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  1. Custom Interface for Interlude containing custom features & functions. Some of the features: Farm Bot AI: Relax and enjoy farming. Select mobs to hunt and skills to use (or bot will use auto attack). [Update] You can now use as many mobs as u want. [Update] You can now us also macro as skill. Aggro-Like Skills Protection: Say goodbye to aggression. Aggro-like skills will become useless against you. Trick-Like Skills Protection: Say goodbye to trick. Trick-like(including dreadnought skills & aura flash) skills will become useless against you. Auto Skills AI: Are you bored of using nobless and toggle skills each time you respawn? No Problem. You just select your skills and you don't have to use them anymore. Auto Macro: You just right-click to a macro and it gets auto used every one second. Useful for creating CP potions or custom actions under fight. Augmenter AI: Select weapon, lifestone, type and let your hands free. Augmenter AI will stop until you get your augmentation that you want. Skill Enchanter AI: Select skill, enchant type,enchant level and let your hands free. Skill Enchanter AI will stop until your skill gets the enchant level that you want. Item Enchanter AI: Select item, scrolls, enchant level and let your hands free. Item Enchanter AI will stop until your item gets the enchant level that you want. Multiple Item Destroyer: Delete multiple items at once with few clicks only. Press the trash(hah?) button, right click on items and press DESTROYYY! . So simple! Custom and advanced party window: Fully configurable with a lot of options (see below). Custom class icons. Custom nobless (replaced by celestial shield or salvation if necessary) icon on party window. You can see the level of a party member. You can move party members by holding ALT and dragging the member to the desired location (Like H5). Advanced Auto Assister : No more right clicking. It auto assists without pressing any hotkey. You select up to 2 MA (Main Assisters). If the 1st MA dies or goes out of range automatically assists 2nd MA. You can fast enable/disable it by clicking ALT+Q . Show only the party buffs that you want: Fully configurable. Custom Buffs Window : Fully Configurable. Timer on debuffs. New Advanced Olympiad Window: You can see who dealt the most damage. You can see how much time left until match is over. You can left click on the window to target the enemy. Auto use of buff potions: It uses buff potions depending your class. It doesn't use them if you have block-buff effects (eg Celestial Shield). Configurable (See below). On Screen Messages: Fully configurable (see below). Including Critical, Resist, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken Custom Shortcut Hotkeys: Fully configurable. You can bind 123...90 row & QWE...P[] row to a specific shortcut page. Chat/Shortcut Window Transparency: Fully configurable (see below).. Custom Menu (ALT + Z): You can find every custom function there. Fully Configurable through the new Options Window: You can customize almost every function of the interface there. Instant and simple. Entire Interface: Price & Info: Binds to 3 Names. (NOT HWID BIND) It works on servers with patch/interface protection. (SGuard, Smartguard etc.). Lifetime cost: 24.90€. (You pay once and that's it, NOT per month). Including lifetime free updates & support. There are special discounts if you want multiple interfaces (eg If you want to buy with friends at once, more friends more benefit!). Contact with us for those prices. Contact Info: Skype: live:la2v_3 (V Team) Email: la2v@outlook.com (la2v@outlook.com) You can also pm me here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want extra informations.