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  1. Maybe will useful for any L2OFF/L2J developers or admins. Thanks @eressea for info. Line format: where, [TIMESTAMP] - date time in format - 11/18/2018 14:58:19.061. Java format - "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS"; [CHAT_TYPE] - integer chat type (starts with one space); [SENDER_OBJECT_ID] - object ID of sender; [RECIEVER_OBJECT_ID] - object ID of reciever if it's PM message. Otherwise always 0; [SENDER_LOC_X] - sender X coordinate; [SENDER_LOC_Y] - sender Y coordinate; [SENDER_LOC_Z] - sender Z coordinate; [MESSAGE_TEXT] - message text with replaced all "," (comma) to " " (space) symbols; [SENDER_NAME] - the sender real name (case sensetive); [RECIEVER_NAME] - the reciever real name (case sensetive) and optional. For non PM chats this param "" (NULL). Example: if you wtire the PM message like ["rootware test message.] then will used in log file the real name Rootware. Log example:
  2. Try this up. This pack contains COEP sources and server files.
  3. Connection pool size 400 continious connections? What the server you uses? 20000 players or all data locate in DB?
  4. The tool for parsing and analysis L2OFF server data. At this moment available only map/spawn territory viewer. Changelog + Added Map Explorer with layers support. + Added npcpos.txt data parser. + Added NPC territory velidations: names, geometry. + Added NPC Position viewer with coords checker. + Added territory spawn editor. + Added supporting any amount of chronicles. Default: High Five. + Added radarmap verification service. P.S. If you interests for continue developing this project, then i will glad to see any constructive suggestions. At this moment program develops in my desires way. Download program here.
  5. The retail behavior of many functions more useful for developers than your fixes. Without retail knowledge L2J looks like badly replic of this game. No gameplay only one big bug.
  6. This i meant by words "3rd party persons". No specific copyrights except NC Soft.
  7. Copyrights for what? You wanna to use splashes with copyrights from 3rd party persons?
  8. My oldest work. Found on HDD and never has used. Download here. P.S. For reshares link on my blog is obligatory.
  9. What the point for all to help you with your private project?
  10. @deMEV any guids how to do it for single UNR map? At this moment i'm uses your HF maps for bot 900x900 resolution and me need some blocks from low chronicles.
  11. Hello. How to create radar map for specified chronicle and map? Any guid is exists? Need for this tool.