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  1. Add into your OS cp1251.nls file for support Cyrillic encoding.
  2. The diff between min and max Z is 18. Seriously? Human Fighter character height is 23.
  3. Make you custom zone and enter into the game and check in this place all available zones via admin panel. Possible your zone is not there or you missed some properties for onEnter() and onExit() methods. You even didn't shared created template of custom zone.We are isn't telepaths.
  4. At what stage of client connection is it sent to the server? If at the stage of connecting to a game server, then it does not cost that much money.
  5. I'm the only one who got the impression that we all have been following the work of this person for a long time and we all know which server sources he uses? Or premium system the same for all l2j forks?
  6. About bandwidth it's really wide. Around 1Gbps. Matter DDoS behavior. In 2012 Hetzner blocked all dedicated servers what was under attack.
  7. Have you experience with Hetzner DDoS protection? People saying what it's fake.
  8. The preview will contains the full completed code. And this will not help in solving your problem, but doing the work for you. You need make a choice: get help or asking do work for you.
  9. Obviously, he tried to use HashCat on the laptop. For AMD RX480 Nitro this results of benchmark:
  10. You need read tutorial for this program before thinking about unsuccessful result. You even does not know about hash rate of you GPU for judgement of potencial results. GPU have more performance than CPU. The elapsed time for brute WinRAR password relates only with password length and using dictionaries. Anyway, check YouTube for tutorials for make a choice.
  11. Create new zone and add check inside onEnter() method. if ((player.isInParty() && player.isPartyLeader()) || (player.isInParty() && player.getParty().getPartyleader().isInInside(ZoneId.PARTY_ZONE))) { // allow here. }
  12. If you want change this for clan/ally images from left of player name then you need really skilled reverse engineer. I knew such man but he leaved from this forum. He did the similar work for me many years ago.