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  1. Well, since it is based on L2J and L2JUnity..obv its gonna be more clean than RU trash. But still too far to call it "CLEAN" or "DECENT". Mobiusky used similiar way like RU guys do. To make things just "work"... so that's it.
  2. Clean? You should probably take your 100 euro and buy new glasses man... some code approaches are really stupid and bad. Like it always was in Mobiusky. He is active person and respect him for this. But otherwise many bad stuff just got commited and it downgraded project to bad level.
  3. Yep, you are the rich boy here. Oh god.. who is arrogant kid now? Calm down donkey and wake up finally. You just wasted your 100 euro for nothing :-) It's not worth more than 10/20 euro like any other packs.
  4. Seems like, it's not that much good, when you are still here... sad. Anyway, get some help in IRL. You definitely need it man. People can just simple check it now with this RU leak and make their own point of view.
  5. Are you ready boys? Prepare your popcorns!
  6. But you are currently complaining about it and you just did the same shit... cmon.
  7. Not like you never did the same... tududum.
  8. True, we never leech codes. So we can't fight god Mobiusky :-) And seems like xdem is still same donkey like it was years ago... nothing changes at all in L2J scene. You are speaking about blowjobs and you just did huge one for Trance.. c'mon.
  9. Mobius is "decent" pack? When this shit happened?? :D
  10. Very good Mobiusky, give me plsky... took me fews secs to create this one.
  11. Clean L2J would be better way to go... but still it require lot of work.
  12. NCSoft doesnt care that much about l2j and Lineage 2 at all. They could already fight with free servers, leaked off files, etc for several years and guess what.... we are still here and talking on MxC forum about what is legal nad illegal :D
  13. Well, just imagine if L2j leaders (HELLO AIKI) would be replaced by normal person like Sdw... there would be finally leader with respect and skill which would lead it to right way. All these contributions would not be refused like it always was on l2j forum.... Oh, that was a sweet dream, it's time to wake up.
  14. L2jUnity was private and it was for a reason. Freemium concept went in just because people were asking for these files and we wanted to make some money for UnAfraid. Otherwise it would be private forever.
  15. This is invalid argument. People shared contributions on L2J, but it was never commited. And more like, it was caused by inner circle... one of most reasons why contributors left this project.