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Found 8 results

  1. BETA OPEN JOIN US ! https://www.facebook.com/l2apocalyps http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum Rates: Exp/Sp - x15 Adena: x10 Drop/Spoil - x10 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Quest Drop: (x1 - > x5) Normal Enchant Chance: 60% Blessed Enchant Chance: 66% Attribute Stone Chance: 40% Attribute Crystal Chance: 30% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 Information: Community Board content: User Control Panel / All Custom NPC's{Shop, Buffer} / Event Registration / Custom Services / Vote System / Attribute Enchant / Donation and much more new things. FindParty System ClanHall NPC System Attribute Stone CTRL System Much more new things on server. Server Information: Powerfull Dedicate Machine based on Cent-OS Linux Distribution Anti-bot protection - Available DDoS Protection - Available Contact Us: Email: admin@apocalyps.eu Skype:apocalyps.eu More Information will be available soon* http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum
  2. [BR] Galera eu preciso da geodata 23_19/24_19 para ser mais exato, eu preciso da geodata da parte onde fica o Bos Skylancer, pois na geodata que eu possuo se o Bos estiver atras dessa linha e o player do outro lado da linha , ele não consegue atacar o bos(como se tivesse uma parede) tentei editar pelo geoedit mas sem sucesso ... [eng] I need the geodata 23_19 / 24_19 to be more exact, I need the geodata of the part where the Bos Skylancer is, because in the geodata that I own if Bos is behind that line and the player on the other side of the line, he can not attack the bos (as if he had a wall) I tried to edit by geoedit but without success ...
  3. pedes pite mou! pou ri8mizoume ta boss na kanoun spawn xoris quest ???
  4. Some boss jewels control has already been shared here on the forum? I tried hard and not getting success in any part of the forum, if anyone knows somewhere that has, could give me one direction? I will show pictures with exemple about i'm talking, not necessarily like pictured, but any NPC in game or command to do the same function? I thank you who try to help me. l2jaCis
  5. >> LINEAGE 2 [NCWEST MAGMELD] WTS EPICS >> *******************UPD 06/22/15******************* 1B - SOUL ORFEN 3B - SOUL FRINTEZZA 4B - SOUL AQ 9B - SOUL BAIUM 4B - BLESSED ZAKEN 1B - BLESSED FREYA 22B total but I'll give it for 20B as package deal. *******************UPD 06/22/15******************* Screenshots will be available in my Facebook page soon [https://www.facebook.com/mike.barzan]. If interested leave me a pm here or: Facebook: MIKE BARZAN Skype: MIKE BARZAN / E8iGHTBALL ********************************* Reason for edit: Added price. *********************************
  6. Need good vouchers or friend invite in Facebook. Can use Middleman Services. Skype: E8iGHTBALL Facebook: MIKE BARZAN
  7. Pou mporo na vrw custom bosses? exw psaksi se olo to google. kai dn vriskw tpt. mporeite na mou stilete? Psaxnw Custom Bosses. San AFTA : http://prntscr.com/4mdms9 sorry for caps mporeite na mou stilete ean exete? ty
  8. We are glad to announce that L2eQuivalent PvP Custom is ready to launch. We worked on this platform alot of months and we have to say that he have did an awesome job, the platform is based on L2jFrozen interlude. We are glad to announce that the server will open the day 01.06.14 at 17:00 GMT+2. For any question that is not answered on the forum or website pm us on Forum. L2eQuivalent Staff wish you Good stay. Chronicle: Interlude c6 Opening Date: 09.05.14 at 18:00 (GMT+2) Experience : x1200 Skill Points: x1200 Adena: x15 Drop: x5 Spoil: x5 RaidBossDrop:x1200 Quest Drop: x1-x3 Quest Reward: x1 Rate Extract Fish: x5 Manor: x5 Weight: x5 Startup system Starting level: 80 Starting adena: 1kk S-Grade items for Adena. Custom Farm items for Stone's and Light's Coin obtainable in custom zones. Auto Loot: Enabled Auto Loot Raid: Disabled Auto Learn Skills: Enabled Weight Limit: Disabled Grade penalty: Enabled Max Subclasses: 3 subclasses per character Subclass Without Quest: Enabled Increased movement speed on all classes and pets! Augument High Rate : 10% Augument Top Rate : 15% Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 25 Normal Scrolls Rate: 55% Blessed Scrolls Rate: 95% Crystal Scrolls 100% Note: From 18 to 25 you can enchant only with Crystal scrolls. No Buff Slot Limits Debuff Slot: 6 Buff Time: about 3 hours Mana Potion: 2s/delay All the low lvl zones up to