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  1. May 21th 2020: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Stream/videos/286929942347697
  2. Did you check after , my last update?
  3. Hot Fix. You must made this who already install. https://bitbucket.org/vagan2005/lineage2-works/commits/e1ebeafcf8c9135a04a48855638eeb00e2f0b1d4
  4. Hello, its my first share i made for my server, maybe some one need it. Its function when you delete something , after you can recovery it and take back at itemrecovery.ini you can find settings how much days item will save for you sorry my english :D code and install guide can find on git my https://bitbucket.org/vagan2005/lineage2-works/src/master/itemRecovery-mobius/ its for last version mobius photos
  5. without bugs and backdoores and full balance ?
  6. On L2jServer Hf5 no bad engine they dont have problems with layers...
  7. I want buy geo engine for acis 374 rev from L2jserver HF 5 ( like example)
  8. Try it, i have acis 372 and work all fine... FakePlayerManager.java player.setName(playerName); + player.setAccessLevel(Config.DEFAULT_ACCESS_LEVEL); PlayerInfoTable.getInstance().addPlayer(objectId, accountName, playerName, player.getAccessLevel().getLevel()); player.setBaseClass(player.getClassId()); setLevel(player, 81);
  9. Toaka

    Pin Code

    can add html for intro where choose char and create delete? bc some1 can log you acc and just delete char :D