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  1. Try to use more than 1 dressme item in XML and you will have client crashes everytime when will sent to you CharInfo packet.
  2. Truth for latest builds. Lucera 2 already shared since 2016 year. There is no problem with it. The problem with "good" developers.
  3. There is no ENUM as you might think. Database contains the string values of "ENUM names" instead abstract digital values before. All strings can be easily interpreted in ENUM and back again if necessary. It's good developing practice and more readable if need make some changes or check something. Even L2OFF uses this trick.
  4. You have no sense of humor. It's was sarcasm on Elfocrash's cracking loyalty for some projects.
  5. You can also start the new topic with same service and get access to the shitcode from the developers of similar projects in return for a promise not to crack their shit. Only commerce, nothing personal.
  6. Die packet contains sweepable trigger. Use him as start point.
  7. Find into Engine.dll attaching effect and change him in LineageEffect.u.
  8. The tons of letters and no meaning. You found something what likes you and no knows what to do more. Maybe get first the few Java lessons for beginners and "how to work in IDE Idea/Eclipse and start to do something? And after this if then you get a stuck somewhere you asking to us about help. In this case we will know what you need and what you want to get in result. Right now it's looks like "where to find skilled idiot with many free time". Start to do something. I say it for the thousandth time.
  9. Yes. It's possible. The implementation option depends on the L2J fork and on your imagination.
  10. You are only capable hiding the real IP address over Tor network and saying "Bla Bla Bla". The cost of words of anonymous users is zero.
  11. You need into "char_templates.sql" add new rows like itemX for additional more starting items than 5 existing. At this moment uses 5 columns: `items1` int(4) NOT NULL default '0', `items2` int(4) NOT NULL default '0', `items3` int(4) NOT NULL default '0', `items4` int(4) NOT NULL default '0', `items5` int(10) NOT NULL default '0', Just add more rows (e.g. "item6", "item7", etc) and after you can manage what the char template will use more items. Inside you need to change this line for (int x = 1; x < 6; x++) to
  12. Your log.cfg contains necessary properties for log4j but don't uses in L2J Frozen. You need get him content and put into file. This file uses as property definer for log4j. Or rename to and rename log.cfg to for check my assuming. I think it will work.
  13. Try to put into file the content from log.cfg with overwritting existing content. Possible, L2J Frozen developers forget change this. At this moment don't contains informations about logger handlers. that's possible the main reason of missed files which uses specific logging handlers. E.g. GMAudit uses direct storing into the file all info ignores native logger.
  14. I don't seeing reason for no logging chat messages. I posted to you all difference between logger properties. Check the Item logging for correct work by the way, because this one 100% the same but with another file name storing.