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  1. you are right about some I do not want a source bunch but no crazy fishing prices to buy it from L2 script
  2. SO looking to buy any serius source fandc ore l2scripts { scammers away for this topic } i dont want l2jfiles sent pm with offer prices and stats source and server dont tell me crazy prices for source thank you! i look all offers
  3. so delete this f.....ng files l2 mythras its craps loc the post plz admin ore delete
  4. hi i have probleme sometimes take dc when make teleport and error in data any idea to fix? https://prnt.sc/podfd8
  5. to dc einai apo to alt+b apo apli gatekeeper oxi den dinei dc the files pack is fandc
  6. re paidia ti fteei me ayto to kolo dc? kamia idea? to kanei se teleport opoudipote kai oxi se sygekrimenh perioxh https://prnt.sc/peouzd any idea for this crash report? when make teleport
  7. hey anyone sell farmzone fafurion for high five ? pm plz
  8. any developer ? for high five files need fix some files ?