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  1. Guys I'm racking my brains with this, I need a system h5 that works 100% on the following protocol: 273, but all I find are 268. The ones that are 273, like the rpg club, etc and others that I have, when I open the inventory, or other things from this photo crash below, what can it be? I'm trying to find a functional system 273 to be able to edit the interface, because I've tried with protocol 268 and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I understand now, sorry for the stupidity, had not seen this Request, thank you helped me so much, was breaking his head for nothing haha
  3. Can you send me a example? Because, I already did that, I created my bypass and by no means when I hit the button on the page does not call the bypass, remembering that it is not npc
  4. But all have errors, warnings , when i compile game crashes after a few minutes, where ?
  5. I searched, searched and searched more to try to solve this. I don't quite understand packets and etc. But I found something that I think is of great value. In the NpcHtmlMessage and TutorialShowHtml packets, this here: writeC (0x19); > means that NpcDialogWnd has the close button. And this here: writeC (0xA6); > means that NpcDialogWnd does not have the close button, which is the case with the TutorialShowHtml packet If I change these packets both windows get the close button or not. Must be something, if anyone can tell me more about l2 packets, thank you. Is it correct to do this?
  6. But in the tutorial html, <a action="link TE07"> Exit the Tutorial </a> is used, besides not supporting buttons, it does not detect this click event at all. When i click in Test nothing happens > Image1 This is my html action: <a action=\"bypass_test\">Test</a> @edit I tried with too and nothing happens: <a action=\"bypass -h bypass_test\">Test</a> And in if (_command.equals("bypass_test")) { activeChar.sendMessage("Testing"); } What am I doing wrong?
  7. But how to get the bypasses? I am debugging the RequestBypassToServer methods of both clietpackets and the class I want, none are called when I hit a button in html.
  8. Is there any way to send an html without the close button, like this one in the image ? (I just edited to show). < Like that If there's any way for the core to tell me, if not where would you do it? Another option if it is not possible, is there how to get the action of the player closing a specific html?
  9. Is there any way to add a packet in the game? I want to add a new enchant book, I've done everything on the client but I'm missing the server side, I've created a 'RequestExEnchantSkillGOD' class that looks like 'RequestExEnchantSkillSafe', and I added it in L2GamePacketHandler, but it does not work, does anyone know if there is a way? Packet i want to add: Added in L2GamePacketHandler: I have the client-side working fine: But when I click on it nothing happens with my packet. But isnt works. Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking for h5 client “part 5” link to download , prefer torrent, ir anyone knows. Thanks for the reply
  11. Why no edit I do in interface.u and then compile works? I changed two numbers in MagicSkillDrawerWnd, to change these lines and the name of the button: In this OnClickCheckBox function: Before it was 2068 and 2069 respectively, now its 5068 and 5069 I created the systrings in the system But the problem is that I compile the interface with this little modification, I change the current one, I enter the game and no such modification works, what am I doing wrong? Can someone give me a light, help me? Thanks for the reply.
  12. Im tested to open with this interfaceRecompiled.u , and when I selected the character, it gave critical error
  13. He doesn't sell. @up I buy the source code of the H5 interface clean, unmodified, and it compiles 100% without errors (or just warnings but does not have critical in-game). Please, it's urgent. @edit PM me please
  14. I want to buy a source code of the H5 interface clean ,100% functional and 100% unlocked, please if anyone knows, send me PM. Please, it's urgent.