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  1. Can someone please help me? One of l2jsunrise (high five) updates was to modify its premium system. Before: premium only improved the monster drop. Now have custom drop for Raid and GrandBoss as well. Does anyone know how to make this modification or has the diff?
  2. Yes! I want to add a different skil to each class that only works within oly.
  3. I'm trying to limit to being able to only 3 wards per castle in TerritoryWar. So I went to TerritoryWarManager.java in the following line: public Territory(int castleId) { _castleId = castleId; _territoryId = castleId + 80; _territoryWardSpawnPlaces = new TerritoryNPCSpawn[9]; _questDone = new int[2]; } so I changed from 9 to 3. public Territory(int castleId) { _castleId = castleId; _territoryId = castleId + 80; _territoryWardSpawnPlaces = new TerritoryNPCSpawn[3]; _questDone = new int[2]; } so I compiled and went for the test. and all goes well. but when I summon the 4th ward, she simply disappears, neither goes to me, nor goes back to her origin castle. GameServer: In Game: can someone please help me fix this? I want if the player already has 3 ward in his castle, when summoning the fourth, he can not or she returns to his origin castle Please !! I use L2JSunrise chronicle: High Five
  4. Is there any way to balance classes only within olympiad? Outside of oly everything is fine. but within the olympiad there are some classes that are very strong, such as: ghost hunter, adventurer, wind rider etc .. I thought of adding a passive skil in certain classes to balance, but this skil has to activate only within the olympiad. A code that adds a passive skil to a certain class when it enters olympiad and deactivates when it exits. Can someone help me please? chronicle: high five pack: l2jsunrise
  5. sorted out. Please, moderators, can close the topido. melron thank you very much!
  6. remembering that this error is happening in and out of olympiad. did you ask that?
  7. I need help with this error there now
  8. I added, compiled, had no error. Now the buffs are not coming back on olympiad, but I'm getting this error on the game server
  9. excuse me. I am not a dev. Where can I find the code you asked for? this is it?
  10. This is my cancellation return buffs. Can anyone help me add a restriction so it doesn't work at the Olympiads?