I found script in core and removed it however effect is still there. I even went to the extreme where I removed file completely and any associated links to it within all source code. At this point I expected red sky effect to be completely gone, so even from admin effects I shouldn't be able to do it. however once again it's still there. script in I've removed these two lines and the whole import of exredsky into L2 Pc Instance, ExRedSky packet = new ExRedSky(777); sendPacket(packet); but as mentioned before even removing the whole effect from java doesn;t solve the problem. any ideas? thanks a lot. full script below: public boolean doDie(L2Character killer) { ExRedSky packet = new ExRedSky(777); sendPacket(packet); PlaySound death_music = new PlaySound(1, "nade", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); sendPacket(death_music); int x1, y1, z1; x1 = getX(); y1 = getY(); z1 = getZ(); L2TownZone Town; Town = TownManager.getInstance().getTown(x1, y1, z1); if (Config.TW_RESS_ON_DIE) { if (Town != null && isinTownWar()) { if (Town.getTownId() == Config.TW_TOWN_ID && !Config.TW_ALL_TOWNS) { reviveRequest(this, null, false); } else if (Config.TW_ALL_TOWNS) { reviveRequest(this, null, false); } } }