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  1. WTS LIST: 2x Talisman of insolence VI 2x DC Robe set +6 1x Majestic robe set +6 1x Branch of the mother three +3 Chance: paralyze lv 6 1x Daimon Crystal +3 Active: paralyze lv 8 400+x XP Rune box 1x Nebula old neck lv 3 1x Petram old neck lv 3 1x Accesory +1 dex +1 wit 400kk adena 300 DP SOLD (also a lot of stuff like broochs, agathion brazalet, scrolls, runes active augments etc...) feel free to ask for any item *2x Character lv 83 6 mounth premium all active daily missions* (if u want for change class) Add me on discord (Lastre LaCroix#6558) or pm here.