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  1. Hello. What the L2OFF pack you uses for test? Your pack have scripts folder w/o editions?
  2. On L2OFF //gmspeed command don't uses skill. It's L2J invention, and work incorrect. L2OFF implementation increase only movement speed. And attack speed not touch.
  3. WTS L2JDeveloper Services by ExTeam

    This is normal. Today you recommend someone and tomorrow recommend you. The higher the reputation of the user, the better. And not matter what the shit you provides. Anyway, don't cares. If you was scammed, you have special thread on this forum for crying. Cheers!
  4. Continue to create addons for Community Board. Next one feature — private buffer.
  5. Hello rootware, i wanna buy u mods . Loggin skype plz

  6. Developing service is stopped. Available only selling existing addons.
  7. This bug happens only if you teleported to this point. When character enter the game this bug is not exists. Disable geodata from server side and this bug disappers. Starting with Gracia Final client, there is an area in the junction of the map blocks where the cursor is not visible when moving with the mouse. If you press in this place you can moving infinity. My character in Talking Island started moving to the continent via sea. Funny so.
  8. This shit can to create only man who don't know how work the event system on L2OFF.
  9. VPS is not VDS. VPS it's cheap version for task where not need 100% performance of VDS. You want what VPS work like the VDS. Buy then OVH VDS plan.
  10. Global collectioneer NPC. Available any global action after collected all necessary items. have fun.
  11. Email notification

    How to disable the all email notifications for every a new Private Message? In old MxC forum version i can configure all notifications in profile settings. Now existing tweaks or not works or not disable this spam on email. Admin. Can you configure user's premisions for tweaking notification methods? Thanks in advance.
  12. The main change what you must apply -> drop waiter() method with sleep function and use this: ThreadPool.scheduleAtFixedRate(this, 1000, 1000); Choose the better pathway.
  13. This event is bugged. Player can be registered twice in different teams. Use L2J Server HF5 release of TvT event. Most better. Also, this code it's LMAO. + public static void waiter(int seconds) + { + try + { + Thread.sleep(seconds * 1000); + } + catch (InterruptedException e) + { + e.printStackTrace(); + } + }
  14. Next one, Team vs Team event. In future will be a part of Rootware Event Engine. Have fun.