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  1. Fast transaction and quick to respond / deliver.. +1 to this guy
  2. Saga is open Again ??? Best H5 files guys !! Ofcourse we will play there! There is No other serious H5 servers any more !
  3. i had play to your x server , it was realy good, nice Gm team! I hope this will be more than 4 months :)
  4. Hello community, i wtb a classic Project updated without bugs, backdoores and hacks. Rates x10-15
  5. I Stay and i read this topic , about l2scrpits ,My friend buy from them a pack, Dont Buy Nothing from them, They sell pack, and Many thinks is not working So they sell Support :D lol !! If you will work with them , they will make you to HATE the game :) Alwyas ask the to check the pack before you buy!! and check it , so you see it by your self, its drama :D
  6. Vote-Manager is Working Perfect! I have use hes services many times! Exelent support / very fast / good database knowledge. He is definitely recommended.
  7. re paidia anoikse enas h5 x20 prin mia vdomada kai psaxno bot help plz.... To site tou einai afto Tha ektimousa kathe voitheia kathws exo dei idi botakia sto server!!