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  1. go to my topic, there you will find my skype id and you can add me for discussion
  2. missing textures when try to restart or close the game and autohunt does not work
  3. From now you can benefit for developer phone number and call the developer anytime for any question or support!
  4. Hello community, I am leaving the lineage2 interlude business and i would like to pass my project to someone intrested to continue it. Platform: Java Chronicle: Interlude Server can fit any server type from x1 to x9999 For extra payments i can reconfigure the server as you desire Here i present you Playinnova Server Project x100 Beeing a fan of playinera and l2sublimity i have created this server with the following features: http://www.playinnova.com/features.html Everything inside work similar to PTS Retail Interlude Server Geoengine
  5. Could you please make a screenshoot and post it? because i see it and it looks very good.
  6. As long as i can see it is well presented and decribed
  7. Yes every skill is working perfect! Copy paste of what my friend?
  8. Thank you for your supporting our project by playing it. I assure everyone of you that you will have a great time and have lots of fun! :)
  9. Thank you MrPro for your review we will check it as soon as possible and fix the connection problem with our community page
  10. We present you our Custom PvP Interlude Server GRAND OPENING: 13 05 2020 | 20:00 GMT+2 WEBSITE: http://l2conflict.com/ GAME FEATURES L2 Conflict is a interlude customed PvP server, so it has some features, such as Rates, Configurations, Npcs, Modified and Differentiated Areas and Drops. We provide this information here. All game hunting areas exclusively drop Adena, equipment and Ancient Adena, varying only by their level. The other drops, considered disposable on a PvP server (materials, containers, parts, etc.) have been completely remo