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  1. https://www.4shared.com/rar/Fqj3mAV7ee/LineageOTCPatchV01.html?fbclid=IwAR1puMlyEX71P49efEMv-2u3d4UDUZmst_CfanUxRDdj_B6wusiS-8EfG8s go all for test :)
  2. Update tottaly reconstructed Augment system : Example when u get +5,5 patk u get +55 MP OR HP +80 u now get 800 :) so every single augment worths sorry for double i cant edit for reason
  3. S Grade : Craftable with custom mats on Baylor (Dwarf NPC) + Major Arcana will give the Same Casting as Dark Crystal S80 Dynasty : Craftable with custom mats on Baylor (Dwarf NPC) s80 + : Armor of the Heroes , Obtained through Raidbosses or farm honorable points from Olympiad matches Weapon: S Grade : GM Shop Unique Weapons: Slightly Better than S Grades (Craftable in Custom Shop with farm materials) (Unique Weapons are mainly optic like L2Gold weapons but we have a new Mage weapon Called Atuba Hammer and it will be also suitable for Healers / Mages) Zones: Cave of trials : Drops Citrine (Medium Hard) Cemetery :Party Mini Boss (Solo possible too) drops blessed enchant + Aquamarine and generally farm items Gludin: Solo Zone for Adena Farming / First Tier farm marks Heal on Raids is Allowed , Buffing is allowed Some Raidbosses will drop parts of Armor of the Heroes Gameplay: 20 buff slots + 4 from Divine Inspiration Buffs of buffer will be mainly low level There will be no AIO for sale Support classes will get some boost on offensive Prophet/Elven Elder/Shillien Elder you can play as main Elven/ SE since there Boost of Blaze skill ((Dark Fire nuke skill) - basicly made like nukers) Warcryer: Chant of Critical Attack / Life Saver (we want to see a healer except bishops Summoners will have Boost of Blaze(Dark Fire nuke skill) - basicly made like nukers Bounty Hunters/Warsmith will both have Frenzy and Armor Crush BLADE DANCER : DUELIST SPIRIT / SONIC RAGE + BASE STATS INCREASE SWORD SINGER : SHIELD SLAM + SONIC BLASTER + SONIC FOCUS EDIT ON PSYCHO SYMPHONY WORKS IN ONE TARGET AND DEBUFF -20% CASTING/ATK SPD/ SPEED HOLY BLADE ADDS +30% PATK + BASE STATS INCREASE HERO WEAPONS WILL BE ENCHANTABLE and as +0 THEY WILL HAVE STATS LIKE A +25 CUSTOM WEAPON Here are some changes on our features / we removed Agathions
  4. Sneak peak: https://prnt.sc/mdfz5f https://prnt.sc/mdfzul https://prnt.sc/mdg05j https://prnt.sc/mdfz5f https://prnt.sc/mdg299 https://prnt.sc/mdg2ed https://prnt.sc/mdg2k9
  5. i have but it is naked are you interested?
  6. Updates: All features are implemented .. closed beta hopefully tommorow.. pm me if you are interested to check it out..
  8. We introduce you new feature: Olympiad will now worth In every olympiad match you will receive honorable points you can exchange them in olympiad merchant for: Armor of the Hero (same stats with normal top tier armors just 15%more pvp damage/defense/magical damage depending the armor Jewels of the hero (same stats with Epic set jewels just more mdef ) Blessed Scrolls of enchant
  9. we working on the agathions at the moment , those agathions will be very cool since there will be no mana and you will need nobless for the cps or battle tokens from PvP those agathions will have skill like recharge mp / heal / cp you can only have 1 agathion :)
  10. Thanks for your kind words there will be a closed beta the upcoming weeks for making some items balance can i count you for it?
  11. Hello probably you are in a wrong section neither source / pack for sale unfortunately the sources are being running with another currently live server and will never be for sale
  12. there will be AOE zones for solo warlord / party zones/ solo zones ofc drops will be limited :) its your choise and its not pay to win on 500 exp rate u just level up 10 mins faster.. and when u get 1 material as vip u get 2... we gotta get some money to pay machines and stuff.. think please also we provide you free game with our money :)
  13. Hello Wind our website is still under construction hopefull on the next 2 weeks
  14. Thank you very much we are adapting weapons right now and making the drug system with the vote.. we might edit a bit the stats after we test