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  1. Im not a dev to check his codes abou the the delay we agree that the txt will be made before opening he always had to work so dont do java services but i guess nothing will happen 240e for nothing
  2. Not recommended,and reported to Scammer Section.Do not trust him,Since when he agree to finish some features he always has to do something.

  3. I dont know if this is the right place to post it but seems ok to me since i fell like i got scammed. i agree 13th January 2019 with Reborn12 L2Moderator here, to create a project,he had the pack and i request him to add some codes and features.He told me he will sell the pack+source for 130 euro and with adds the price will be 260 euros and in 2 weeks the pack will be ready.I agreed i sent him 60 euros to start up,5 february i send 50 euro more since he have not finished since he was saying to me all the time he got something to do,and i send him 130 euros more 14 february because the Grand Opening for my project was in 2 days and i said to him i will send u the 20 euro more in a few days.Thats the short story read the proofs and screens on the following links do not trust him and i will request his L2Moderator title to be removed and i want my money back,i close the server because problems occurs all the time and he went off,he never log to test such a thing.Please take care The conversation is in greeklish language. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat Payment Proofs below.
  4. I neeed a custom code,when a player use auto enchant script to get instant DC.Pm me if you got something.
  5. The fact is you'r not selling the files,you'r selling the customer's you got "players" you invest 5.000 USD that mean's alot money in your Country,but i bet those files doesn't cost more than 400EUR.
  6. Simply why did you not create a H5 instead of IL? dont ruin the Client.Many people will log into your Server because its IL and not H5.You need geodata to adapt Towns/Areas from H5 chronicle? ;)
  7. Thnx @Kara` i will pm him.Well as for 200 euros maybe its expensive,but for 100-120 is ok.
  8. Fast,friendly and excellent work.Recommended 100%.(Boobs) :P

  9. Helpful and very communicative person,Recommended.

    1. Kara.


      Yes because im her mom >.<