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  1. V2 you mean the files with heroism and blah blah blah?
  2. Add a check in enterworld to return the player if his time is over and if he's in the zone.
  3. How to make loading screen streched and get rid off borders
  4. Well, i need someone to decrypt some protected files: https://mega.nz/#!RmxmWYBR!iDFqvYT8VEZBkX8nxAzzdIZTimq7sNhmTGKJkssX5s8 PS: i tried with every known way.
  5. You can check how br_aga_zaken gets attached on EAB_HEADBONE if you deeply search it on H5 Chronicle, what i tried to do was to expand the engine's properties.
  6. The attach config is not recognized at all from my engine so I have to find a way to modify engine.u if there's any way...
  7. Well i tried to implement the Zakensword class on lower chronicles from CT 2.5. And i figured out that on CT 2.5 "AttachedBone" was implemented on NAgathion class. What i tried to do was to make a new class since was not able to 'touch' engine.NAgathion so i made my own: class MyAga extends Pawn; var enum EAgathionMovementType { EAMT_FOLLOW, EAMT_FLOAT, EAMT_ONVEHICLE, } MovementType; var enum EAgathionType { EAT_DEFAULT, EAT_ATTACHED, } AgathionType; var enum EAttachedBone { EAB_NONE, EAB_HEADBONE, EAB_SPINEBONE, EAB_R_HANDBONE, EAB_L_HANDBONE, EAB_R_ARMBONE, EAB_L_ARMBONE, EAB_R_FOOTBONE, EAB_L_FOOTBONE, } AttachedBone; var vector DestLocation; var Rotator OriginalRotationRate; var int RandomAnimPercent; var int RandomSpecialAnimationState; // -1 to decide, 0 failed, 1 success var bool NeedMaster; // for 3D UI var pawn Master; var int MasterWaitType; var float MasterWaitTypeChangeUpdate; defaultproperties { OriginalRotationRate=(Pitch=0,Yaw=30000,Roll=0), RandomAnimPercent=20 NeedMaster=True bCollideActors=False bCollideWorld=False } And my own class for npc class br_aga_zaken extends MyAga Config(User); defaultproperties { GroundMaxSpeed=180.00 GroundMinSpeed=60.00 AgathionType=1 AttachedBone=2 CollisionRadius=0.01 CollisionHeight=5.50 } when i compile those two properties disappear : AgathionType=1 AttachedBone=2 and what i get ingame is this It doesn't follow the character but it spawns on the correct position
  8. As the title says i want to buy protection for my client files utx/ukx/.dat/.u/.xdat
  9. that's how scaling worked for me Windows Resolution 4k Ingame resolution 1080p Scaling 150%
  10. it resize only text. (ofc it wont resize textures) I used 2560 x 1440 resolution on my 4k when i wanted to play,