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  1. As title says, when i'm enchanting any kind of skill after i restart the enchant vanishes and i have +0 skill again. Even if i give it from Admin the problem insists. HALP! Thanks. Edit: No errors in console.
  2. It worked lel :D i just used a clean spawnlist.sql and all did go well omege :happy: How wrong you've been m8 :D Anyways, lock it!
  3. Any npc which i spawn (retail or custom) de-spawns after server restart.
  4. Open another shop's HTML which have "Sell" button and take the whole sentence and paste it to your GM Shop's HTML.
  5. As the title says... i spawn any npc on server but when i restart the server and log back in, it vanishes. idk if this photo will help you, help me resolve this problem. l2jaCis 370.
  6. As title says, if anyone has this pack + it's sources please contact me. Before you say it's not free bla bla, i've seen it for free in that forum but i cannot find it anymore. I've searched.