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  1. I'm looking exactly on server pack like old iagaming with all features, or l2 penetration / revival. Just to note i don't want other packs, if someone got the exactly that is needed with a features: Some server specs Custom Locations Custom Mobs with custom droplists Custom Drops Custom Armors(Special A-Grades with custom stats) Custom Weapons(Hero/Greater Hero/Royal Hero with custom stats) Custom stats on Hero weapons from +25 to +33 Custom Tattoos(Right Tattoo/Greater Right Tattoo/Royal Right Tattoo with custom stats) Custom Demons T
  2. Hi. Just test the pack. There are several errors that i face during the setup. 1st The database roster from trinity_live was little bit complex, because i have to clean the dump data and to generate 1 sql for table restore ( i use mysql workbench). But i notice that the character table is missing also the startGameServer excusable from /gs/ filder. I made a new one by my own and when i run it there is a error that trinity_live.characters are missing. Any idea/suggestions or help how to deal with setup ? :) Thank you!
  3. Has someone this collection of extracted sounds and musics of full lineage 2 client ( any chronicle ) ?
  4. Hello, I saw in forum a lot of servers/posts that is made copy of iagaming c3 server / l2 revival / l2 penetration ( with custom a grade sets, demon tattoos, royal tattoos etc.) on interlude. My request if someone have that files,doesn't matter if they are so old or something i need it just to have some fun with friends for good old times by vacation. Please, if someone have it to share with me in PM or in comment :) Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!
  5. Replace this row: `value` VARCHAR(4000) CHARACTER SET UTF8 NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', with this one: `value` VARCHAR(200) CHARACTER SET UTF8 NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  6. GM -> Access level 100 ? Maybe have some config where can disable GM spawn only ??
  7. Hello to all, I need to ask how to remove that feature that all new heroes are Admins?
  8. Hello to all! :) I'm looking for pack like iagaming or revival or penetration with custom stats, custom a grade armors, infinity wepons, demon tattoos etc.. like this one , chronicle or version of files doesn't meter, i will not use them for public server is only for private use with friends to have some l2 exp like good old times on C3. Please if someone have something like this to share or PM me i really wont this. :) Best Regards! Thanx!
  9. goddes of destruction server ??? to be pvp if can
  10. i'm looking for server 15-20x like l2Word.org but started soon or soon will start with Custom NPCs like NPC Buffer (without buff limits) Global GK etc... Dynasty and other Freya items to get retial like instances quests... For recoment if can be on epilogue becouse i don't like Freya very much...
  11. I'm looking for a NEW started soon mid rate server (20x) any chronicle ...
  12. are someone know, on where i can get Geodata and Pathnotes for Freya (for free) ???