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  1. [L2J] L2 Havoc

    Experience: It is not necessary it will be instant level 80 with a nice starting spot Equipment on start A Grade. You will need some Legacy Coins to get s grade / a grade equipment (about 10 mins or less farm) with peace and none peace zones Enchants: Safe +15 Max +18 When you buy any enchantable equipment from shop it will be +15 automatically , crystal scrolls are droppable through grandbosses or votes. Blessed/Normal Scrolls are removed only crystals through the Mini Bosses/ Raid bosses , 60% but they set back to +15 your equipment PvP Armors: You will need a Fighters Blessing Stone that is dropable with 30% from our Mini Raids Zone (not safe) PvP Armors will boost your Physical Dmg + 4% , Magical Damage +2.5% and Skill Damage +3% PvP Special Abilities: You will need aswell x2 Fighters Blessing Stone to make your weapon to PvP Special Ability. PvP special ability example: Angel Slayer PvP Haste will have +2% more boost than the normal Epic jewls: Retail like , only from raids but all grandbosses have 3 hours respawn except valakas that is 12 hours Blessed Epics: Level up your raid jewels by getting PvP points Accesories: Will give +100 pdef / +150 mdef and can be obtained from Events and you can use 2 accesories at the same time Custom items: S grade Weapons retail like texture with a small boost upon the S/A S grade Armors retail like texture with a small boost upon the S/A PvP Mask: Dropable from Valakas and boosts your evasion to +2 pdef +200 mdef +250 patk +150 matk +350 right slot Olympiad: 3 Days competition , you get pvp kills from it after killing opponent and you will need 25 pvps to join olympiad Nobless: You got to kill barakiel that will drop Barakiel Blessing staff , double left click and you will become nobless More stuff under development , opinions accepted we still need work
  2. Hello i need a logo sized for fb cover and 440x163 Text is AMV - MUHR One with both text and one with only AMV Productions the theme to be i mean if we can fit that as a main logo icon ! i will be thankfull really
  3. EN Happy X-MASS everyone. And new year of alcohol and fun.

    Fuck you , because maxcheaters B) !!!! Kidding just this was a reaction of a classic member
  4. Scammer ? ok its good to copy servers but i find it a scam to use Legendary Oreos name and pretend to be him so you get people / donates Natsugen or wtf is your name you either change that or i will speak personally to Oreo and settle this in other way
  5. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    nevermind dont join guys after reading this...
  6. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    35 players on 1 month on and going.. its good project not bad just needs people
  7. How To Make A Million With Bitcoins

    send me pm but no tvs or access to my pc.. i want to make my pc a miner :)