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  1. I need an experienced java programmer to implement a configuration in an existing mod in my L2J project. Chronic High Five please if someone knows a good and experienced recommend me or contact. if I posted this request in the wrong place, sorry and please redirect me to the correct location
  2. I add this in L2Npc.java public L2ItemInstance dropItem(L2PcInstance player, int itemId, long itemCount) { L2ItemInstance item = null; for (int i = 0; i < itemCount; i++) { // Randomize drop position. final int newX = (getX() + Rnd.get((RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT * 2) + 1)) - RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT; final int newY = (getY() + Rnd.get((RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT * 2) + 1)) - RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT; final int newZ = getZ() + 20; if (ItemData.getInstance().getTemplate(itemId) == null) { _log.error("Item doesn't exist so cannot be dropped. Item ID: " + itemId + " Quest: " + getName()); return null; } + if ((player != null) && player.isPremium()) + { + itemCount *= player.calcPremiumDropMultipliers(itemId); + } + item = ItemData.getInstance().createItem("Loot", itemId, itemCount, player, this); if (item == null) { return null; } if (player != null) { item.getDropProtection().protect(player); } item.dropMe(this, newX, newY, newZ); so the drop that is not autoloot works x2. but when you drop some herbs this happens..
  3. excuse me. I don't know how to program enough for this. Can you help me with this?
  4. Yes, I know. But I want to for what to drop from the RaidBoss (On the Ground) quit according to the premium. in my case x2. Has as? in fact I wanted it to fose like this: PremiumRateRaidDropItems = 2
  5. Is it a bug or am I setting something wrong? use l2jsunrise. and my premium system has the option of modifying the drop in premiums. but only works for what falls directly into the player's purse. So far, so good. but if it falls to the ground, even if I set this part here, for x2 it does not work: # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Premium Drop Configuration # These rates will be applied to premium char if AutoLoot in Drops.ini is TRUE # otherwise might create some exploits with pickup action # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # General drop multiplier if item id is NOT in PrRateDropItemsById list PremiumRateDropItems = 2 # Specific multipliers for items, if you add one items in this list will # bypass PremiumRateDropItems # TIP: if you have one item id in Rates.ini for example 57,20 # This rate will multiply 20 * your number here so be carefull PrRateDropItemsById = 57,2;30007,2 Adena ID: 57 Custom Coin ID ; 30007 Can someone please help me?