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  1. I'm looking for the same thing, for Goddess. Prelude of War pt 1 to pt 3. Pm me if have solution.
  2. Very good server, me and my friends play casual here, with premium status for free is a lot more easier. You reach 75x on full xp buff. Not too much people but is fresh launched so there's tons of fun.
  3. My clan will join the server after we tested it.
  4. English Added in comunity board ! ( .cfg -- > EN )
  5. From 11 July 22:00 - 12 July 15:00 Server is down for updates You can log after and do tests with rates 1000x All test data will be wiped All will be translated to EN ingame, for now use .cfg --- > Choose ENGLISH
  6. L2 MyClassic 2.5 Zaken Chronicle Features: Classic ZAKEN A real world Lineage 2. The server combines a classic free server and a homely atmosphere. Modern gameplay and various entertainment activities. -- > WE START 15 July 20:00 <-- Server Chronicle: Classic ZAKEN The main qualities of our project: Rates x15 Teleport to Alt + B Olympiad Completely free The server platform is constantly being updated. Anything can be obtained by playing the game Large-scale advertising Antibot and DDoS protection active ! Download Client: Direct / Torrent Download Patch: Direct / Torrent
  7. Server will be great, can't wait to play with my friends here. Lots of new features .
  8. Can't connect, it stay blocked after I enter ID and PASS (Windows 10 ) Any fix ?
  9. Seems that You are the one offended here. Server is cool, just log in and see. Alot of jelous ppl arround here.
  10. Moust decent and playable middle, with not too many people, but is the perfect stable mid rate. With all You need and good quality.
  11. buy from "justmachintosh" on skype, he sells for 10E. Trusted
  12. Server don't worth the time, no bot protection, no packet hack protection. Feel free to log 1000000000 boxes with L2Net