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  1. hello guys befora 1 week i saw someone on this forums that he had 23742842363 Donate Poionts On L2Damage does anyone know that hack/bug how to do that? www.l2damage.com try to go to donations
  2. Main Class:evas saint items: dc + 20, am +20 full rb jewels +20 'donate tattoo +20 (damage) in inventory i have 1kk... 80 donatons coins...
  3. hello guys i am trying to find the best and the easyest whay to take some passwords from someone with keylogger.. i want to send him a file that inside there is a keylogger and what is he typping on his keyboard i can see them.. does something exist? any suggestions? :)
  4. Cracked Adrenaline Bot not working on windows 8.1 ... can someone make it cracked and can run in on windows 8.1? or there is a solution to run it from w.8.1? :) thnx for your time.!
  5. not working on windows 8.1 thats the prob..
  6. how i can make it run on windows 8.1? :/
  7. dulevei sta windows 8.1?? :S
  8. this works on windows 8.1 ... not working for me on w.8.1 :(
  9. l2adrenaline windows 8.1 kserei kanei an dulevun se w8.1? :/
  10. kserei kaneis pou borw na vrw to l2tower cracked? premium version? :)
  11. to wtfast einai premium! egw thelw na anigw P,X 10 parathira l2 me diaforetika ip! oxi na kanw votes k na alazw ip! to wtfast einai free gia 1 parathiro mono.. uparxh pouthena cracked?
  12. re file einai premium afto dn einai free
  13. kalhspera paidia... exw mia erwtisi.. pezw enan server kai dinei vote rewards se 1 ip! uparxh periptwsh na uparxh hack i programa p na boreis na anigis to l2.exe me diaforetika ip? dld na exw 5-6 parathira sto game anoixta alla ola na exun diaforetiko IP apla gia na pernw vote rewards?....