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  1. 99 of 100 issues with "geodata' related directly with Geo Engine. And need 3 things: Much time; Expert level of math knowledge; Drugs.
  2. It requires also client interface edit. And this is not part of H5 and need create special trick for implement it. Doubt what you find a skilled dev here for this job.
  3. getAI().notifyEvent(CtrlEvent.EVT_FINISH_CASTING); This code useless for your problem. EVT_FINISH_CASTING event uses for cases which attached to skill's casting end. In your case you need add check for skill reuse delay before stopMove() action.
  4. If bypass not contains "-h" parameter then in client the HTML Viewer freezing in next 5 seconds (for awaiting refreshing HTML page) if server didn't sent ShowBoard or NpcHtmlMessage packets. I think you meant this effect as issue?
  5. You need restore all dependencies. It means you need: reproduce classes irerarchy and package location (e.g. if target class locates by path "l2j.net.sf.gameserver" you need create this package path in your new project and put there target class); if target class calls some methods from classes from this package then you need create this classes as DUMMIES and reproduce them empty methods/fields for exclude logical errors while compilation. This names as "make a dead code"; compile result and take modified class for replacing. That's all steps i meant by phrase "Restore all imports with external dependencies". Sometimes recompilation the target class requeres a lot of time and new project can includes few hundreds "depended" classes. You must be ready for this.
  6. If you need change any class from JAR package then you need: Decompile the target class; Create new Java project in IDE as container of target class (project can includes only "dead code"); Normalize all fields and methods; Restore all imports with external dependencies; Compile as new project; Replace new class from new JAR package to old. For all you need any IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA) and any Jva decompile (e.g. Java Decompiler)
  7. I didn't spoke about manual handling a bots. Server can processing it automatically. If you cares about online then stay as is and forget about any bot protection. The meaning of my words was "why need pay a lot of money for the same result with zero cost and the same efficiency". In addition, the server lifetime is so short that you can ignore the players' cries about bots at all.
  8. No info related with this NPCID in npcname-e.dat and npcgrp.dat.
  9. 7 of 10 bots can be easily detected from server side w/o any additional tools for client side. All what need it's client HWID for ban hammer management. But no one cares about it. Of course better wasting a lot of money for external doubtful solutions. Madness.
  10. @Tryskellyou always knows how to give people hope.
  11. This event was before Freya updates. July 2009 it's time of GF. Following this info the leaked GF PTS can't contains this event. So, you need check leaked HTML Freya and AI. No more data original possible. https://web.archive.org/web/20140319095119/http://legacy.lineage2.com/archive/2009/06/master_of_encha.html And it's couldn't be a part of Interlude.
  12. You have problem with DB connection. Check the server start log, may helps you to find where you lost a connection to DB. Initialization a connection pool manager starts in firsts steps of server start. Check it. In some sources DB connection don't checks immediately after initialization and can throws errors only after server starts. For avoid that issue add in db initialization code one new property "connection timeout = 3-5 seconds". This time enough for connection to DB, because avg connection time around 500-800 ms. By default this value is 30 seconds. That's very large timeout for initialization.
  13. The telepaths battle has begun! No code, no full screenshot of CB.
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