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  1. thanks for the feedback, have you used it yourself or seen any servers using it? Do you know whats the price of active anti cheat? as they don't state it in the website, which makes me question their legitimacy.
  2. are you refering to https://active-ac.ru/ As it's hard to trust it when even their website looks under developed without prices or anything
  3. Hi, Unsure if this is the right place, but its the closest I found. Looked around the forum for suggestions for Anti-Bot, but most of them are quite old topics. What would be the best Anti-Bot at the moment considering price, ideally Life Time or annual licence. Understand that it might not block adrenaline, but as it's for PvP server I need something to block interfaces and some older bots atleast. any suggestion, review and feedback on the systems would be appreciated. I was looking at Strix-Guard, but website looks to be dead - https://strix-guard.info/en/p
  4. thank you for advise, will research it to see if I can apply in any future codes, However I managed to fix this issue (with some help) by adding the check if player is still in the zone at the time of reviving. it works well, what do you think about doing it this way? any concerns regarding it? public void onDieInside(final L2Character character) { if (character instanceof L2PcInstance) { final L2PcInstance activeChar = ((L2PcInstance) character); if(revive) { ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleGeneral(new Runnable()
  5. hi, for what you need it to, probably l2j mobius would be your best option here, as it doesn't look like you will need source files, also l2jserver.com might be viable.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to sort my PvP zone, basically it has auto revive after x seconds if died in specific zone. Now I'm working on exit functionality and I've created voiced command .exit it works in two ways, either if you in the zone but not combat it will teleport you out in x seconds, or if you dead and in the zone it will teleport you straight away to the town. now the problem I have when you are dead and use .exit command it does teleport you to the town, but the zone script is still running in the background and after x seconds from initial death it teleports you right
  7. Hi, I've got control panel with donate system etc. but got stuck with paypal confirmation to confirm IPN back to the database. if anybody could provide any guides or support of how to do that myself, it would be appreciated. if someone could do that for me and maybe add couple extra payment methods I would be willing to pay for it. thank you,