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  1. This tournament work with lobbies. You either register by yourself or with your party in a lobby and wait until a same number enemy team is found. This mean if a team of 9 people enter the lobby, they will wait another team of 9 people to participate. Logout/Disconnect during event count as death and match is not interrupted unless it's 1v1. There is config for locations, rewards, if revival skills are allowed e.t.c Preview: PM me with your discord if you're interested.
  2. This code allow you to control as if you're in game the server with admin commands. You basically send private message to the Bot with the command you want such as addItem, jail, announce, get information of the server, restart e.t.c You can also trace the private and msn chat of players you like in real time. Newest version: Configuration (Pastebin) Functions: - Announce, Critical Announce, Screen Announce | Add Item to character | Backup your database (Work only for MySQL) | Show all available commands | Trace private chat | Show o