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  1. Lately,we 've noticed a rapid increase in scam actions in our forum. Before few minutes,I banned two different members who scammed two different members. While I was banning them,I figured out that their were using the same emai host [****]. Be aware,before proceeding any transaction with any member you should take into cosideration these things: Member's forum reputation Member's forum rank Member's forum status (registration date,posts count,post content) Obviously,if a member doesn't meet the above criteria,he/she isn't necessarily scammer,you may ask other members here [or even forum's staff] everything you need to know [about the member] in order to be sure that you won't get scammed. MxC and its entire staff,aren't responsible for any marketplace transaction, use at your own risk.
  2. banned. seems that these two guys were using the same email host **** probably same scammer using different nicks.
  3. he dissapeared after the last msg? Also please post here the image you sent him regarding your payment proof.
  4. that's broken I can't see it.
  5. yes,I saw your report. i warned myself, don't worry.
  6. dude, define the phrase "nobody protected her". isn't a well known fact that since you create/code something and you are selling into the web, shouldn't you protect your source code as well? It's obvious that since you didn't protected at all, it will end up as a shared thingy or someone will try to resell it. by the way, i saw her ps in the above topic I figured out that there is no problem at all since, as she claims, this guy got(?) an outdated version with bugs.
  7. you will probably look as trusted member to a newcomers who have no Idea how VIP membership is gained. eventually, they will find it out.
  8. Being vip member doesn't mean you are more trusted than any regular member
  9. Could you also please upload the chat log too? or any other proof that he disappeared and you didn’t get the items you paid.
  10. moved to proper section. start by posting valid proofs regarding your issue.
  11. alright. sellbuy banned due to scam actions. next time consider of using this topic providing valid informations.
  12. permanently banned. next time consider of using this specific pinned topic for such reports.