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  1. WTB Faction System that will be active specific days for specific zones. To be contained: Faction Points (PvE & PvP) Faction Ranks Player name change when he is in Faction Zone ( Name will be set once by player and wont change ) Faction zones cycle 1 Dynamic Teleport for x Faction Zones ( Will redirect to the active zone ) skype: andremitcakos
  2. WTB This achievements engine, pm with prices here or add on skype: andremitcakos
  3. He should see that coming, when he named his server after an already famous server.
  4. Don't call yourself a freelance developer and don't accept works. I've seen your posts and only idiots would trust you. This topic is an argument between idiots. Unfortunately stupidity can't be defeated. GL.
  5. Funny fact is that people like pamela are going to own a server. Supidity kills lineage 2.
  6. I'm using this to convert numbers from 1 to 10 into images, public final static String number(int numberid) { Map<Integer, String> number; number = new FastMap<Integer, String>(); number.put(1, "<icon._num1 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(2, "<icon._num2 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(3, "<icon._num3 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(4, "<icon._num4 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(5, "<icon._num5 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(6, "<icon._num6 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(7, "<icon._num7 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(8, "<icon._num8 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(9, "<icon._num9 width=16 height=16>"); number.put(10, "<icon._num10 width=16 height=16>"); return number.get(numberid); } is there a way to replace each number automatically when found in string, for example : the number 123 to be converted into "<icon._num1 width=16 height=16>"+"<icon._num2 width=16 height=16>"+"<icon._num3 width=16 height=16>"
  7. try login with accesslevel then ///show windowname then go to character create menu this might help you trace it.
  8. You should straightly contact Neophron, since he's the one who created the interface for interlude.
  9. When Ok i got no emitter, when its false i got emmiter but in case of skill_1218 I need bOnMultiTarget to be Ok. I'm using L2PE 2.0 but the skilleffects were by default on with bOnMultiTarget ok.
  10. when bOnMultiTarget is activated Emitter doesnt appear at all, but if I deactivate it, it works fine.