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  1. Hello, Has anyone have knowledge in php, Needs some help in paypalIPN script , Not sure where i did make a mistake? [Hidden Content]
  2. Για συναλλαγές PayPal προς/για τράπεζα λαμβάνοντας τα χρήματα σε λιγότερο από 1' λεπτό και με ελάχιστο φόρο συναλλαγής. Ελάχιστο ποσό: 20€ Λεπτομέρειες σχετικά με τον τρόπο και την διαδικασία συναλλαγής, επικοινωνήστε μέσω Skype.
  3. Hello, I'm Trading or Exchange web money for any online wallet if anyone interesting you can contact me here via PM or in my skype : posidon.sam Thank you :)
  4. hello. want to exchange 10 euro paysafecard to a 7.5 euro on paypal. please leave me a private msg if u're interested. thanks
  5. Looking for someone trusted to exchange Paysafe to Paypal... Contact here, or leave a message.. Thanks
  6. I got 70 euro in paysafecards. The country is Greece for all of them. Want Paypal or Skrill/paygol. Let your offers.
  7. I'm looking for FAST and trusted exchanger to exchange my 50 euro paysafecard to paypal.
  8. Hello MaxCheaters. Special offer today. 2kkk on L2dawn = 170$ or 155 euro. Only paypal. We can deal in 2 or more transfers. cs59648495 - skype one who will write me first and will be online when I'll answer - get the deal
  9. Hello friends, Major drop prices for adena on l2dawn.com No donations. Stable online for year. Alive market and Olympiad. IMO the best community ever. Low-rate Interlude x5 RETAIL I'm selling ONLY adena I'm using ONLY paypal New actual prices (for 1kk): 100-199 - 0.20$ 0.16$ 200-299 - 0.18$ 0.15$ 300-399 - 0.16$ 0.14$ 400-499 - 0.15$ 0.13$ 500+ - 0.14$ 0.12$ As you can see I drop about 20% Also I've changed price in euro from -5% usd price to -10% Price in euro = $price - 10% For example 100kk would cost you 16$ instead of 20$ or 14.4 euro instead of 19e
  10. Sell Chronos Prices are cheaper than the others (Wholesale cheaper) B) Guarantees Minimum purchase trial Almost always in stock Good reputation Contact Skype: BuyPlay.ru ICQ: 569316598 online consultant site : Buy-Play.ru PayPal \ Western Union\ Visa \ Master Card \ QIWI \ WMZ \ WME Write, I'll wait :)
  11. Transaction done , Some mod can close this topic . Or let it die . xD
  12. WTS Paladin in L2Cartel Lv85 with nobless, sub-classes Warrior/Summoner/Enchanter, most of the skills +30/+15, and item list: +8 Masterwork Moirai Heavy Set Lv7 with Dark Assassins Dressme +8 Moirai Shield +8 Vesper Cutter Focus Lv7 Holy +4 Vesper Thrower Focus Lv7 Holy +4 Icarus Hammer Rsk Focus Lv7 Holy +4 Striped Mithril Shirt +4 Top-Grade Magic Pouch Mithril Belt Cloak of Frintezza +4 Vorpal Earring x2 +4 Necklace of Frintezza +5 Elegia Ring +4 Vorpal Ring +6 Olf T-Shirt -------------------------------------------------------------- Arround 15 Billions Adena (pic is outdat
  13. Well, i'm gonna start making trades again. Rates 10 € Psc->8 € Paypal 25 € Psc->21 € Paypal 50 € Psc->43 € Paypal 100 €Psc->88 € Paypal Customers till now: Flash™ Dev(l2wargate owner) niraklas InTheEndॐ DivineMeun SirLionheart Paysafecard HotBlazingStar LockSLey White-eagle EvaPwnz Whirlwind 'яєвøяиєĎ Elfocrash kOzA(novaworld owner) Crystalia Dumbasser Stone AlLupu(l2 dubai owner) Vintage Pepper HellRuLeR Devilfenix `BoØmBoØm Rossely League of ELO AdminParadox (L2 Champion Owner) Justice Psomas2 marwan Geolino Elecktrozz Jamie2006 Finito Dεbian Beastlike victoria floros61 IloveT
  14. Good morning, I want to transfer my paypal balance into a bank account. I didn't manage to do it with the "withdraw" so I am lokking for someone to transfer the funds and he will send it to me by bank. Thank you in advance
  15. I have some moneysafe cards,is anyone exchanging them?
  16. Paypal & SMS Auto Donate System Project: Fandc similar Chronicle: H5 Skype: doken13 ICQ: 631160597
  17. Hi i want to buy a lineage 2 website for my own server Some basic features: -beautiful design with logo -ranking system -account managment -automatic paypal etc with coin that need to buy in a game npc(not theengo) add me on skype smord1994 bye :)
  18. WTS Vesper noble robe set • full set +6 • full attribute • full masterwork Price: 25€ Freya necklace +6 Price: 8€ Vesper Caster +6 • acumen • dark attribute Price: 8€ :forever alone like a boss: First buyer will get 1kkk adena as bonus for trade :forever alone like a boss: Payment: PayPal Skype: royal_member
  19. L2j PAYPAL DONATE SYSTEM The player enters the value of the donation is redimencionado to paypal.com and after making the payment he is rewarded all this automatically. FUNCTIONS - Easy to set up. - Supports telnet connection. - Historic donation ( for player ) - Log system (any donation received , is saved in the database and display the data of all donations made ​​by their players) DEMO PRICE - 30 Euros PAYPAL MORE INFO Skype: L2jChallenger
  20. Hey i have 25 euros Paypal and i need 25 euros Paysafecard Add me Skype to talk : brunoportugal17
  21. L2j DONATE SYSTEM AUTOMATIC Donations manager the player points to buy and exchange for items , all automatically!. FUNCTIONS - Easy to set up. - Supports telnet connection. - Historic donation ( for player ) - Log system (any donation received , is saved in the database and display the data of all donations made ​​by their players) - Translated into three languages. - Paypal and SMS method of payments in the system. DEMO - Video statement in creation. PRICE - 40 Euros PAYPAL MORE INFO Skype: L2jChallenger
  22. Hey, I need to transfer 5000 rubles to WebMoney account of the seller, from my PayPal account. Anybody can help? Only trusted guys! drop me a pm
  23. Paysafe2Paypal 100% - Trusted! / Instant / Small Fees Fees: 10 paysafe - 7,5 Paypal 25 paysafe - 19 Paypal 50 paysafe - 40 Paypal 100 paysafe - 80 Paypal Paysafe2Paypal 100% - Trusted! / Instant / Small Fees Chat with me :
  24. 1) Add me in skype: 2) 20Euro Price: I can share my screen on skype to show you fully working. INFORMATION: 1) Its cracked version and full unlimited time bot (the crack goes on 2 hours free version) 2) The rar i will send containes fully detailed video how to setup and a txt with more information 3) Additional info about the program can be found here: http://ogameautomizer.com/doc/scripting_manual.html http://ogameautomizer.com/doc/manual.html 4) In any case i can help you setup it via teamviewer (5-10 minutes work) 5) Some review from me i had it