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  1. back in action.. with everything you wish for any java services.

    reasonable prices.


    contact only through email.


    1. Elfocrash


      I need full custom server with events and phantoms pls make. I will pay 50% donates pls.

  2. studying and working currently,almost zero free time for old habbits >.> yes i do hello!
  3. hahaha that reminds me a lot of 2010-2013-14 period(we had karma thing back then),srsly there are people who still care about that?
  4. Not so much free time the last years due to my work/university. These days I got some unexpected free time and I thought that would be nice to say a hi,tho,I see many things has changed since the last time I wrote a topic here(2016(?)).
  5. It’s been a while since the last time I browsed over here, tho I saw few old members overhere while I was checking around the sections etc. How are you going guys; :<
  6. τι θυμήθηκες ρε μαλακα..μόνο για αυτό έκανα reply.. εποχές 2κ14 ΥΓ: που χάθηκες;;;
  7. hope you know that such projects needs a lot of advertise to survive.
  8. Hi, thanks for the gift,I appreciate it.
  9. such captchas has been bypassed since 2012 :P
  10. L2PcInstance pl = player.getTarget(); if (pl instanceof L2Attackable)
  11. I see nothing special there,besides the part of 'UNIQUE event' which you actually don't explain what is it.
  12. oh,i re-read what he posted so you actually gain 0.05 per online