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  1. hello all somebody good person can give me good clean interface? with auto farm and others good things... thx in advnaced
  2. hello all, i repeat one time more... this is the number one P2W server, and all know.. how much items Zeus give to two clans for stay in their server... bye bye
  3. bye dude, play l2warland the best corrupt and pay to win server... trash admin zeus
  4. Captcha is this: I buy script, but who have it? Regards!
  5. european boys, are stupid or what? l2sa is the same server like alot of br servers opened every weekend... players of this server are trash like server don't try to play more this br trash servers
  6. U are retard? EXIST BLESS ACOUNT (and are stuck), alot people like P1T and these boys have more 15 bless account per char, so 60k golds per day, this is not p2w? l2warland = p2w server P.S: People know this with the time, and are leaving.. u can join now and see low people, with login light every hour. Zeus your system broke dude, fail server l2warland.
  7. hi skylord, hahahaha, really funny, im real nasiferus, i never say u hahahaha l2warland corrupt lover!<3
  8. ahahaha stop lie man, l2 warland is the best corrupt server actually
  9. ahahaha stop lie man, l2 warland is the best corrupt server actually
  10. L2Warland is not the best server really.. only some players play this... but, is the best P2W server + corrupt.. why P2W server? Bless account are stuck haha, so, any player can donate money and more money for have more bless account and much golds for buy all and not play... this unblanace totally server... actually much people are leaving of l2warland for this, epic p2w server NOT RECOMMEND this P2W server
  11. Actually server have 4 valakas neklace haha, this is not possible... how obvious were you zeus your desire for money got out of control
  12. because now, i will leave server, so im selling all my items not low items +6... u play l2warland? go join and pm MaxCraftines
  13. he ban my own acc because i say the true, but relax, all my items from corruption with eu clan are in other char, im selling aot items and more 800k golds