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  1. Hello I'm looking for someone that can upgrade my server from prelude part 1 to part 3. PM me on discord: Darkbash#0001
  2. I'm looking for a datapack developer for fafurion l2jscripts. What I need: To complete unfinished or update items, skills, quests, npcs, html. For more information pm me.
  3. Job description: Java developer, requested to fix/edit/modify known bugs on the server. You will be working on Lineage II Java files on the client known as Fafurion. Requirements: Good development and problem solving skills, communicative and can work as part of the team. Can work on the server at least 1-2 hours per day for at least 15 days per month. Team: You will be working in friendly environment with clear and set goals. Salary: 400$ per month with possibility of advancement depending on your skills and dedication.
  4. I'm looking for a developer that can work for my Fafurion project a few hours per day. Most of the work is about fixing known bugs (based on a report list) and improving the project in general. Payment will be made at the end of every 30 days. For more information send me a private message.
  5. L2 Hell Discord L2 Hell is a Fafurion free to play GameServer. The gameplay is revolved around grinding. We respect players progress 100% no wipe! Enjoy your stay here and progress normally. Project idea: An easier version of Official GameServers. RATES Max lvl: 120 EXP/SP: x50 Adena: x50 Safe/Max Enchant Weapon: +3/+20 Safe/Max Enchant Armor: +3/+20 Spoil: x5 FEATURES Olympiad: 1 Month Olympiad time: 20:00 - 00:00 Siege: 20:00 Community Board: Gatekeeper, Lv 4 Buffs 1 hour Class Master: Free Class change,Noblesse,Exalted No need quests Auto loot adena Auto learn all skills No Delevel
  6. Server offline? I can't login
  7. New players & clans will get gifts. Join us now L2DarkByte
  8. Changes: New droprates on farm zones (easier to farm coins) Added new zones Added 2 mini bosses DarkCoins are now tradable Ivory Tower GK Sell button on DarkShop Raid Bosses have less HP now and more drops New farm zone: DarkCastle Removed Darkario Boss Pass from the game (with Darkario Pass you can join the boss room) New donation list EnchantChanceElements all 100% EnchantSafe from 3 to 5 AugmentationTopSkillChance from 60 to 75 Exp zones give more exp now Darkario drops are a lot higher now (normal monsters & raid bosses) More changes coming soon..
  9. L2 DarkByte •Farm based •Bonus rates on weekend •Goddess of Destruction equipment •Darkario Island •Awards for active players and voters •100% No wipes - Weekly updates (long life gameplay)
  10. There are many farm zones with different drop rates and more zones are coming soon, example inside Darkario you get 1-20 Silver DarkCoins from one monster. From Grand Bosses you get 500 silver - 20 gold And what's the purpose of the game if everything is easy to get?
  11. ama brite kapia lisi endiaferomai kai egw g kati tetoio :P