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  1. L2 Trion - Gracia Final Website: Type: Craft Rates: 75x Drop: 10x Spoil: 20x Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Scroll Normal: 50% Blessed Scroll: 60% Buffs: 30 Dances & Songs: 16 Time buffs: 2h Classes: 100% Quests: 100% Geodata: 100% Special Drops Blesseds, Codex, Event Medal: Raid & Grand Boss.
  2. Do a search on YouTube ... I'm not trying to fool anyone. I'm just presenting what I have to negotiate. If you're not interested, I'm sorry.
  3. I am selling everything related to the server. But the important thing here is the name L2 TRION and the domain Those who buy and have the experience of leaving a top server online, will pass without problems of the current ones that are online. I am open to negotiations. Unfortunately I do not have time to manage the server. But if it did, it would open it in the Gracia Final L2OFF version. I assure you that it would pass from L2 Toxic and many others.
  4. Anyone who is willing to buy the name L2 TRION will not have difficulties with the publicity, since it has a faithful public. Unfortunately I do not remember very well that you offered help. Do a Google search and see which servers rank first. Enter only Gracia Final. Maybe for the buyer not interest the files of the server and yes the name L2 TRION and domain
  5. Hello dear friends of the maxcheaters forum! My name is Marcos, I am founder of L2 Trion, a Gracia Final server opened on June 22, 2013 that has become famous for years and still has a great power to be the best server of the version. But unfortunately I'm leaving for other projects not related to Lineage 2 and I want to sell everything I have related to the server. I currently have the domain, the server files and the L2JFree source. The server is already balanced and ready to work in the Mid Rate Final Gracia Final version. If you are interested in acquiring the name L2 Trion and all the files, I am selling everything for U$ 1000 or €$ 1000. The billing of this server in 1 week, went from U$ 5.000 thousand dollars. With the money I had to invest in stock exchange and a personal project here in Brazil. I'm out of time for the server. See below what you will acquire with this purchase: Famous domain Facebook with over 1900 crazy fans to play. Instagram newly created with the username The files with everything balanced and the source of the project in L2JFREE compiled in Eclipse by me. This is PayPal's address For those interested, please contact me Watch some L2 TRION videos on YouTube or go to Att. Trion Staff
  6. L2 TRION PVP SERVER The best private server of Lineage 2 ® game in the Gracia Final version. The world of epic battles L2 TRION server came in the year 2013 with the main objective of bringing fun, entertainment and incredible moments to several players in love with the Gracia Final version of the Lineage 2 ® game. Version: Gracia Final Experience: 1000x Skill points: 300x Skill points in group: 2x Adena: 1000x Drop spoil: 30x Minimum Safe: +16 Max Safe: +21 Normal Parchment: 53% Blessed parchment: 100% Level of elements: lvl 4 Set elements: 100% Number of buffs: 36 Number of dances and songs: 16 Skills Certificates: Enabled Buffs +30: Free Items s84: Free No Tattoo TVT: 1 in 1 hour Olly: 30 in 30 days Siege: Every Sunday NCsoft®, the interlocking NC logo, Lineage® II, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks or service marks of NCsoft Corp. All rights reserved and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Website:
  7. O melhor servidor privado do jogo Lineage 2 ® na versão Gracia Final.
  8. Help me pls! :( I use Ubuntu Server operating system in a dedicated machine . MSG: "Remove your BOTS/Clickers completely from your PC and retry to connect."
  9. Help me pls! :( I use Ubuntu Server operating system in a dedicated machine . MSG: "Remove your BOTS/Clickers completely from your PC and retry to connect."
  10. Good evening. How do I change the server name in this part? I already looked in source, in the files of the server and did not find.
  11. I really liked the website, Can you pack me for free?
  12. GRAND OPENING TODAY! 03/18/2017 - 12:00 a.m. Rates Rates XP: 1000x SP: 1000x Adena: 1000x PT Xp: 2x PT Sp: 2x Spoil: 2x Manor: 2x Seal Stone: 2x Drops Gold Bar: All Monsters Gold Bar: Monastery Power Drop Gold Bar Blessed Scroll (S): Battered Lands (Group Farm) Element Stone: Battered Lands (Group Farm) Events Team vs Team: Every 4 hours Capture The Flag: Every 5 hours Death Math: Every 3 hours Arena Reward: Special Event PvP Reward: Special Event PK Reward: Special Event Siege Castle: It happens every 15 days Olympiad Games: Every day at 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Enchant Scroll Normal: 30% Scroll Blessed: 50% Scroll Crystal: 65% Element Stone: 50% Safe Min: +3 Safe Max Armor: +12 Safe Max Jewels: +12 Safe Max Weapon: +16 Basic Config Buff Times: 3h Slot Buffs: 24 Slot Dance + Song: 14 Offline Shop: 24/7 (.offline) SubClass: Free GM Shop: All Items GM Buffer: Basic Buffs Job Class: Free Noblesse: Quest items in Shop Skill Certification: Gludin Olympiad Area: Dion Clan Manager: Giran Buff Manager: Giran Shop Manager: Giran Skill Manager: Giran Class Balancing: Lineage 2 (OFF Base)