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  2. Any Website that u are Trusted? because Everyone can say we Boosting :D
  3. From Where you copy pasted these Words? o.O
  4. but he act all the time he spamming w/o reason in my topics i hate him
  5. Where is funny? u act like kid my friend:) deal with it
  6. @SpirakosDafuq ma friend we are from same town with Savvas ^^
  7. Yes but files are sucks dont try to open server with these files you will failed hard :D
  8. we already have Server www.l2dpn.eu H5 this Request was for a Friend:) if i want Open Pride Style Server ofc i will Open it With L2Xavius Files that i bought From Akken:) but Different than the Same and Same Pride Like Servers.
  9. pm Strain he can do the best templates for you!