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  1. https://www.4shared.com/rar/Fqj3mAV7ee/LineageOTCPatchV01.html?fbclid=IwAR1puMlyEX71P49efEMv-2u3d4UDUZmst_CfanUxRDdj_B6wusiS-8EfG8s <- download patch of beta Hello Lineagers, Team of L2 OTC will bring you back the times you missed L2 OTC stands for Lineage Old Times Classic Rates are x500 so it will be a mid/pvp server Rates: EXP:500 (instant 80) - sub 80 SP: 500 DROP: 1 SPOIL: 1 V.I.P Rates EXP:1000 SP: 1000 DROP: 2 SPOIL: 2 Enchantment: Safe: 3 Max: Unlimited Each scroll enchant +2 Rate - Fighter weapons 65% Rate - Mage weapons 55% Lifestones Rates will be retail like Customs Armor: S Grade : Craftable with custom mats on Baylor (Dwarf NPC) + Major Arcana will give the Same Casting as Dark Crystal S80 Dynasty : Craftable with custom mats on Baylor (Dwarf NPC) s80 + : Armor of the Heroes , Obtained through Raidbosses or farm honorable points from Olympiad matches Weapon: S Grade : GM Shop Unique Weapons: Slightly Better than S Grades (Craftable in Custom Shop with farm materials) (Unique Weapons are mainly optic like L2Gold weapons but we have a new Mage weapon Called Atuba Hammer and it will be also suitable for Healers / Mages) Zones: Cave of trials : Drops Citrine (Medium Hard) Cemetery :Party Mini Boss (Solo possible too) drops blessed enchant + Aquamarine and generally farm items Gludin: Solo Zone for Adena Farming / First Tier farm marks Heal on Raids is Allowed , Buffing is allowed Some Raidbosses will drop parts of Armor of the Heroes Gameplay: 34 buff slots + 4 from Divine Inspiration Buffs of buffer will be mainly low level There will be no AIO for sale Support classes will get some boost on offensive Prophet/Elven Elder/Shillien Elder you can play as main Elven/ SE since there Boost of Blaze skill ((Dark Fire nuke skill) - basicly made like nukers) Warcryer: Chant of Critical Attack / Life Saver (we want to see a healer except bishops Summoners will have Boost of Blaze(Dark Fire nuke skill) - basicly made like nukers Bounty Hunters/Warsmith will both have Frenzy and Armor Crush BLADE DANCER : DUELIST SPIRIT / SONIC RAGE + BASE STATS INCREASE SWORD SINGER : SHIELD SLAM + SONIC BLASTER + SONIC FOCUS EDIT ON PSYCHO SYMPHONY WORKS IN ONE TARGET AND DEBUFF -20% CASTING/ATK SPD/ SPEED HOLY BLADE ADDS +30% PATK + BASE STATS INCREASE General Infos: All Raidboss that are level 76+ will drop blessed scrolls and Gear Daily Baium / Valakas/ Antharas...../ Agathion Coupons will be dropped with a chance of 00000.15 from mobs or 15% from edited raids Weekly Olympiad: Class Quest Free Subquest Free Noblesse from Barakiel if you have already done your subclass and level 76 NPCs: GM SHOP will give u gear Until S Grade Custom Shop PVP Shot button: when you pvp you get some points , you can redeem those points for RB Jewels or even Weapons/Armors/Scrolls Olympiad: Weekly Heroes We introduce you new feature: Olympiad will now worth In every olympiad match you will receive honorable points you can exchange them in olympiad merchant for: Armor of the Hero (stats with normal top tier armors with 5% boost to pvp damage/defense/magical damage depending the armor Jewels of the hero (same stats with Epic set jewels just more mdef and ressist) Blessed Scrolls of enchant SNEAK PEAK: https://prnt.sc/mdg299 https://prnt.sc/mdg2ed https://prnt.sc/mdg2k9 HERO WEAPONS WILL BE ENCHANTABLE and as +0 THEY WILL HAVE STATS LIKE A +25 CUSTOM WEAPON AUGMENT: tottaly reconstructed Augment system : Example when u get +5,5 patk u get +55 MP OR HP +80 u now get 800 :) so every single augment worths Drug system: While you vote for our server you get some "Stuff coins" Then from the Vote NPC you can buy 1 from 4 types of herbs Marijuanna: for 15 minutes your HP/MP Increase 10000/ 3000 while you have -30 speed and - 200 Atk Speed - 250 casting speed Coccaine: for 15 mins your casting speed increase by 350 and your attack speed by 300 while your patk/matk have -500 / -100 Heroin: for 15 mins your Pdef and mder increase by 1500/1500 whole your speed lows to -30 LSD: for 15 mins your Evasion grows to +70 and your critical damage +30% while u have -15 accuracy Steroids: for 15 minutes your P.Atk / M.Atk Increase 3000/5000 while your P.Def/M.Def drops to -500 / -750 SNEAK PEAK : https://prnt.sc/mdfz5f https://prnt.sc/mdfzul https://prnt.sc/mdg05j https://prnt.sc/mdfz5f Donations will not include enchant/items only benefits on drop rate / spoil rate Thats all for now we looking forward for your opinions