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  1. Before edition you need to find what the template name uses for creating InstanceWorld in target script.
  2. This script for admins who don't know how to check, install and configure extensions for PHP. If you need usage MS SQL, obvious what for PHP need extension "php_mssql.dll". For other cases the same. Basically the PHP package contains only commonly used extensions that are suitable in 80% of cases. Damn, people! Enable the brains.
  3. Check folder /data/xml/instances/ or something like this for XML files with Instance's properties. You found all monsters/npcs spawns and teleportation coords of all instances. And many other things. ofc.
  4. Windows Server 2008 R2 enough for L2OFF. I use Windows 7 SP1 and no problems.
  5. RSA Decrypt problem. All packets to login server sends in crypted form. Your client sends wrong packet. Possible he sent not crypted packet.
  6. The all last week you tries to get the pointless help. This time enough for take basic Java knowledge from YouTube lessons and start to learn l2j architecture. But you with the "woodpecker persistence" tries to get "the paid work" at free of charge.
  7. At first you need to learn Java. And after learn l2j architecture.
  8. Own bicycle better than bicycles of others. The general meaning of all scheme buffer shares and requests for aCis. Except, if your code have radically another concept for user GUI.
  9. This issue exists even on HF client. Fantasy Island is uncompleted location in all chronicles. Hidden walls, chairs, etc. Report about it to NC Soft.
  10. Show for all the screenshot of your code in -> onActionShift().
  11. When you an normal player Shift + Click ignores. If you want what normal player can see drop list of NPC then you need add this feature. Search on this forum "Drop / Spoil Info".
  12. He already got the answer but something goes wrong. I gave him hint with code example, but he don't have knowledge in java and tries to request another help in the same way. I can help with code but i'm not a Java teacher. P.S. i meant "made my day".
  13. Mate, find 5 euro and rent anyone who know Java better than you and it will done for 5 minutes. Stop to make my day everyday. You want the help but can't use it cause your Java knowledge is nothing. Unfortunately, today the community have no more altruists who work remotely with your sources for free of charge or for like or positive feedback.
  14. Project encoding is UTF-8 or default CP1251?