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  1. i like the website too but you could use a more c3 style than that , true..
  2. Updates: Addition of God Scrolls +20% more chance than the retail ones and you need 5 Heart of Gods too get one. Drop rate in Party Zone for Heart of Gods is 3% and you can also find this hearts at Valakas and Antharas only! Valakas drops with 70% 0-5 Hearts Antharas drops with 70% 0-4 Hearts Revamped Party Zone, drops Armor Parts/Lifestones/Scrolls/Heart of Gods/Ancient Adena/Adena Revamped all lvl 70 raidbosses dropping guaranteed 3 lifestones Revamped all lvl 80 raidbosses dropping armor parts and 6 lifestones guaranteed Added visual Shield - Ancient Shield of Mykines Added NPC that you can exchange your enchanted Gear with another [Example you are archer with +16 Artemis Bow, you can change it for Zeus Mace and it will be still +16] The npc gets a 3 Hearts fee though. Use it wisely Changed Private Stores from Adena to Ancient Adena Add ressists to AIO Buffers Add auto buff to the main buffer Changed timezones of Grandbosses to match people playing from Phillipines but without affecting Europeans too Orfen 12 Hours QA 12 Hours Frintezza 48 Hours Core 12 Hours Baium 24 Hours Valakas 4 Days Antharas 3 Days QA/ORFEN/CORE/TEZZA are no longer dropping sets jewls are enought and some boost on LS/Scrolls! Enjoy
  3. some fraps of morning action on the server! from one of our players Also joined to day and gave an honest review a believe! :)
  4. my server has an error and it crashing after some mins with this error i wont post here what is the error cause there are accounts and some privacy i have money i pay for my community to run stable so if u wish just contact me i do not want free i want sure fix and fast
  5. Hello! i have a big issue of stability with one manor error! i need someone that knows how to solve it for sure needs to be experienced , good payment :) pm me asap!
  6. that was panfull since i was playing on raidfight hi5... sorry nekys never trust to you again..
  7. thank you very much , we are here to stay as much as possible!
  8. thank you server started successfull 140 players on and increasing, hoping the best :)
  9. Just bought them , all i can say it super quality and clean coded! amazed by his work ! recommended
  10. Today! 19:00 GMT +3 the start ! waiting you all in! If possible move to live servers it is up in 10'
  11. it will start at 16-05-2020 19:00 GMT +3
  12. it will start at 16-05-2020 19:00 GMT +3
  13. it will start at 16-05-2020 19:00 GMT +3