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  1. Some ppl just know spaming in topics ..
  2. Hi ppl Me (Animalmon) and my friend (he is not here) made a new votereward system FOR L2 IL Client .. With 1 client if he give 5 voterewards (you change it if u wanna), with 2 clients in 1 IP adress he give a 2 on first client and 2 on second client OR you will be change it if opened two clients to dont give rewards and server will send messages to two clients Votereward : 0 (voteitems) u get in this round of voting .. Price : 10 euros
  3. I found the code for offline trade/craft .. It works 100% in my friend server he use it . Price : 15 euros
  4. its pasive .. i need it active skill
  5. Good work .. But i want to tell to all players server down after 2 months max.. Server opened for money ;p
  6. Now any1 can tell me have chance for get active skill from certification .. ?? I look in SITE :: Divine Transformation Ability skills You receive a seal book of transformation instead of certificate for these skills. You can learn them via the transformation menu on the Avan-Guard NPC 80 level on your subclass - a Divine Transformation certificate Divine Knight Skills Hate, power 6752 Hate Aura, power 6752 Attack target while rushing at target, stuns target, can overhit, power 1162 Attack surrounding enemies, stuns enemies, ignores shield deffense,
  7. try first replay after from replay you record with fraps
  8. PLEASE no SPAM Here ... I add other way to after 1 day ;] thx
  9. yes ;] its l2 problem not server's .. :D
  10. Man all scripts didn't work in all servers.. you can find it in server buy items and change codes .. just do it :D
  11. In this guide i want to show how you login to one server with phx .. It's for me four method ;] First need one program with name HideToolz http://fyyre.ivory-tower.de/ SITE is here .. :) HideToolz.rar you can download and run .. After run l2 phx and find it in HideToolz then pres right mouse buton and Hide .. After log l2 log with acc and press ok after don't click agree and make l2phx looking press Show and login .. Its work for me in much server ;]