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  1. Very good Work, i definetely recommend it .
  2. https://getscript.net/ this guy Does a really good Job with these things .
  3. I Tried this server, Good Job, Nice features, a lot of players , skilled GM Team and always Online, Balanced classes You should give it a try
  4. Hello , It will be Up soon again , I'd like to have the forum team ready before i put it up , thanks.
  5. I'm Sorry , didn't use the forum for quite a while , thanks for the reminder :)
  6. Hello everybody i was a bit busy these days so i did not check the topic, our Forum is http://forum.l2old-school.com
  7. Thanks! Hope to see you on our Open Beta .
  8. Http://forum.l2old-school.com just 3 days left for beta opening!