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  1. hey forum i have problem with olympiad i cant set as 2 weeks any help? this is my config ini http://prntscr.com/mnb6hb http://prntscr.com/mnb6we any touturial ? somthing help me? thanks a lot my pack is high five fandc
  2. I'm actually using L2Mythras Hi5 shared files. The problem I have is with actual vote system. Simple, when someone vote on topzone website on the server, it has to wait 12h to receive rewards again. The problem is, when someone receive 12h wait time, everyone in the server has the same delay event if they never used .vote command before. Do you know how to do ? I use default RewardVote.java code from L2Mythras. https://pastecode.xyz/view/96c10b28
  3. hi i have the same problem with l2 mythras file any help?
  4. any help? i make all but i have crash again plz help me someone ! http://prntscr.com/lnaek7