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  1. If you exclude taxe rate from shops then castle treasure will dropped. So, it can change some castles functions possibilities aswell.
  2. And changing skill duration time "on fly" in Mobius really works?
  3. This is the decompiled L2OFF Freya AI.obj. https://www.4shared.com/zip/IGQlTobciq/ai-freya-symbol.html About incomprehensible AI handlers ask in L2OFF section.
  4. If take all good stuffs from Mobius which wasn't implemented in L2J and put it into L2J then this package will be better the both together taken. But still not enough for stable low rates live project.
  5. Offline traders, fake players and multiple windows per player create the illusion of a large number of online players on the server. In reality, no more than 200-300 people can play there. For such chronicles (no instance zones, no hunting grounds for high levels), this is enough to make the illusion as plausible as possible.
  6. This packet sending common info for another place, e.g. for Castles Status in Map window. You need to find packet which sending single castle info.
  7. I think what server sending CastleSiegeInfo packet. And he can have wrong structure, as example.
  8. If you talking about @L2RAPTOR then he already said here what he don't understand in L2J overall. So, that the good enough reason not to trust his opinion. We must keeping in mind what L2J is good exampe where people learning languages and level up own knowledge on it. And a lot of code was written an newbies w/o common code writting style. That's the one of the major problems of L2J community. We can't judge them because they was a part of us. They will come and go. And everyone will leave their mark in the code. But we must talking about those who are trying to make money,
  9. I just read the changelog and that's enough to understand that there was no serious work there. Solid edits one line at a time. I you have a sources then i can say to you more details of this "high quality project".
  10. Not all. The big chance of high quality for L2OFF possible only for leaked chronicles because developers need only bug fixing. This resolves with extenders. All other cases it's upgrading/dowgrading leaked sources with many many bugs. AdvExt an example of this.
  11. Which the point to say you things in which you isn't understanding?
  12. All the high quality L2J products what i've seen look like this:
  13. If you need fix wrong data in this window then you need check the server packet. Always siege info sending in packet and displaying in separated window. For cosmetic fixes and string/textures typos you need edit interface.u file.
  14. If you has "access denied" message, then you got physical connect to Database but authorization was failed. You need created in database new user for "remote access" (e.g. him host must be defined as "%") and add him as owner of necessary database and give him necessary privileges. In this case you will have access. Otherwise the secure checks will block any external connections/authorizations.
  15. Yes. It's possible. And Lineage 2 clients supports this feature but don't used it. And of course L2J never implemented this. Client sending packet RequestLogin with opcode 0B after some configurations in l2.ini and after running l2.exe with specified arguments. In this case Login window don't use aswell. More details here (need Russian language knowledge).
  16. Try to check DirectX installation from official web installer. Try to install requires C++ Libraries for client. Try to run l2.exe in compatible mode with previous OS version (e.g. for Win10 use Win7 compatible mode).
  17. If you need only delay w/o any additionally wffects then find this lines in Npc.java if (Config.FREE_TELEPORT || teleport.getPriceCount() == 0 || player.destroyItemByItemId("InstantTeleport", teleport.getPriceId(), teleport.getPriceCount(), this, true)) player.teleportTo(teleport, 20); and replace to this if (Config.FREE_TELEPORT || teleport.getPriceCount() == 0 || player.destroyItemByItemId("InstantTeleport", teleport.getPriceId(), teleport.getPriceCount(), this, true)) { ThreadPool.schedule(() -> { player.teleport
  18. Find this line in Monster.java if (((isRaidBoss() && Config.AUTO_LOOT_RAID) || (!isRaidBoss() && Config.AUTO_LOOT)) && player.getInventory().validateCapacityByItemId(holder)) and change to this if (((isRaidBoss() && Config.AUTO_LOOT_RAID) || (!isRaidBoss() && Config.AUTO_LOOT) || (holder.getId() == 57)) && player.getInventory().validateCapacityByItemId(holder))
  19. As i know in H5 client exists 2 difference NpcHtmlDialogue packets and windows. You can use everywhere the legacy dialogue window w/o reward and conditions sections. And the second window change as you wish in interface scripts and use it for custom things. By the way, good stuff.
  20. Use CatsGuard for this (diff patch for L2J Frozen included). https://www.4shared.com/rar/73hiS1Aaba/CatsGuard.html And after make a checks when mobs was killed for multibox usage and decrease rates if TRUE.
  21. You need make few steps: Make in Player instance boolean variable like showShotSpell and make it as TRUE or restore from personal player's config; Make command or HTML window for changing this trigger; Edit all item handlers like: SoulShot.java, SpititShots.java, etc for next behavior. In all this handlers in the end of all checks exists code with broadcasting MagicSkillUse packet which contains skill id of soulshot/spiritshot. You need make FOR() cycle for manual broadcasting this packet by condition if showShotSpell is TRUE. Or dublicate existing broadcastPacketInRadius() a
  22. Who is a owner of this table, what the privileges of owner and who owner of this PHP script file? In all cases you will get this error.
  23. Is this the same editor which shared on Russian forums?