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  1. Do a search on YouTube ... I'm not trying to fool anyone. I'm just presenting what I have to negotiate. If you're not interested, I'm sorry.
  2. I am selling everything related to the server. But the important thing here is the name L2 TRION and the domain www.l2trion.com Those who buy and have the experience of leaving a top server online, will pass without problems of the current ones that are online. I am open to negotiations. Unfortunately I do not have time to manage the server. But if it did, it would open it in the Gracia Final L2OFF version. I assure you that it would pass from L2 Toxic and many others.
  3. Anyone who is willing to buy the name L2 TRION will not have difficulties with the publicity, since it has a faithful public. Unfortunately I do not remember very well that you offered help. Do a Google search and see which servers rank first. Enter only Gracia Final. Maybe for the buyer not interest the files of the server and yes the name L2 TRION and domain www.l2trion.com
  4. Hello dear friends of the maxcheaters forum! My name is Marcos, I am founder of L2 Trion, a Gracia Final server opened on June 22, 2013 that has become famous for years and still has a great power to be the best server of the version. But unfortunately I'm leaving for other projects not related to Lineage 2 and I want to sell everything I have related to the server. I currently have the domain www.l2trion.com, the server files and the L2JFree source. The server is already balanced and ready to work in the Mid Rate Final Gracia Final version. If you are interested in acquiring the name L2 Trion and all the files, I am selling everything for U$ 1000 or €$ 1000. The billing of this server in 1 week, went from U$ 5.000 thousand dollars. With the money I had to invest in stock exchange and a personal project here in Brazil. I'm out of time for the server. See below what you will acquire with this purchase: Famous domain www.l2trion.com Facebook www.facebook.com/l2trion with over 1900 crazy fans to play. Instagram newly created with the username www.instagram.com/l2trion. The files with everything balanced and the source of the project in L2JFREE compiled in Eclipse by me. This is PayPal's address l2trion@gmail.com For those interested, please contact me l2trion@gmail.com. Watch some L2 TRION videos on YouTube or go to www.l2trion.com Att. Trion Staff