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  1. Hello guys, from the beginning I would like to say , that I'm new to this thing and some things I would ask/say could sound silly to you :D I noticed, that many servers looks the same so I'm guessing they most of them are using the same server files. I'm thinking about making multiskill server (more likely High Five or Classic for autofarm). I don't have much knowledge with java, but have some experience with mysql/navicat/html. I would like to create some zones, make shops, change mob stats, maybe add some custom items. Is there any decent free server pack with mul
  2. Looking for buffer account in Asterios x5
  3. Buy 78+lvl account on beyond.lt. Pm me with offers
  4. Hello, I need guarantor for adrenaline premium. Maybe someone can help me with that?
  5. Looking for l2e-global x10 account with 78+ char.
  6. Sorry for stupid question. Don't know anything yet, trying to compile l2 reunion, but don't understand how to get gameserver.zip. Everything went good with datapack.zip. It is possible that i'm talking nonsese, only first tries doing something
  7. Thanks a lot. Very fast and nice service, always helpful with everything. Trusted