lvl 60 are protected by our low lvl zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low lvl players a fair chance to train up to a decent lvl. You need to kill Anays Raid from Gatekeeper and collect Noblesse Coin For become nobles or collect 3 VoteCoin and Use Nobless Mannager NPC. Our Game Master will make Events with great Reward minim 3days in the week. Bow is dissabled for Tanks, Titans, Tyrants. No Heal and Buffs at Monsters and Raids. Anti-Farm Protection for PvP(You don't get PvP points from Same IP). Unique killing spree system. Raid Boss announce. Player spawn protection - 30 seconds /unstuck - 15 seconds Offline shop [add your shop and exit] Offline Trade: Max 5 days PVP Name Color Changes/PK Title Color Changes. Player which have done the most damage to the monster will get the drop. Shift-click Mobs and view their Droplist. Champion mobs system Anti Heavy system Retail Olympiad - One week period Giran Siege system Clan system Geodata Offline Shop system /deposit - You can change 100kk Adena to Gold Coin. /withdraw - You can change Gold Coin to 100kk Adena. .menu - Personal character menu. - Image Preview /getstats - Show your day stats [PVP, PK, DEATHS]. /time - Show server time. /help - Show all voiced commands. Custom L2eQuivalent Armor's. Heavy produces the following effects: Maximum HP +1000, Atk. Spd./P. Atk. +6%, P. Def. +12%, CON +3. Light produces the following effects: Maximum HP/MP +500, Atk. Spd./P. Atk. +8%, P. Def. +10%, DEX +3. Robe produces the following effects: Maximum MP +1000, Casting Spd. +15%, M. Atk. + 10%, P. Def. +8%, WIT +3. Custom L2eQuivalent Weapon's. There is also custom Weapons and Shields. L2eQuivalent Weapons and Shields can be dropped by different Raidbosses. Unique L2eQuivalent Weapons Weapons with a unique SA on it. These weapons can be dropped from the raid bosses on L2eQuivalent! Duals -Crokian*Crokian: Patk 371, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Atk Speed +7% -Doll knife*Doll knife: Patk 371, Matk 138, Atk Speed +7%, Guidance +6 Swords -Crokian Blade: Patk 310, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Atk Speed +7% -Sword of Apostle: Patk 310, Matk 138, Guidance +6, HP +25% Mage -Dusk Staff: Patk 156, Matk 200, Cast Speed +17,5% -Dusk Sword: Patk 156, Matk 200, Matk +15% -Lady Fan: Patk 231, Matk 204, Cast Speed +7%, Matk +7% Polearms -Dreadbane Pole: Patk 310, Matk 138, guidance +6, wideblow 8 hits, 360degree hit -Axe of Ketra: Patk 310, Matk 138, Guidance +6, Crit Damage +265, wideblow 8 hits Daggers -Doll Knife: Patk 275, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Crit Damage +265 -Giant Trident: Patk 275, Matk 138, Evasion +3, Crit Damage +265 2 Handed Sword -Sword of Vampire: Patk 371, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, HP +25% Blunt -Cudgel: Patk 310, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Atk Speed +7% Bow -Halisha Bow: Patk 610, Matk 138, Crit Rate +25%, Guidance +6 Shields -Dusk Shield: Pdef 300, Evasion -16, Shield Rate 40 -Shield of Reflect: Pdef 319, Reflect Magic Debuffs, Shield Damage Reflect -Shield of Evasion: Pdef 110, No Evasion Penalty, Run Speed +7. Unique eQuivalent Wings These wings can be dropped only from the GrandBosses on L2eQuivalent! Stats: -Angelic: +10 Run Speed! -Demonic: +10 Run Speed! L2eQuivalent Mask. - Mask: +100 M.DEF, +100 P.DEF, 500 HP, 500 MP, 500 CP. Custom NPCs Custom Shop Custom Scheme Bufer Custom NPC Noblesse Custom NPC Event Custom GATEKEEPR eQuievalent Grand Boss: 4hours/ Random + - 6 hour Hekaton Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Horus Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Ember Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Mos Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Cabrio Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Phalibati Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Hallate Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Ipos Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Behemonth Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Cloe Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Decarbia Boss: 2hours/ Random + - 1 hour Here are some screenshots from Raidboss Event. Machine Info Procesor Intel Xeon E3-1245 16GB RAM 2x 1TB SATA 7200rpm 2x 120GB SSD 1000Mb/s DDO'S PROTECTED L2eQ Link's: WebSite: http://l2eq.eu/ Forum: http://l2eq.eu/forum/ Photo: http://prntscr.com/3govx4 FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Equivalent
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