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  1. it worked, thank you very much! <3 Now take a doubt? these two files is only for the interface or is it linked to some custom or something? because if it's just for the interface, I'm going to remove them from my patch.
  2. There is a file inside "systextures" responsible for making the client look "square" I wanted to take it out, does anyone know the name? ps: I know it is a file that is inside the "systextures", because when replacing the complete folder this appearance is removed. NOTE: I don't want to replace my entire "systextures" folder, I just want to remove that appearance. Can someone help me? thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!
  3. how do I reduce the chance of debuf enchanted in cost? debuff enchanted in "Cost" are chance more than when enchanted in "Chance". can someone please help me? what is causing the most trouble is the Curse Fear enchanted in "Cost". (besides it lasts 60 seconds, it is get very easy)
  4. went through a big problem at TW! I will try to explain it in an easy and simple way so that everyone can understand and help me. Some people told me that it is not a BUG. But I don't know so I came to look for support here. Now I will explain what happened: There is 3 clan on my server. the AAAAA Clan owns the castle of RUNE. Clan 11111 Has no castle, but is ally of the AAAAA clan (rune owner) the BBBBB Clan owns Gludio's castle. Clan 22222 Has no castle, but is ally of the BBBBB clan (owner of Gludio) then TW begins and both clans fight to try to get the Wards to their castles. then clan 22222 registered with npc Mercenary Captain to defend clan AAAAA (owner of RUNE castle) and then at the time of the fight to take the ward of the castle of Gludio the clan AAAAA is not able to attack the players of clan 22222. a message appears when the AAAAA clan tries to attack clan 22222. "You cannot force attack a member of the same territory." is this right or is it a bug?
  5. what exactly is this configuration for? what can happen if i disable it? < if I disable it will I have a better performance in my service? # Setting False can improve server performance on high rate/population servers. # Default: True PreciseDropCalculation = True
  6. how do i block a passive skil inside olympiad? I've tried bluquear by XML and it didn't work. <set name = "blockedInOlympiad" val = "true" />
  7. looking for developer with experience in java to program on h5 server
  8. Can someone help me with a code that forbids clans that are not registered for the siege in a certain castle is prevented from participating? this will help me avoid Zerg. pls!
  9. Thank you! can you close the topic please.
  10. Can anyone tell me why this error happens in my gameserver all the time? and when it happens it causes a little lag on the server. and how to fix? PS: L2JSunrise
  11. I have one DEDICATE with: 2x Intel Xeon L5420, 16GB RAM, SSD: 2X 240GB, Traffic: 10TB, Up Link: 100Mb, UpPort: 1000Mb, Windows Server 2012 and when have 200 to 300 players online everyone is lagg. I use L2JSunrise Can someone help me? I set up my gameserver.bat like this: @echo off title Game Server Console color 0B :start echo Starting L2J Game Server. echo. java -server -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xmx8G -cp config/xml;./../libs/*;core.jar l2r.gameserver.GameServer REM NOTE: If you have a powerful machine, you could modify/add some extra parameters for performance, like: REM -Xms1536m REM -Xmx3072m REM -XX:+AggressiveOpts REM Use this parameters carefully, some of them could cause abnormal behavior, deadlocks, etc. REM More info here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/tech/vmoptions-jsp-140102.html if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto restart if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto error goto end :restart echo. echo Admin Restarted Game Server. echo. goto start :error echo. echo Game Server Terminated Abnormally! echo. :end echo. echo Game Server Terminated. echo. pause
  12. why only 6? could stand how many players online without lag? Shouldn't I use half? = 8?