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  1. as you have my being that does not sell nor a copy?
  2. good if you have it for 10, I think that is not the same as mine. create a topic for you and for sale in your topic! someone remove it please comment?
  3. i need , 1 dev java :D send me pm.
  4. The system was developed by me, and who bought knows the truth, are you seeing any complaints?
  5. it is easy to judge the work of others to win over! want to sell something, create a topic for you. does not come on my topic of my talk bad to publicize your product, as you are down you idiot!
  6. not ask you the value of your. this topic is mine and my system costs 20 euros!
  7. this is just accessories. you sell your l2j servers. acis, frozen, and so on. you earn for your work ... I did the panel, I did the design. paypal.class and phpmailer files are free on the internet. anyone can download, and because people buy from me? At my work! this idiot is selling my work!
  8. why delete my comments? what is this shit that's going on here? moderators are on the side of this idiot? He buys my website changes the template and sells and you guys are still on his side? when ignorance! here is the link to download the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iqbpb784zv88f7d/web+by+challenger.rar this system was created by me, this idiot wants to sell my system, it will not make money with my work!