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  1. Just what I needed, an fast out of the box solution to implement donations. It comes with guides so you can install it yourself, as well some guides for the third parties. Highly recommend !
  2. I highly recommend l2Sguard. Just installed it on my server and besides Client --> Server protection / encryption it has some server side tools for bot detection. Most reliable on the market.
  3. I can declare myself a happy customer. They have the fastest response time compared to other guards and the quality is as espected.
  4. Thanks :) We delay for 1 week to implement the gameguard and some more features.
  5. This is all the info for now, final adjustments will be posted after we get some feedback from the players. I hope you enjoy it, have fun ! Edit: Discord online
  6. I would like to present you our Lineage 2 project Mystic Land 15x relaxed gameplay server. The perfect midrate with retail like gameplay. Don't forget to spread the word, a lot of fun awaits ahead adventurer! We will try to keep the server updated and fixes shall come to you on daily basis to reach the perfect Lineage2 ecosystem, soon the patch notes will be posted to our forum, now is not public. Olympiad and sieges are taking place weekly, come and try something new ! Client: Farfurion (latest Lineage 2 official version) Server Status: OBT RATES: 15x 6x 3x 60min www.mystic-land.eu
  7. Will give it a try on GOD client, I wonder if it works.
  8. Add me to skype, I need a community board for GOD client :) I need the entire design, I will add bypases etc. skype: plykus
  9. [Hidden Content] I deserve smthing huh:D?:) More shares soon^^