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  1. Like in title says. Me need retail this file, not from share with x3 rates. Thanks in advance.
  2. Search SG jar library, decompile and use crypt method for writting decrypt script.
  3. Developer theard here. Don't use other places because this program provides also as source code and can be compiled with virus injected.
  4. @ImBatman, tkanks. Two more defined Social Actions.
  5. Where to find HF L2OFF server (not extender)?
  6. As example: player level up, cursed weapon level up, etc. Also ID 0 exists and client show action. I meant what anyone have full list of exists Social Actions. Not from basic L2J.
  7. Thanks. It's not the full list.
  8. Anyone to knows the IDs and names of all social actions for High Five client chronicle? Regards.
  9. Quest ID: 505 (Blood Offering). I'm sure on 146% he is not implemented. ::trollface:: Cursed Weapon is not retail, etc. P.S. Dude, don't talk in this way. Just sound what you present the stable L2J package for Mid/High rates with useful features.
  10. All disput around one main reason: everyone wants fuck the queen and steal the billion w/o nothing actions. Don't try to describe the concept of Freemium and Private projects for people who wants only money and self-satisfaction. Pointless topic. 99% of L2J community is consumers.