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  1. https://other.templstock.com/en/product/mmo-top-servers anyone can buy this web Html 210 euros haha :D Also copy right in a l2 server in 20 years old game :D
  2. Fast transaction and quick to respond / deliver.. +1 to this guy
  3. Saga is open Again ??? Best H5 files guys !! Ofcourse we will play there! There is No other serious H5 servers any more !
  4. i had play to your x server , it was realy good, nice Gm team! I hope this will be more than 4 months :)
  5. Hello community, i wtb a classic Project updated without bugs, backdoores and hacks. Rates x10-15
  6. I Stay and i read this topic , about l2scrpits ,My friend buy from them a pack, Dont Buy Nothing from them, They sell pack, and Many thinks is not working So they sell Support :D lol !! If you will work with them , they will make you to HATE the game :) Alwyas ask the to check the pack before you buy!! and check it , so you see it by your self, its drama :D
  7. Vote-Manager is Working Perfect! I have use hes services many times! Exelent support / very fast / good database knowledge. He is definitely recommended.
  8. re paidia anoikse enas h5 x20 prin mia vdomada kai psaxno bot help plz.... To site tou einai afto http://www.l2conflict.com/ Tha ektimousa kathe voitheia kathws exo dei idi botakia sto server!!