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  1. take care this guy.he asked pay first but cant even show adena first.so i can make sure he must a scammer.
  2. yeah anyone know screenshot can be fake and u said 100b on u thread then where is u 100b?
  3. scammer.wont show u adena in game just show some fake screenshot.who will pay first?take care this guy
  4. u inbox is full.whats your skype so i can contact u?
  5. scammer.take care this guy.just scammed me 55 euro
  6. and this stuip scammer told me sometimes is an error and i cant get adena until tomorrow.make me laugh
  7. dont trade with this guy,scammed me 55 euro.after i sent him money,he never gave me adena.his paypal address is d.marushchak@Hotmail.com
  8. ofc.i have Skype chat saved.and he called me scammer also.why u didnt ask him show the proof?
  9. this guy asked me send money first.after i asked some info like paypal verified or not.he told me he verified but in fact not.when i found it he say he wont make trade anymore.if u legit why u feel screw when i found u tried to scam?and what i scam u?
  10. scammer.tried to scammed me.after i found him tried to scam say dont want to deal asap.take care