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  1. 1st i'm approved member by Maxtor and i don't pretend some1 else, and 2nd why i should allow some ignorant, disrespectful person to talk with me like that? Yes, its a forum, peoples like to talk crazy sh1ts, but this was too much.
  2. Insults. Topic: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/216787-about-l2-private-servers/page-4?do=findComment&comment=2650480 "Keep pretending that you are a girl for some attention you pathetic attention whore, just kys."
  3. It was discussion about L2 and private servers. If you don't have what to say about it, move your ass from here and keep your harass chat in private. Most posts from Greek peoples in this topic was with flame/insult/troll/etc. And when true hurts feelings, then they report you for racism :lol: , this must be a joke. This forum don't have Mods anymore? Every single post from this guy Θα Σπασω Κουπες was flame/insult/troll/etc. Posting rules 2: Offtopic, Flame posts , bad behaviour will not be tolerated Bad behaviour, flaming trolling, fighting,racism, drama, threatening others, ta
  4. I played this game for so many years, so i have "hard skin" vs ppls who post here. I just noticed, that after few h, community didn't changed. You ask 1 thing, they will answer another and start troll. Situation with h5 mid servers seems the same. I was looking for low rate long-term servers
  5. Hello all. Long time i wasn't here ;) . Haven't played l2 for few years. i'm curious what situation with l2 private servers now? Still full of bots, adena sellers, GM's that sell stuff for $, Achyleck with his bots army? ;D Or situation is better? Have nostalgia to this game, good old times, was thinking to play at evenings after college, or better don't even try it?
  6. working in all servers working in most java servers
  7. http://www.lineage2tales.com/forum/index.php?topic=12832.0 Hello this Event is very easy steps are: 1. Go to this link: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/188836-l2j-l2tales-sovereign-opening-20-march/ and make a POSSITIVE COMMENT about L2Tales new x15! (DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR CHARACTER NAME!) 2. Make a reply here with your maxcheaters name+your character name ingame! 3. ATTENTION COMMENTS LIKE 2-3 words , like good server etc will NOT get rewarded! REWARDS: 15-20 FA Depend on the review you will make!
  8. www.l2bot.eu its not free, but working in all servers
  9. In ru servers its very popular to do this. So ppls thinking that you do the same :)
  10. Finally, some1 thinking the same as me ;)
  11. Wrong section http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/189329-l2damage/