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  1. No Kara is not here, leave a message after the following beep. *beeps*
  2. Grow up be a man come in skype and post proofs of 1 scam, I give you my word i won't ever again join But i forgot you're the same person who banned himself and the same person who trolled maxcheater for years and then he come and open topic for new rule to ban trolls.
  3. 5 bitches fighting for some random guy who want to open a ready to go free server to use //gmspeed 3 against his school friends. "Maxcheaters 2019, yours since 2008."
  4. Οκ φερνω και magaki13 να σου κανουμε donate οκ? Θα φας καλα πουστη αυτη την εβδομαδα, μεχρι και κοτοπουλο απο lidl
  5. Εσυ δεν εχεις λεφτα να φας τυροπιτα θες να ανταλλαξεις κ χριστους, Βλακα
  6. How much are u willing to pay for this ? I'll code that anyway tonight or tomorrow with same htmls.
  7. I never scammed anyone. Just bad history of idiots like you who like flame. Again i provoke you to post info for scam. Deal: Ill work whenever i work (sometimes 3-5 days i will be off) to cover the 200 e in a month You: after 9 days u break the deal by dispute because i was afk for 2 days while open topic and cry for scam Nice one kiddo
  8. Stupid idiot who call me scammer without proofs when he tried scam me. Nice one kiddo u took my codes and refund. Classical greek
  9. They know its me, i didn't hide my self. I already inform Maxtor that i made new account and gave profil to Designatix. I didn't scam you or did anything wrong, unlike you who scammed me with dispute. Continue like that and u end up banned
  10. @DenArt Designs Sweety KIDNutz own me 100e since i did many codes but he never paid cause he didnt have money and thats fine but he is not a scammer or a wannabe, in my opinion i think you got the wrong person here (Just my opinion) he usually go around and suggest servers for uknown reason but he dont own any server (now at least).
  11. [GR] Εγινα level 2 στη kotlin λες να παρω τη θεση του elfo? [/GR]
  12. Hello, i offer java services & code templates. You can either request any code or pick a code from my templates. Installation of the .diff will be done by me directly to your source if you want. You can request any code you like, AI bots, Event Engines, Bug-Fixes, Faction Engines, Zone Systems, Vote systems, Tournament - Leque of Legend - Fornite like systems. Pretty much everything you like Contact me in skype: gamepsychology94 (Or Send me PM in Maxcheaters) (Beware of gamepsychology94_1 copycat). Payment ways: Paypal, E-banking, Wester
  13. jealous cause he didnt hire u?
  14. Is anyone care about you anyway? Do you think anyone care for you or ill think how many acc ill make?