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  1. Hello, i was wondering how i can make rebirths to be exchangable. For example If i exchange 3 Book of Rebirths with 3 Rebirths Acumen, i want to create a button so it can remove my rebirths skills and to give me back 3 book of rebirths. Any help? Thanks in advice.
  2. I know, but i need for specific reasons. I'm collecting some pack's for personal purposes. Thanks for the answer btw bro :)
  3. As title says, if anyone has this pack + it's sources please contact me. Before you say it's not free bla bla, i've seen it for free in that forum but i cannot find it anymore. I've searched.
  4. Hello MxC! I saw a code for aCis (lower revision idk what) and i've tried to change it to fit on 370. I'm getting this one. Any solution ? Or if you want me to add more description or more informations, tell me. https://imgur.com/FGvDKef
  5. ROF are openning server? :X
  6. ok done! wraios.. kati allo! exw kanei edit loading screen... tin vlepw me 2 programmata! sto L2Font-e.utx alla to client sunexizei na mou dixnei tin official loading screen.Ti fasi mipws einai server side kai oxi client? kamia idea?
  7. Problem solved,kindly ask for lock so we won't spamm anymore. I wanna thanks those who helped!
  8. I gave it 3G just to be sure and it worked,right now i have this fishing issue...it can fish inside coliseum for example...
  9. First of all,thanks for the answer dude! For the ram issue i have no problem (32gb ram installed on pc) so i need to know how to configure it (to give more ram for gameserver) and 2nd i can't find that config for fishing...
  10. Kalispera kai pali filaraki , auti tin diadikasia prospa8w na kanw, Adimetopizw provlima... otan prepei na kanw copy paste sto Alpha Channel. To exw kataferei 4 fores katala8os. alla den exw katalavei pws... to kanw akrivws opws to dixnei kai mou vgazei ena message Warning: ''No pixels were selected'' ... de mporw na to katalavw... :S