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  1. Trusted seller, bought couple of times from him everything went perfect!
  2. Topic locked to avoid spam. @AccessDenied Request from mod to chat ban you 3days
  3. http://www.blacktie.co/demo/shield/ /* * Author: Carlos Alvarez * URL: http://Alvarez.is * * Project Name: SHIELD - Free Bootstrap 3 Theme * Version: 1.0 * Date: 02-11-2013 * URL: http://blacktie.co/ */ Locked.
  4. @ probato. Καλη χρονια να εχεις παλικαρι μου :) αλλα χωρις mxc... εφυγες :)
  5. Hi and good luck with your sales. Please make sure you can use this function Also you dont need to reply for any update, just edit your topic :)
  6. http://www.jqueryscript.net/lightbox/Simple-jQuery-Plugin-For-Opening-A-Popup-Window-On-Page-load.html
  7. Last Active Jul 20 2016 07:38 AM Seems you cant find him, tried to find him via his email but i didnt had any results.
  8. You will do what? anyway... keep the base of topic... next spam will get chat ban.