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  1. WC 79 lvl, DC robe, Homa +8, tt set, mail 250 euros PayPal. WhatsApp +48787109533
  2. Baium 100e Valakas 120e Antharas 120e Private msg me
  3. Draconic Bow +15 Baium +14 Valakas +14 Antharas +14 Private MSG. Skype: live:.cid.4e0c59fa01781dd
  4. Thank you for understanding! :D You are right . Thank you for translating what I meant <3
  5. Html-en/Services/Scripts/CommunityPVP/respawnBoss or something like that..
  6. Anyone know how to fix Epic Boss Respawn please? It's shows like that: https://imgur.com/ObbfRcG https://imgur.com/2TIGaox
  7. Same Problem here.. ALT+B>Services doesn't work at all..when i press on it its clossing Community.. Also got this error in game server: [09:40:10] WARN Could not load data from bot_report: Unknown column 'reportType' in 'field list'
  8. I must confess to you, Mr. Reborn, that I have found many other bugs. I will make them public at the right time, each in its own time/ Already fixed 75% bugs/backdoors from FanDC/Avva/Mythras/Age sources so i wait the proper time to share/sell them XD.