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  1. May be better for newbie start from something an easy? You tries implement difficult things w/o good knowledge in Unreal Scripts.
  2. Him website bans the 90% legit internet addresses. But he don't know that and thinking what he have good spam protection. I tried to visit to this site and was redirected to the scam page with flooding animations. P.S. My IPs even GoogleCapcha accept w/o any checks.
  3. After siege ending a clan leader who castle owner's in 24h period can setup the siege date from siege's date list. This is specified in Siege rules. But server don't processing siege data from client. So, you can craft the packet from server CastleSiegeInfo to client (if you want select the crafted date in ComboBox element) or from client RequestSetCastleSiegeTime to the server and setup your custom date. Checked on L2OFF Vanganth IL pack. Period for changing siege date not processing aswell and you can make a changes in anytime and unlimited times. All what changed after 24h, it's only hidding the ComboBox for selection siege date in client, but... Was crafted date in "Sunday, 21:08" and many others. Possible this works on the other L2OFF packs. Have fun!
  4. All ingoing connection uses only TCP protocol. Don't use UDP rules, cause this are don't uses. You need give more details about your internet connection and local network morphology. It matter for giving better solution of your problem.
  5. Here is it: Don't forget Change StartTime parameter to 22 in file, otherwise you will see another lighting.
  6. First, you could adapt the retail implementation of temporary items from L2J Server (requires Java knowledge). Second, you could hired someone who will write for you if you can't. Third, you could buy existing addon. P.S. Doubt what you find someone who will ready to waste the own time for making code what largest than 10 lines. And you must to know next - the client can't shown expiring time.
  7. If you don’t know what the source code looks like, and whether have it, then what is the point of doing what you are trying to do?
  8. Are you sure what your server correctly works with MariaDB?
  9. Answer NO. If you need more improves of client features then use client from next chronicles.
  10. Try to rebuild server and put JAR files in "right" place. A lot of cases when people had compiled JARs with errors (no errors in console after build but JAR partially is broken) or put them in incorrect place.
  11. Doubt in Mobius case. But well, him packs have the some good stuffs what can be taken.
  12. Just cut it in XML and in and make custom load via PcAppearance.
  13. Do you think they decompiled L2Server.exe for usage correct odds?
  14. You need add new variable into Player instance for emulate fake merchant for community and manage this variable before calling sell/buy list and by max allowed interaction time.