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  1. As the title says , today i 've made this guide (mostly for newbies) to avoid the same questions again and again from newbies. Also you 'll be able to find something new in client editing in the end of this guide. It something really easy but i 've never seen it in the forum. Regards. Programs that we need i) File Edit File Edit For C4 Client File Edit For C5 Client File Edit For Interlude Client File Edit For Hellbound Client File Edit For Kamael Client File Edit For Gracia Part 1 Client File Edit For Gracia Part 2 Client File Edit For Gracia Final Client File Edit For Gracia Epilogue Client File Edit For Freya Client File Edit For High Five Client File Edit For God Chapters - How to edit i) Server's Name ii) Item's name & description iii) Skill's name & description iv) Server's Messages v) Server's Name in the window Chapter 1 - Editing Server's Name (Servername-e) As you can see in the picture below, in order to change server's name you just erase Bartz and write any name you want. Also if you have multiple gameservers and you want to change in all gameservers the names, then based on the id on your left you just erase the name it writes and replace it with your own. Chapter 2 - Editing item's name & description (Itemname-e) It's really simple to edit an items name. Here we have as an example the wooden arrow. Just replace the "wooden arrow" with anything you want. With the same way you can change the desrciption. Just replace the currect descrption with yours. Chapter 3 - Editing skill's name & description (Skillname-e) It's really easy to edit the skills. As you can see in the image you just have to replace the name and the description with your own. The only thing you need to notice is to change the name and the description in all levels otherwise its gonna have different descriptions in certain levels. Chapter 4 - Editing server's messages (Systemmsg-e) As you can see in the picture you just have to replace the message you want with yours. As you have noticed i have in a red square some more things. By editing these things you are able to change the color of the text. Chapter 5 - Editing server's name in the window (l2.int) This is something that (as i noticed) does not exist in this forum. It's really easy to be edited. So as an example i have taken the name from l2momentum. Check the images below and you will understand what i mean.