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  1. Because between Button and registerAcademy() method must be a handler what processing your request data. Check academy BBS recruting script for this action support. This sources very bugged as i know.
  2. Did you made the handler for this button or this button is repeating the already existing action?
  3. Mate, not all people watching in displaye like this. Increase brightness.
  4. Try this one: Collection <L2PcInstance> players = L2World.getInstance().getVisibleObjects(activeChar, L2PcInstance.class, 480);
  5. I remember this event when bought the GTA pack w/o GTA V.
  6. Anybody knows when in Steam will this event for GTA V?
  7. They do this not of their own free will. Players force them to do this.
  8. Hello, folk. I want to try exploit your imagine for making better my achievement system. What i have at this moment and what i need from you. Implemented achievement system as listener of many actions (at this moment i use around 50 personal conditions). Implemented reward system via Mail service. All conditions saves and all new achievements will rewarding by existing states of conditions (aka reward if all conditions already was completed before addition new achievement). What i need from you: What the types of achievements you could be suggested for sorting this all to separated groups. Something like: GENERAL, EPIC, SOCIAL, ETC? What the unique conditions (funny conditions are welcome) you could be suggested for achievement? Please specify all your conditions/types in one post. Thanks in advance.
  9. This is the funny topic. The issue could be resolved in 15 minutes. Just check dual daggers form HF client and check last (Double) parameters for having correct glow position and size for your weapon, because dual daggers have almost the same visual parameters with Doll's Blade.
  10. Because you tries to use not implemented locale. Use this AdvExt IL patch. He support EN/RU locales. Win10 x64 supports. Password: advext@@2018
  11. IL client don't supports Russian language overall. Even don't exists ENUM LANG_Russian in Nwindow.dll functions. Also this client version don't support fast changing language. Only select and full restart client after changing in Options window. Try to use Japanese language for Russian locale. I saw one project with this implementation/ Not sure as for all asian languages, but for korean language in NPC Dialogue the text word wrapping on the new line works by letter, not by words. Or buy maded RU/EN locales patch from Client Developers.
  12. What the client version you are uses?
  13. Server for 1500 euros will be a bit better than for 300 euros. Even if you think what you could use L2OFF server as basis, then you again wrong. Even AdvExt GFIL very bugged. aCis team have enough experience with testing gameplay on this public test servers for judge about quality. And SmartGuard protection isn't panacea. Any commertial protections with illegal software play in the game "Good/Bad policeman". I would agree with you if you said a price of 5,000 euros or more. P.S. I know enough for judge about this, dude.
  14. With my config in Option window allow 2 languages for choose. If this isn't work for you, then check interface scripts for correct implementation another languages. E.g. LANG_Russian ENUM can be isn't implemented and never be triggered.
  15. You need setup usage English language and select the Russian. [LanguageSet] Language=8 0=Korea 1=English 2=Japan 3=Taiwan 4=China 5=Thailand 6=Philippine 7=Indonesia 8=Russia EnableEngSelection=true In this config the native language is Russian, English is secondary.
  16. Your words totally wrong, because you tried to protect admins. Admin it's owner of project, don't confuse with GMs and Moderators. All depends on the administrator what quality his project will be. It is he who hires or saves on programmers, the quality of server's concept and other technical issues. We are all observing an era the cheap projects with budget in 100-300 euros. P.S. I respect the player well enough to provide him with low-quality service.
  17. My opinion was written from player's side. That the main reason why my private project not published yet. And i have excellent experience with talking and working with many admins for judge about admin's side.
  18. You already got the answer. Just take another S grade weapon and check the difference between this 2 weapons. In end of properties line you find glow effect and him position. Glow effect setup as property in weapongrp.dat.
  19. As you want. Science is powerless here.
  20. @zemaitis use Microsoft Office Excel for this.
  21. Because you forgot also add glow effect to this weapon, cause Doll Knife was NG. Just check all params in the end of property line with any S grade weapon.
  22. At first try compare speeds what uses server and what was sent to client in CharInfo packet. After check movement task.
  23. Even monkey can judge about completed work if she will seen the result of work as diff patch. Before result of work they are even didn't imagine how it could to looks as code. This the main problem why people don't understanding pricing of real work.