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  1. Notepad.exe enough for editing this script file.
  2. Pointless to add check for not null, because condition throw up TRUE after first null check if object null. This will always throw up NullException for Fake Players. receiver.getClient().isDetached() The reason - client is null. if (receiver == null || (receiver.getClient() != null && receiver.getClient().isDetached() && !(receiver instanceof FakePlayer))) Something like this.
  3. Few years ago i wanted take L2J Frozen sources and make cleanup, update as much as possible with L2J Server and aCis. I thinked what it helps some people and refresh this project. But then I thought that it would be look like necrophilia. And stopped thinking about it. By the way, i don't understanding whi it was named as L2J Frozen 1.5 if officially he was restarted with project name L2J Frozen 2.0.
  4. Faction system for Lineage 2 looks like a female with three boobs. Exotic fetish.
  5. What the aCis revision you are uses? What the JDK you are used for package compilation? What the Java version you uses for server run?
  6. Anyone can hint me where saved the spectator's teleport points what uses while calling myself::ObserveOlympiad function in AI? Thanks in advance.
  7. If available few languages in "Options" menu then client can reload "on fly" all DAT files with suffixes like "*-e.dat", "*-ru.dat", etc. At least all CT1.x, CT2.x clients it can.
  8. Your knowledge in Lineage 2 are sucks. Do not take this as an insult, just a fact.
  10. You has good knowledge in russian language. Try to understand this: This is will really "cyka blyat" for you.
  11. Ох уж эти иностранцы. Произносят слова, не понимая что они означают по-русски.
  12. L2J Frozen took all admin's awards in all times. This is the best from the best pack. Stop the pointless dispute.
  13. As i said it's your problem and this script useless. In your case you tried to fix all limitation of plans for virtual hosting. Ans as i said before, the PHP Info enough for check compatibility between installed PDO driver version and your target database because all plans uses universal own stable versions of PHP and don't cares about correct configure not declared features in hosting plan. And you are lucky man if it's works now, cause the hosting company could just block all ports on the stage for prepare software for providing virtual services. I always thinked before (around 15 years) what this is a well-known fact, but no. Exists people who believe what they can trick the hosting sellers. First of all, need to read fully description of hosting plans before payment. Otherwise you will always wasting own time for nothing and after will talk about your bad experience based on fatal mistakes on selection hosting stage. But it will hidden and published as hosting company problem. Have a nice day!
  14. No game, mate. I just wonder to know where you make the fatal mistake cause named you hosting company don't provide to virtual hostings any MSSQL support.