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  1. any link for this work? without interface just damage on screen? i dont want custom interface only the damage screen is posibly? if anyone can mod only damage screen! pm thank you with price
  2. wtb damage screen from classic to h5 send me price in mesage thank you like this ------>http://prntscr.com/tgfm3c
  3. thank you for answer ho to fix it? it is possible?
  4. if chance diffrerent the interface in server dont work :/
  5. with clean i dont have this problem when change a clean interface.u its ok i dont have this problem :(
  6. from interface.u? meen? any client developer help plz? every 25 s take this when make damage and if stop close the client window https://prnt.sc/t3xwvh
  7. hello i have one problem every 25 second i take window in game do you wish to exit game? why any help and if dont make xp close the client https://prnt.sc/t3xwvh
  8. i make but think dont see my mesage :( any help?
  9. ok i check now.... the same ....:/
  10. HELLO i have some problem when make full check with updater t take this error any splusion please? https://prnt.sc/s7ayr6