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  1. Clean L2J would be better way to go... but still it require lot of work.
  2. NCSoft doesnt care that much about l2j and Lineage 2 at all. They could already fight with free servers, leaked off files, etc for several years and guess what.... we are still here and talking on MxC forum about what is legal nad illegal :D
  3. Well, just imagine if L2j leaders (HELLO AIKI) would be replaced by normal person like Sdw... there would be finally leader with respect and skill which would lead it to right way. All these contributions would not be refused like it always was on l2j forum.... Oh, that was a sweet dream, it's time to wake up.
  4. L2jUnity was private and it was for a reason. Freemium concept went in just because people were asking for these files and we wanted to make some money for UnAfraid. Otherwise it would be private forever.
  5. This is invalid argument. People shared contributions on L2J, but it was never commited. And more like, it was caused by inner circle... one of most reasons why contributors left this project.
  6. Well, L2 is something which require lot of time and that's something what I don't have anymore. It was fun to play it with friends, when we had time for it. But currently WoW is more friendly game for me, since I can play it solo/duo. And developing latest L2 chronicle without being an active player is kinda hard job. As well L2jUnity is still an active project, but it's currently private because of leechers :)
  7. You are not able to answer it. So you quote tons of shits. Here we go. Btw, you forgot to quote informations about leaching other projects. That would be as main point for your customers :)
  8. Sorry, but respect for MxC trash which is trying to say bullshit... hmmm... no thanks. We told him several times this already. And he still continues. And age makes no difference when you are trying to say shits. Learn this basic rule.
  9. WTF? Are you retard? You can't even read text holy shit. Seriously, look for some help LOL.
  10. Go for it Mickey Mouse. We just received free confirmation about your attidute against your friends and assisting with leaching. What is next Mickey. And you should use your google translator for this.
  11. "Poor" is not correct word for your english skills. But if you let your friends in bad situations. Then hell yeah, you really deserves to be in Mobius group. Leachers always dont care about others :) 24. But you were almost close to it :)
  12. This google translator shit user is gonna kill me soon. Mobiusky should pay ya some english lessons. And again - we never did anything for money. I have tons of euros from my IT job.
  13. First at all. You should take some english lessons. That google translator is kinda meh. Then you have to read again replies in this topic. Because you definetly missed part about money which was used for github fee and for UnAfraid. He was in bad situation. We let every single coin for him. So as I said - WE NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR MONEY. L2jUnity was only for contributing devs. You could be there as well. But you shouldnt be leacher. ( UNLUCKY BOY ) And sorry that you are just fucking pleb. Because you never met anyone from inner circle of L2jServer. Then you would und
  14. You just confirmed leaching. Thank you dear mobius pleb. And we never did anything for money lol. Read again this topic.