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  1. It can happens if you use VPS with not good virtualization. As example cheap hosting.
  2. Added GeoEngine and Instance system for aCis. It's not mine (!). Just ported work from L2J Server HF to aCis Interlude. Geo Engine features: Uses *.l2j files only. Not need more pathnode files. Pathfinding works directly from geodata; Added pathfinding with uses "clear" cells - avoided stucks in obstackle's angles; Added supporting doors in another instances; Added processing fences in geodata.
  3. You are right. The skill for selling shit by gold price requires good talent. I didn't saw good Lineage 2 projects in last 8 years where can comfort played. The standart scheme: developer scammed the admin, admin scammed the players.
  4. I think in Vanganath extender party duels is not implemented.
  5. What the meaning this function? What the param checking? I have 2 x 2 party with players 79-80 levels. Profession, clan, etc is checking? ValidUser() // what checks inside? P.S. I don't think what this theme is stupid because i know what the quality of IL Vanganath it's rare shit (OFF like Interlude). And i'm not C++ developer.
  6. Message: "There is no opponent to receive your challenge for a duel." Message ID: 1926 Can you sound me the main player's conditions for party duel? I will check it all.
  7. Call your friend to this forum for creating scam report and we ban all the affilanced with this deal bastards (if their guilt will be proven). The administration of the forum is interested in the qualitative provision of paid services between users.
  8. Funny topic. The great words "MY GEOENGINE".
  9. Hello, everyone. I tried to start but i got message about impossible party duel. Anybody knows about supporting party duels in this extender? Have some important conditions for start party duel? Regards.
  10. Ah. You meant third persons work. So, yeah. That's way easy.
  11. Not everyone ready to write this application less than for 100-200. Too many work. Even if use WinForms with ugly GUI, like already shared Updaters.
  12. Client uses only login connection port. Where you found 90xx port (LS <-> GS L2J communication port) i don't understand. If your engine.dll unpacked from any virtualization protections then i can change client port 2106 on any port from range 0 - 65535.
  13. Leaved from Skype. Find out me in Telegram - @Rootware

  14. Like in title says. Me need retail this file, not from share with x3 rates. Thanks in advance.