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  1. Site: www.L2Adealia.eu General Info Client: Interlude Type: Custom PvP server Rates: High rates Starting Level: 1 Experience: x4000 Skill Points: x4000 Rate Party Experience: x1 Rate Party Spell Point: x1 Drop Rate: x1 Spoil: x1 Adena: x500 Enchant System Safe Enchant: 6 Max Enchant: 25 Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Armor: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Jew: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Others With your pvps your color name & title gonna change. Moreover it will be a list of pvp skills that are going tto be added on your char related to your pvps. Item Store: Up to S grade items, Consumables, Potions & more. Mysterious Merchant: Up to S84 items , Armors, Weapons, Accessories & more. Npc Buffer: All buffs Class Master: Free Class upgrade. Custom Items Armors: (Tier 1: Unique) (Tier 2: Adealia) (Tier 3: Legacy) (Tier 4: Abyssal) Weapons: (Tier 1: Unique) (Tier 2: Adealia) (Tier 3: Abyssal) Jewels: (Tier 1: Raid Boss Jewels) (Tier 2: Relic Jewels) Accessories: Up to 30 Accessories with unique stats. Dyes-Tattoos: Custom Dyes-Tattoos with special stats.
  2. As u guys saw on the title L2Revide starting again. After our fail Opening at 18/11/2018 cause a small problem on our machine and not Dos attack as you think. We are glad to inform you that server is working perfectly. Server Machine, connection and protection are changed and updated. Server software is checked and reworked to succeed a better and safe gameplay for you. So, server will open again on 23/11/2018 wiped. Gm's will reward all online players with 100 Vote Coins two hours after opening. P.S We are sorry about this mess on the first opening, we strive for the best result. Many fixed and changes are done. We changed some things to make the gameplay better for players. Website: www.L2Revide.com Server Info: Rates: Xp/Sp: x1000 Adena: x1000 Drop: x50 Starting character level - 1 Retail Weapons, Armors, Jewelry Max LvL: 80 Enchant Rates: Safe enchant +7 Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16) Crystal scrolls max enchant (+20) Max scrolls max enchant (+25) Simple enchant scrolls chance - 70% Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 80% Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100% Max enchant scrolls chance - 25% Max Scroll configuration: With 1 success enchant your item goes +25. If it fails return to +16. Augmentations: Top life stone skill chance - 30% High life stone skill chance - 20% Mid life stone skill chance - 10% Augmentation skills use: 1 active + 1 passive Unique Features: Main town - Giran Working all castle sieges. Stackable lifestones, book of giants. Unique primeval isle flag vs flag pvp area. 5 active raid bosses. Casino manager npc. Wedding system. Unique farming areas. Npc skill enchanter. Retail tattoos. Full npc buffer with auto buff. Max count of buffs - 90. Max subclasses - 3. Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub class. Noblesse status from Barakiel or Item. No weight limit. No grade limit. Quake pvp system. Npc password change. Top 10 pvp/pk npc in game. Augmentation system (1+1). Server information npc. Unique monsters. Offline trade system. Interlude retail skills. Server up-time [24/7]. Perfect class balance. No custom items - Only custom accessories (HP/CP/MP). PvP Zone: Anyone can enter the PvP zone Player allowed to make party with more than 1 person in the PvP zone. Automatically being flagged when you enter. You can kill anyone in PvP zone without getting karma, because everyone is flagged. And much more options. Voiced Commands: .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join of leave dm event. .online - current online players count. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .menu - opens online menu panel. .castlemanager - castle manager panel. .rewardme - vote buff with vote coins. Vote System: Global Vote System (Reward Vote Coin) Individual Vote System (Reward Vote Coin) Event System: TvT event CTF event DM event Unique Event Shop. Olympiad: Retail olympiad game Competition period [1] week Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]
  3. Hello guys... I got a problem with building my workspace using L2JFrozen. My PC time changed automatically I did not see it and builded my workspace and then when im changing something in eclipse and building again my Date Modified is like 10 hours later and of course in server is not changing... The problem is solved only when i change my time to the "Date Modified" time. i tried to change attributes and system restore but nothing.. Now i have to wait like 10 hours? Thank you.