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  1. Google Translate is not connecting people.
  3. Negative reputation abuse without reason

    Don't write stupid posts.
  4. Around 70% of sellable addons was taken from my uncompleted private project what was written in 2014-2015 years. Another part not will be ported or not will be implemeted, because... At this moment me not interests Lineage 2 sphere and i wasting all free time for C# projects for another things. If you don't know, and you really don't know what my uncompleted private project was based on aCis with HF5 client side. Keep in mind this for imagine the array of potential addons what was or can be created/ported for Interlude server. Don't cares about me. I'm happy. P.S. Lineage 2 is dead. All developing things is fun and hobby. Have a nice day.
  5. Help HWID change

    You need to change CPU ID or HDD ID.
  6. This system already shared a long time ago for Rebellion forks and looks so ugly. No one from russian community didn't used this shit for live projects. Only for fun. And only you show it as own somehow achivement. Take more time for following of trends in russian community and you will stop to create bicycle again. No more comments.
  7. Hello. What the L2OFF pack you uses for test? Your pack have scripts folder w/o editions?
  8. On L2OFF //gmspeed command don't uses skill. It's L2J invention, and work incorrect. L2OFF implementation increase only movement speed. And attack speed not touch.
  9. WTS L2JDeveloper Services by ExTeam

    This is normal. Today you recommend someone and tomorrow recommend you. The higher the reputation of the user, the better. And not matter what the shit you provides. Anyway, don't cares. If you was scammed, you have special thread on this forum for crying. Cheers!
  10. Continue to create addons for Community Board. Next one feature — private buffer.
  11. [updated 17.10.2017]: Service is stopped. Available only selling existing addons. Working with own projects. IMPORTANT! Please don't adding yourself into my contact list for nothing. I will moving you from my contacts to blacklist. If you not need my services, skip/ignore me. I'm not a free helper and i'm not give the free consultations (exept my regular clients). Start to respect a time of other people. Thanks. New features: Reverse engineering of Java package (small package) for full transfering feature; Reverse engineering of compiled Java projects for getting/searching something or hacks. Conditions: Work only with L2J Server forks; Priority chronicles Interlude, possible the others; I do not work for food and for free; I'm not a teacher and do not teaching; Possible continous support the live projects (with SVN use only); Language: English/Russian (not matter); Communication through Skype/Discord (possible Email); I don't uses of minimal work's price. All by situation. The main criterial it's price of time; I work only with full sources via your SVN as team member with WR or RO (in this case you get diff patch) rights. If you cares about leaks, then buy Java book and learn L2J architecture. This is the main conditions if you: not have Java knowledge or you need add something in your customized sources; I don't work with compiled projects for fix and add something; I don't work with client for transfer/create the new NPCs or locations; I don't work via TV or RDP with your sources for creating addons or fixes mistakes in your Eclipse workbench. For all, who don't understanding this, i'm ready to work on your conditions with my price 10 euro per hour; I don't sell any sources, completed servers; I don't create completed servers for your wishes. Work's price calculation: Time for researching increase a price; If i'm see what your addon is interest or unique and i can sell it for anyone more then it's descrease a price; Adapting for your shitty style increase a price; Fully detailed descriotion of your task decrease a price. My knowledge: Java Skill - 146% success; L2J Architecture - 146% success; L2OFF Architecture - 146% success; Lineage 2 Client - 146% success; PHP, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, CSS - 146% success; Lineage 2 Gameplay - 146% success not matter, if you got the own L2OFF test server. My portfolio works: See my personal blog; See my YouTube channel. Regards.