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  1. As i know, since from High Five client NC Soft began usage the Flash in interface. I think someone ported this feature from GoD or higher clients. Ofcourse for this need some hooks for nwindow.dll. And it's custom client, and i doubt what someone will share it for free.
  2. Available only TvT event. See in my blog.
  3. I don't understand why people who uses client with retail Prime Shop don't uses all capabilites from him? NC Soft Prime Shop Available since Gracia chronicles. No one didn't used this feature. Oh, sorry. I know why. Stupid Admins.
  4. If you already programmer then you not need to ask the help for implementation something. You need to ask architecture of L2J. But you wrote only the own wishes. And what i see you want a help for writting. So, i don't think what you really programmer. Everyone can say what he proggamer after addition l2j project in Eclipse.
  5. Just hire a programmer and be happy.
  6. Request High Five 3rd login screen

    Looby screen from all chronicles (C1 - CT2.5) with sounds and lobby changer program. Credits, Finn.
  7. Then decrypt interface.u and open him in HEX editor and search UTF8 string.
  8. You need to edit the sysstring-*.dat for current system language. Is not always sysstring-e.dat. It's also can be sysstring-ru.dat or sysstring-r.dat, or etc. The easy way for check it - create the same file with one first ID. If this srting will be lost, then it's in this file. Otherwise can be hardcoded inside the interface scripts. If what you posted image from Interlude client, then possible this message can be hardcoded in interface.u because i see separated clan window. And it's can be only in custom interface.u
  9. New aCis LS <-> GS communication style not supports local networks w/o NAT rules. If you can't connect to your PC using own external IP, then use only local configuration. Or don't use client inside local network. I recommend to you add in login server code next checking: if (userIP.isLocal() && gsCommunicationIP.isLocal()) { return localIP; } else { return externalServerIP; } Something like this. Anyway, L2J Server UPnP service better for usage mixed connections. Port him to your sources.
  10. Original L2D converter from aCis gameserver sources (rewritten for C# style). Moved from console release to Windows Form style. Added auto detecting source geodata format. Project page here.
  11. [updated 17.10.2017]: Service is stopped. Available only selling existing addons. Working with own projects. IMPORTANT! Please don't adding yourself into my contact list for nothing. I will moving you from my contacts to blacklist. If you not need my services, skip/ignore me. I'm not a free helper and i'm not give the free consultations (exept my regular clients). Start to respect a time of other people. Thanks. My free/paid/demo works: See my personal blog; See my YouTube channel. Regards.