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  1. Draconic Bow +15 Baium +14 Valakas +14 Antharas +14 Private MSG. Skype: live:.cid.4e0c59fa01781dd
  2. Thank you for understanding! :D You are right . Thank you for translating what I meant <3
  3. Html-en/Services/Scripts/CommunityPVP/respawnBoss or something like that..
  4. Anyone know how to fix Epic Boss Respawn please? It's shows like that: https://imgur.com/ObbfRcG https://imgur.com/2TIGaox
  5. Same Problem here.. ALT+B>Services doesn't work at all..when i press on it its clossing Community.. Also got this error in game server: [09:40:10] WARN Could not load data from bot_report: Unknown column 'reportType' in 'field list'
  6. I must confess to you, Mr. Reborn, that I have found many other bugs. I will make them public at the right time, each in its own time/ Already fixed 75% bugs/backdoors from FanDC/Avva/Mythras/Age sources so i wait the proper time to share/sell them XD.
  7. Dude! if you dont have something to share (related to my post) Stop Spam here about your tricks.. If you already have the solution for this kind of bug create your own post !!! Please stop spam my post!!!
  8. I have Spawned 1 Fake Player on field (Dragon valley) and i'm trying to make it to farm in but even if i select on Phantoms Menu FARM=True doesn't happen nothing.. he just use some self heal... Anyone know how to activate Phantoms autofarm whenever you spawn? Example if i will spawn it on antharas lair Phantom should auto get monster/players (flagged) target and auto attack. Is that possible?
  9. Thank you! JackCerytti Thanks for Help VelroseGame! If i want test it, how should i proceed, after i setup my mail and my pass?
  10. If you say you already fixed and want to be a good samaritean why dont you share them here? Share them for free and for all... Lets see what you've got. If not Please stop trick ppl or i will report you to Maxtor!!!
  11. Hello There! I'm Selling Source Code for those who is using L2Mythras/L2Age/L2Ro(Avva)/All FanDC, including Last FanDC Source released in 2020 for Status change Bug! I Must Warn you this bug is Criticall and players can change their status by adding P.Atk/P.Def/M.Def/etc. 50 Euro's. on PM's. The Source Code is my creation so no one has any credit for this code except me.