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  1. ahahaha stop lie man, l2 warland is the best corrupt server actually
  2. ahahaha stop lie man, l2 warland is the best corrupt server actually
  3. L2Warland is not the best server really.. only some players play this... but, is the best P2W server + corrupt.. why P2W server? Bless account are stuck haha, so, any player can donate money and more money for have more bless account and much golds for buy all and not play... this unblanace totally server... actually much people are leaving of l2warland for this, epic p2w server NOT RECOMMEND this P2W server
  4. Actually server have 4 valakas neklace haha, this is not possible... how obvious were you zeus your desire for money got out of control
  5. because now, i will leave server, so im selling all my items not low items +6... u play l2warland? go join and pm MaxCraftines
  6. he ban my own acc because i say the true, but relax, all my items from corruption with eu clan are in other char, im selling aot items and more 800k golds
  7. sos de venezuela con razon, te estas cagando de hambre, queres 100 usd? se que te cambian la vida en parte, que pais de mierda compadre
  8. Hello community, im selling items l2warland. LIST: Dc robe set +13 Draconic set +11 IC set +8 Db f+14 + dm active Db f+11 + dm passive Am a+13 + wm passive Am a+9 + prayer active AS h+14 + dm passive FB f+ 12 + no augment FB h+9 + battle roar active SET tts jewels +13 Set tts jewels +8 Alot of materials / recipes / adena Orfen +11 AQ+10 CORE+6 ZAKEN+9 774K Golds (Donation item) Contact with me: All prices will talk pm.
  9. I have char with full items +13 set ic set dc set tlm set draconic, db +14, am +104 x6 weapons s +11 with augments, and more 200k golds L2WARLAND = TRASH SERVER L2WARLAND = P2W = CORRUPT SERVER P.S: Zeus pay to PaSi 600 EUROS for no give proofs HAHAHA best funny admin
  10. Hello all, Im selling my fb account...! All friends are from lineage 2 game. Send pm, i sell it now, very cheap!
  11. Hello community, Im here for give u this information about l2warland server. Me and my clan from south america and other clan "ELMATADORES" have proofs about l2warland corrupt server. First, this is the best p2w server, u need always donate for can progress, because if u dont donate u need play 20hs per day for can obtain decent items. Exist "BLESS ACCOUNT" for donators, with this, u dont need play, u need only wait the coins and then buy items, but, u can talk with admin, personal contact, for buy more of this, u can buy items ++++ epic shadows donations. I only want send this infos, because in this forum exist good players and not is just play this shit. Thx, good luck! THANKS ZEUS FOR FREE ITEMS, PALA HERO Nasiferus WITH ITEMS +13 + FULL AUGMENTS, TRASH SERVER! BEST CORRUPT! IM HERE FOR HELP U, DONT TRY PLAY THIS TRASH SERVER, DONT LOST YOUR TIME!
  12. Hello, ic +6 tlm heavt +6 set dc, am and much more items weapons s grade +6 x6 with nice augments tts set +6 orfen +6 main lv 80, subs lv 80 nobles status and of thing, only contact me!