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  1. Try to check this formula. This is trusted community. P.S. Vanganth not better choice for getting specific info. I doubt, what he checged something in extender in formulas if mechanics of buff/debuffs still C4.
  2. You need to edit client side if you want resize width of line by content.
  3. Because this place on the window is render and can't be targetable. It static and start always from center and ending in the end of window. If you print 1 char you anyway will render long line. I wrote for you recommendatiion how implement better on aCis forum.
  4. Neverone who have knowledge nore than "for begginers" won't wasting a time for read topics like this. Many people want rent a coder, but 99% want all for "red price" in 1 euro. And i'm not talking about shared code. Many things was wrote before and can be adapted for every exotic wishes.
  5. Will be usefull if you will add many comments in code and fix some not better implementations. I have First-Team Guard project C++ for Visual Studio 2010. If i'm not mistaken this project uses base GG packets. Smart-Guard uses 0xFF packet array.
  6. You never find what you need because: You need specify what you need. maybe all what you want exists as addons from sellers; You need specify minimal hour's price of rent developer or fixed price for all your wishes or budget; Otherwise, you can got many invites from scammers. Ofcourse, you want what developer have good reputation. You need a think as potential worker. And keep in mind. The universal developer what can do everything will cost a big money. The cheapest way find few persons for rent.
  7. And what's the point of announce/advertise the closed/private project? What this do now in the Shared section with label [Share]?
  8. As i know, since from High Five client NC Soft began usage the Flash in interface. I think someone ported this feature from GoD or higher clients. Ofcourse for this need some hooks for nwindow.dll. And it's custom client, and i doubt what someone will share it for free.
  9. I don't understand why people who uses client with retail Prime Shop don't uses all capabilites from him? NC Soft Prime Shop Available since Gracia chronicles. No one didn't used this feature. Oh, sorry. I know why. Stupid Admins.