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  1. Lineage2 Haze Network SERVER RATES: SP: 250x EXP: 250x Adena: 250x Spoil: 1x Drop: 1x Quest: 1 Enchant Scrolls WEAPON/ARMOR: -Normal scroll: 60% -Blessed scroll: 80% -Crystal scroll: 92% FEATURES: Custom nobless item Custom Gatekeeper Retail Like Olympiad system Players can heal Raid Bosses Siege Lenght is set to 120 min Fortress siege is enabled Item craft system Offline shop system Maximum BUFF amount: 32 Custom Grand Raid Bosses Auto Loot items, except for Raid Bosses Events: -Automatic TvT event -Automatic CtF event -Automatic DM event -Daily GMs events Custom Items: - Special Titanium armors - Special Tattoos - Special Weapons - Custom SHOP - Custom ingame items payment Custom leveling zones: You can find leveling zones in our custom gatekeeper. Teleports are set to zones, where experience and sp pays off the most, so you can easily level your character to max level. Custom Farm Zones: There are customized 4 farming zones. - Abandoned Coal Mines - Primeval Isle - Hot Springs - Frost Lake WWW.L2-HAZE.EU