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  1. Features look really nice i tried it looks kinda fun! Lets see when it will open
  2. the biggest scammer in all of the times came here to cry when he gets raped.. Well sure my friend he does ban and wants clean servers.. yours is dirty and smells since L2Core times
  3. Hi is vangath sources any good to try make it live on a mid/pvp server? also anyone that has knowledge willing to give small help?
  4. any guide on how to compile + start it please?
  5. Do you need someone for both or do you need separated?
  6. thanks so much! I will get a job as soon as possible and give u some / some whenever i got! Again pretty thanks
  7. Hello, long time ago i bought from Celestine an interface.. i gave very little money to Celestine and we agreed that one day i will fully pay it.. Things got wrong i lost my job, i had opportunity to go to germany for work , spoke with company all perfect. So i chilled Celestine .. Unfortunately due to covid i will delay a lot or even eventually do not go .. who knows with this shit pandemic.. Sadly at the moment and for the next 1-2 months my economic situation is a disaster. I desperately try to find a job and seems i cant.. so if you guys want u can ban me.. and get me as a "scammer" sorry