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  1. Obviously, you need to buy this interface modification or use original interface.
  2. Your interface.u file have protection. This message could be called only via scripts by native UE event in original L2 scripts or manually, e.g. by timer, in custom compiled scripts.
  4. Already answered me here:
  5. It will be a completely different game as it already happened with CS 1.6 and CS: GO.
  6. Use new XmlReader. Him style better and requeres less lines of code.
  7. All L2OFF packs is the same shit. Take what satisfy your server concept.
  8. Use L2OFF based for low rates. Even if you find a lot of bugs it will never mush critical than in L2J case. In both cases you never get the fixes for all issues, but you can be sure what you project will live. This choice the same as between Linux OS and Windows. Lunux OS allow customization on the packages level, but Windows is stable and already done for all your wishes.
  9. @Elfocrash Soultaker have skill for convertation HP to MP! If you are uses Vampiric Rage spell then pointless use the mana potion.
  10. Hello. Since iOS 13 was added for 24h ONLY time format the leading zero. Now it looks line Android style. This zero constantly annoys me. Anybody can help me to find Cydia's tweak for changing the time format in all system applications? Thanks.
  11. Because between Button and registerAcademy() method must be a handler what processing your request data. Check academy BBS recruting script for this action support. This sources very bugged as i know.
  12. Did you made the handler for this button or this button is repeating the already existing action?
  13. Mate, not all people watching in displaye like this. Increase brightness.
  14. Try this one: Collection <L2PcInstance> players = L2World.getInstance().getVisibleObjects(activeChar, L2PcInstance.class, 480);
  15. I remember this event when bought the GTA pack w/o GTA V.